Whoa! How’d THAT happen?

Every fall at various colleges around the country a particular ritual is repeated. An incoming freshman girl gets invited to a sorority party. In the exhilaration of being on her own for the first time, she gets blotto drunk and passes out mostly naked in some guys bed. Her “friends” never bothered to look after her and some 20 year old guy has intercourse/rape with her while she is passed out. Whoa! How’d THAT happen?

Holland America Cruise Lines has a boatload of coronavirus passengers that no one wants and of course Florida ends up taking. They would have launched around March 22, well aware that we are in the middle of a pandemic. So they take passengers from around the globe, put them in a confined space, and seem genuinely surprised when people get sick. What did they think was going to be the outcome of their cruise?

It reminds me of those pictures you see every year around the time of the spring rains. Rescuers heroically saving a stranded motorist on top their car surrounded by raging waters. An unfortunate soul who had been at a point of safety when dastardly flood waters rushed in and swept him away? No. An idiot who imagined himself piloting a U-Boat who thought his Toyota sedan could make it through 4 feet of flood water and purposely drove into it. Risking not only their life but those of the first responders. Whoa! How’d THAT happen?

Today it came out Mark Cuban, Tucker Carlson and the President all asked the same question of 3M, “Where the hell are all the masks?” (masks being rather essential in a pandemic) Turns out they’ve been selling them to other countries. There are only 2 machines in the US that make them. 1 at UNC and 1 in Pennsylvania I believe. Neither are operating at this time as I understand. How that’s possible I don’t know. As Governor Cuomo pointed out, “How’d that same mask from a year ago go from .85 cents to $7 a mask?” Whoa! How’d THAT happen?

Because they fear individual power

“Think about the agendas behind universal vaccination, climate change, universal psychiatric treatment, GMO food, and other ‘science-based’ frauds. They all imply a false collectivist model, in which individuals give up their power in exchange for ‘doing good’ and becoming members of the largest group in the world: ‘disabled’ people with needs that must be addressed and satisfied. Instead of supporting the liberation of the individual, the controllers want to squash it. Why? Because they fear individual power. It is forever the unpredictable wild card. They want a society in which every thought an individual thinks connects him to a greater whole—and if that sounds attractive, understand that this Whole is a fiction, intentionally faked to resemble a genuine oceanic feeling.”
— Jon Rappoport – ‘The Matrix Revealed’

Ayn Rand referred to it as the ‘ideal man’. She was all about the strong individual, as is Rappoport, in the video I just linked. I think bureaucrats instinctively know their limitations and are threatened by an autonomous man (having the right or power of self-government).

Historians looked back at the Great Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 and could clearly see what held the tattered threads of an unraveling society together: “Ford Lincoln Mercury!” It was the steady presence and essential mission of our Postal heroes. It was that subtle message, ‘the Federal Government can do something right’, despite all appearances to the contrary. Soar eagle! Soar!

We’re not being well-served by corporate radio

Coast to Coast AM had a couple of really good ones this morning exploring the roots of the COVID-19 outbreak in China’s inhumane and unsanitary animal wet markets. Wayne Pacelle (‘Humane Economy‘) was just really good in describing the cost of our insane treatment of animals. Do you get that? Not just the tree hugger “we don’t want to hurt Bambi” thing, but we hurt ourselves as well as them.

But the main point of this post was to highlight once again the great work being done in the wee hours of the morning on Coast to Coast. Daytime hosts on radio (like those twin peaks of stupid Jeff Angelo and Simon Conway) like to deride C2C as always chasing UFOs and Bigfoot. That’s ridiculous.

C2C has covered in an in-depth nature many, many topics of vital importance that just aren’t given their due in the msm. Monetary supply, globalization, government overreach, health of the oceans, food supply, on and on and on. These daytime hosts are doing the bidding of corporate radio, C2C is working for humanity.

Don’t really need ’em, do we?

This is a picture of the Ames Resource Recovery Plant (garbage dump). Its closed to residents now. COVID-19 don’t ya know. We pay for it and we pay for the salaries, which haven’t been cut. The left lane with the door down is for residents. The lane about 6 feet over is for commercial drivers. Just 6 feet separates us from certain death. Bureaucratic nonsense is what it is. Paper pushers are not what you want in a crisis.

The first thing they do in an emergency is figure a way why they can’t do their job. In Ames they got that down to a science. All these signs over the front of city hall saying “Closed!” You know its an emergency, I saw a cop patrolling. Normally they got their ass sitting at city hall. Well guess what? Its kind a obvious we don’t need you. When you can go on vacation and you don’t have to be filled in, you’re superfluous. We could do a whole lot of cutting in city government.

Waste Management was no better, “We’re not taking large items right now”. Everybody is conspiring to force me to store garbage at the house. That seems stupid to me. Downright stupid. Boone County Landfill is just as worthless as Story County. Just some worthless sons a bitches. Like all bureaucrats they’re as lazy as the day is long. Lucky for them citizens are too stupid to cut them. Don’t need them. A shutdown shows that.

What if there had been no Ron Jeremy?

So I’m looking up on YouTube who sang the 70s classic, “More! More! More!” (1976), turns out it was a gal by the name of Andrea True who was also a 70s porn actress. What flashed into my head was a picture of the guy who epitomized 70s (and the next 3 decades) porn, Ron Jeremy. Voted #1 male porn actor by AVN (no idea). There was probably nothing dumber than 70s porn, though it didn’t seem that way at the time.

Debbie Does Dallas, Deepthroat…. on and on and on. There was nothing cool about it. For some reason the media liked to obsess about it. After awhile 1 face kept popping up, Jeremy. Over and over and over and over and over. The most prolific face (?) in porn. Like all film, his Russian Jewish pedigree helped. It would be interesting to know the workings of the industry. The connections with organized crime. The distribution, marketing, cast, crew, directors. Its said there’s not a colder more debased industry less interested in sex than pornography.

But as my title suggests, what if he had stayed as a teacher? What if he had never gotten into the business? How many other people wouldn’t have? How many lives wouldn’t have been ruined? Operating from a complete basis of ignorance, I’m lead to believe the sex industry exists because of drug abuse and child abuse of the women. And to some unexplored extent, the Devil.

But just going by the numbers, Jeremy’s role in the industry was huge. He made over 2,000 films. #2 John Holmes made just 384. It begs the question (as with the classic “What if Hitler had never existed?”) what if Ron Jeremy had never existed? The gut reaction is it wouldn’t have mattered an iota. Which is probably true. I just wonder. I can personally attest the 70s had the finest real women. Porn is a sickness, a disease on society. One of the biggest betrayals is when Congress had the opportunity to put all porn domains under ‘xxx’ instead of www, and didn’t do it. The implications of that is huge.

[Like with politicians that don’t fit the classic mode, handsome, well spoken, charismatic, neither did Jeremy. Short, balding, overweight. Go figure.]

Dwight McGhee – ‘fluff man’ (uncredited)

Unreal world of black gospel

I Need To Pray, lead by: Lynette Hawkins Stephens along with The Love Center Choir. From the album entitled Edwin Hawkins Live with The Oakland Symphony Orchestra.” I’ve known for a few years the magic of black gospel singing. Can’t put my finger on it, but I know it when I hear it. It might be gone. I don’t know. A lot of it emanated from the 70s with Edwin (1943-2018) and Walter (1949-2010) Hawkins. I’ll have to look and see if Oakland still even has a symphony!

Edwin had The Edwin Hawkins Singers, Walter had the Love Center Choir. Edwin arrived on the scene in 1969 at the ripe old age of 26 along with Dorothy Morrison when he came up with a new arrangement of O Happy Day. Sold over a million copies, international success. Walter started out a member of his brother’s choir. He really came into his own with 1975’s Love Alive album. Its a little bizarre, he produced albums for wife Tramaine, sister Lynette and cousin Shirley Miller.

Musical talent of that depth in one family is beyond my comprehension. But its more than that. What I gave were the facts. What my words will fail to convey is the passion of the “urban contemporary gospel” sound. I suppose that’s why I put the video up. Lynette and the Edwin Hawkins Singers flow together effortlessly. When you watch the choir, the power and the talent they have is simply phenomenal. I suppose you start getting into the “gift from God” thing.

Just no other way to explain it, when music stirs the soul like that. Just no other way. I realize over the years I’ve tried to tackle this to no avail. Another choir from the past I just love are the Ray Conniff Singers. Its a totally different ballgame. That’s my go-to group for pop music choral arrangements. Simply beautiful what they can do with just their voices. I’ll never be able to explain myself. Maybe that’s why it sticks with me.

Maybe its like when you hear your favorite version of Amazing Grace or How Great Thou Art, or some other gospel favorite, it grabs hold of you and there’s just no explaining why.

Closer, closer…

If you look to the right side of this chart you’ll see the DOW all time high at 29,511 on February 12, 2020. At the extreme right edge you’ll see it today (3/20) close to its 52 week low at about 20,000. Close to 30% off the market top. You’ve got to figure its going to go lower. In 2008 with the Global Financial Crisis it went negative 48% off the top. I suppose if I cared I’d put 3% of available cash in the market now.

But frankly, I want to see it hit 15,000 before I got serious. Even then I don’t think I’d put more than 50% of available dollars at that point. I think it could get down to DOW 10,000 fairly easily, especially considering they want Trump out so bad. A lot of people think that’s what all this is about. DOW 10,000 would be a 2/3 decline. I think I’d put 80% of available cash in at that point. Never want to go 100%.

Buying opportunities like what may be coming don’t come along that often. For god sakes don’t sell now. Keep your powder dry. What I’m talking of course is an S&P 500 index fund. We’re getting closer, but we ain’t there yet. The bad news is I don’t think it would be in the trough long at 10,000. Psychologically it would be devastating. You’d need to be ready to pull the trigger quick if it gets that low.

[The great buying opportunities I know of with my limited knowledge were 1929, 1973, 1987, 2002 and 2009. Essentially 5 times in the past 100 years was there a distinct opportunity. Number 6 may be anytime. Doubling your money is a good opportunity. Tripling it is a great opportunity.]

What a country

You don’t want to be like Venezuela do you??” Have you looked at the store shelves lately? No toilet paper. I have to send supplies to a relative in California like they were a 3rd world nation. Shortened store hours guarantee a higher density of crowds. Create more of the “buying frenzy” hysteria.

But my real problem is having to bailout corporate America once again.

American business can’t survive without:

  1. Illegal labor
  2. Interest free money
  3. A direct infusion of taxpayer cash

But its Bernie Sanders’ socialism we have to worry about!

Best symptom list

He graduated with a master’s degree and who worked in Shenzhen Hospital (Guangdong Province, China) sent him the following notes on Coronavirus for guidance:
1. If you have a runny nose and sputum, you have a common cold
2. Coronavirus pneumonia is a dry cough with no runny nose.
3. This new virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed by a temperature of just 26/27 degrees. It hates the Sun.
4. If someone sneezes with it, it takes about 10 feet before it drops to the ground and is no longer airborne.
5. If it drops on a metal surface it will live for at least 12 hours – so if you come into contact with any metal surface – wash your hands as soon as you can with a bacterial soap.
6. On fabric it can survive for 6-12 hours. normal laundry detergent will kill it.
7. Drinking warm water is effective for all viruses. Try not to drink liquids with ice.
8. Wash your hands frequently as the virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 minutes, but – a lot can happen during that time – you can rub your eyes, pick your nose unwittingly and so on.
9. You should also gargle as a prevention. A simple solution of salt in warm water will suffice.
10. Can’t emphasise enough – drink plenty of water!
1. It will first infect the throat, so you’ll have a sore throat lasting 3/4 days
2. The virus then blends into a nasal fluid that enters the trachea and then the lungs, causing pneumonia. This takes about 5/6 days further.
3. With the pneumonia comes high fever and difficulty in breathing.
4. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You feel like you’re drowning. It’s imperative you then seek immediate attention.

Lee Stafford & Jared Ellers

So I stop into my favorite lunch spot today Taco Casa (which means ‘Taco House’) and I eye a copy of the March ‘City View’. I had picked it up for the retrospective photo on the cover of girl’s basketball in Iowa, and yes there was a blurb about the Great Denise Long of Union Whitten. But there was also an article re-celebrating the closing of the Gortz Haus by the homosexual couple of Lee Stafford and Jared Ellers.

Funny thing about these articles, they always mention this couple that was targeted by the homosexual activists, but they never give credit and a picture to the actual couple that stopped this Christian family from running their business. I pointed out to the author Randy Evans his oversight about not naming the couple, so I did it for him. Lee Stafford and Jared Ellers. They should be so proud they stopped religious freedom. They got their cake though, that’s the important thing (you don’t want to get between a gay person and their cake, I tell you what).

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