Revenge of the Voters

The unusual happened in Ames yesterday (Ames, Iowa being the virtual epicenter of the Milky Way Galaxy give or take a space mile). About once every seventy years or so the voters do something smart here. In this case they voted down the Healthy Life Center, the latest boondoggle of the City Council. It was nip and tuck, 250 votes or so. Stupid almost won the day.

Normally they never met a tax they didn’t like. I have to think even these voters are tired of the bullshit. This latest fiasco would have been a money maker for Mary Greeley Hospital that the taxpayers would have paid for. Normally this crap passes by 80%. Imagine my surprise when they lost a rigged election.

All the money, all the media, was on the ‘For’ side. What went wrong?

I think its the ‘Trump’ effect. We are so tired of the idiocy and the arrogance of paying for the mistakes of the elites on the Council the voters actually said ‘Phuck you morons’. I think the pendulum is swinging back towards common sense.

Example: Lincoln Way / US Highway 30 is the major east-west thoroughfare in Ames. It along with the north-south US Highway 69 are our two major arteries. The City Council wants to take it down to two lanes and add bike lanes. What?? There’s something called Agenda 21 that has been around at least 25 years whose intent was to encourage (force) people onto public transportation.

One of the ways to do that is to so snarl traffic even riding the bus begins to look attractive. The guy just trying to get to work in the morning doesn’t give a shit about this. He just wants to get to work. The Council on the other hand wants to be all stylish and that when they go to “symposiums” on municipal government with Iowa City and Des Moines and that.

Seeing who can most promote “bio-diversity” and crap, erecting windmills, solar panels and bike lanes. There are areas in Ames where thirty years ago they put bike paths up off the road in a nice safe fashion, now in the last 5 years they put “bike lanes” down next to the cars literally next to the bike paths! People start to see this stupidity.

Other areas they choked traffic down to two lanes and eliminated right turn on red, to put in two blocks of bike lanes that don’t go anywhere! There was just no point to it. It doesn’t even go anywhere. They spend money when it doesn’t even make sense. A prairie version of a ‘bridge to nowhere’.

My personal favorite (I’m not even going to list ALL the boondoggles), was when they built a new library. So we have two now right? A main and a branch library on the other side of town? No! They literally built a new library on the same spot after tearing down the old one! How do you do that!? How can you possibly be that stupid with other people’s money?

I think it is exactly that type of arrogance that got their Healthy Life Center voted down yesterday. Everyone of those bastards needs to be voted out. Its a dream.

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