Tuesday memes

The Elites new ’cause’

Customs caught 20,000 fake ID’s from China, just in time for the election

I just hope (no pray) that people who like looking at these don’t start hitting ‘Like’ on the post. That would just ruin posting in a vacuum. Especially for those blogs that get 566 Likes on a cookie recipe.

A lot wrong, a lot right

A very interesting picture. There were a lot of things wrong with society back then, there were also a lot of things right. Just thinking back 50 years made me realize 1 stark difference from today. Society enforced its own good behavior. Today when someone acts a fool there’s no one to tell them to stop. Something so fundamental as not knowing what sex you are. Back then we were embarrassed if we had to ride a ‘girls’ bike, now a boy runs on a girls track team like he’s some sort of groundbreaking hero! Men go out in public dressed as women. And if someone says, “What the fuck are you doing?” They’re the ‘bigoted’ one.

[FYI the center store front says: ‘Best & Co. – Liliputian Bazaar‘. It was a small east coast chain, New York, Pennsylvania and the like. Women’s and children’s clothes. Finally liquidated in 1970.]

1973 oil embargo

Gab had a picture of this 1972 Ford Mustang convertible. The picture triggered a couple of things. The first was that is a really ugly car. Could you pick an uglier brown? My gawd, how do you make a Mustang that ugly? I’ve seen Democrats that weren’t that ugly. I’ll put a picture below of what a good looking Mustang looks like.

The other thing it triggered was recalling the 1973 Oil Embargo. And here’s where it gets a little fuzzy. Detroit (we used to make cars there) in 1972 was scaling back the ‘muscle cars’. Wikipedia says the embargo lasted from October 1973 until March 1974. It was targeted against those nations supporting Israel in the Arabs latest attempt to wipe them off the map on October 6 of that year.

But the 1973 models actually come out right at the end of 1972, and January of 1973. The “pollution controls” were already appearing on the 1972 and 1973 models, way before the embargo that fall. It was the 1974 models that would have been most affected, and they were way past the drawing board stage, too late to be affected by the oil shortage.

I just get a little suspicious about it all. I remember at the time gas prices went through the roof. I was just starting to drive and the days of .28 cent gas were gone! I was paying double that, .55 cents and better. We were being shown long lines at the pump on the nightly news, but I don’t remember being told why. The nations speed limit dropped to 55 mph.

In order to alleviate congestion and gasoline shortages, some communities came up with the idea of “even and odd” days you could fill at the pump, depending on the last number on your license plate. Aggravating the situation was the creation of the EPA in 1971 I believe.

The phucking Arabs did this. Saudi Arabia was pissed we supported Israel. So they brought our economy and the auto industry to its knees. The stock market had a horrible down turn. It coined the term, “economic malaise” of the late seventies when they did it again with another oil shortage in 1979.

And our foreign policy never changed! We continued to treat Saudi as if they were some great ally! We sold them a ton of weapons, with which they could try and destroy Israel, for the next 20 years! Then on September 11, 2001, 19 Saudis brought down the World Trade Center, destroyed the Pentagon, and tried to destroy the Capitol Building!

For 30 years they did nothing but try to destroy us and make American lives miserable, and all we could think about was selling them more weapons!

Dat’s a Mustang.

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