Guerrilla attack


“Elder, the Republican front runner in the election that could remove Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom from office next week, was hurried out of the Venice area of Los Angeles on Wednesday when the campaign stop turned confrontational near a homeless encampment. He was heckled and the gorilla-masked woman on a bicycle just missed his head with the projectile (luckily she threw like a girl). Elder said some of the hecklers yelled racial epithets. ” – FOX

Isn’t that interesting, absolutely no coverage by the mainstream media. Try for 1 second to imagine if a MAGA Trumper had done this to one of the black communists on the Democrat side?? They’d be talking for weeks about the end of the world as we know it! You wouldn’t be able to get away from the coverage.

The experience I received in a fringe grassroots group gave me a crystal clear understanding of the “domino theory“. 30 years ago a parent in Iowa noted to the newspaper after a school board meeting about the “creeping socialism” in Iowa schools. The Des Moines Register still has fun with that one.

That’s the way liberals work, when they are caught red-handed and don’t feel comfortable yet, they pooh pooh and ridicule the obvious until they’re entrenched, then its, “Well of course we’re this way and if you disagree with us you’re a hater!” (or a ‘denier’, or a ‘conspiracy theorist’) Country club Republicans never wanted to get their hands dirty in the culture war. The Pat Buchanan types and his minions were so uncouth, they didn’t extend their pinky right when taking corporate bribes to show they were part of the club.

The RINO’s answer was always, well sure they have this or that institution, but it would be too difficult to take it back. Besides, all these other institutions (universities, media, foundations, Hollywood) are still free they’d say! Well they’re not anymore. One by one they went down. Communists call it “the long march”. Now even corporate America is ‘woke’. The last connection between RINOs and their money.

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Our government dishonors their memories

Soon after 9/11/01 when muslim terrorists killed 3,000 Americans, our government came up with the slogan (they are good at slogans, if little else), “Never forget!” And today on the television 20 years later they had 2 little girls reading off the names of the 3,000 victims of islamic terror.

So you’d think the way to “honor” victims of senseless murder would be to take steps to make sure it never happens again. So you leave the border open so more terrorists can waltz right in? You do nothing with your immigration agency to eliminate visa overstays? You lose Afghanistan (the home of the terrorists), in a pathetic 20 year war and give them an entire country within which to operate?

You haven’t honored their memories, you spit on their graves.

Oh ouch

This is Tommy Sotomayor boiled down to his essence. It good. He is so fun to listen to when he’s on a roll. Rubin actually shut up long enough to let him talk sometimes. This is from April of 2017.

What brought him to mind was a news story on FOX about black people fighting at the Waffle House in Atlanta. My gawd those are always an intriguing story, its the worst kind of click bait for me.

One time Jimmy ‘JJ’ Walker was on local radio in Des Moines promoting some book or event. The subject of comedy clubs came up and he was asked, “Well why isn’t there a black comedy club in Des Moines?”

He just said flat out no owner wants the hassle of having to bring in extra security and have his club busted up from all the fights. If the white host had said that he’d never work again.

And that’s exactly what Tommy does, blurt out the truth. Which is why YouTube and other platforms kick him off. He’s not reciting the company line, “We are victim”. One of his favorite bits is the “B-1000”, a play on the T1000 in Terminator.

He makes some really good points about it being the black bitch bringing down the brothers in the black community. That a lot of the dysfunction is single black mothers with their boatload of pathology’s raising generation after generation of dysfunctional black kids. And that does not sit well with Big Tech and our liberal cancel culture. Everything is supposed to be whitey’s fault.

“Stanford Epidemiologist Studies COVID, Finds It’s Highly Treatable and RARELY a Deadly Disease”

Stanford Epidemiologist Studies COVID, Finds It’s Highly Treatable and RARELY a Deadly Disease

“Early last year, Stanford professor John Ioannidis stated that if we didn’t know a new virus called COVID existed, we might just “have casually noted that flu this season seems to be a bit worse than average.” Now Ioannidis has done research that perhaps vindicates that statement, finding that the corona virus’ infection fatality rate (IFR) in most of the world is less than 0.20 percent — much like that of the flu.” – The New American

I heard a great quip yesterday: “You know how effective Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are by the degree its making the establishment crazy.” The whole things crazy. Hydroxy is a malaria drug that has been used for 70 years and on top of that is used to treat two other diseases. To say its safety is “unknown” is ludicrous. Its had a 70 year ‘trial’.

And the claim that Ivermectin is an “animal drug” is an absurd scare tactic. Of course mammals use many of the same drugs! Ask your local vet next time you take Boo Boo in. “Do doctors and veterinarians use a lot of the same medications? Absolutely.” Of course this article from Slate is from 2011, before medicine was politicized.

[There is now a full-on propaganda campaign against Ivermectin. The FDA is telling people not to take it because it’s “dangerous” and the media is portraying it as horse medicine.
Meanwhile, here are the facts:
-IVM was isolated from soil bacteria in Japan 40 years ago by Dr Satoshi Omura.
-It has been prescribed nearly 4 BILLION times to humans since 1987.
-It has saved millions of lives from parasitic and viral infections.
-Dr. Omura won the Nobel Prize for it in 2015.
-It is listed as one of the WHO’s Essential Medicines.
-It has anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.
-It is safer than aspirin.
-It is easy to get in many countries without a prescription.
-It is 86% effective for prevention and 72% effective for early treatment of C-19 according to real-time meta-analysis of 63 studies.
-The countries that have adopted IVM for prevention and early treatment have seen dramatic drops in C-19 cases and deaths. Look at the charts!
-IVM is off-patent and inexpensive.
-In February 2021 former patent holder Merck said, “there is no meaningful evidence” and “a lack of safety data” on IVM for C-19, according to their company scientists. Um, it’s one of the safest medicines in the world, prescribed 4 billion times over 40 years. Isn’t that enough evidence to use it in an “emergency?”
-In June 2021 Merck secured a 1.2 Billion dollar deal with the US government to test a NEW patented oral drug for C-19 called molnupiravir. Bingo. Follow the money.
-Yes, Ivermectin is sold as a medicine for livestock and is available at farm/feed stores like Tractor Supply, and also on Amazon.
-The reason some people have resorted to taking Ivermectin horse paste is because it is not easy to find a doctor to prescribe it in the U.S. and even if you do, some corporate pharmacy chains are refusing to fill prescriptions (!!!). A few not-so-smart people have been temporarily hospitalized from incorrect dosing of horse paste (major news story), but no deaths have been reported. Meanwhile, there are over 13,000 deaths from those new drugs and the nothing-to-see-here media blackout continues.]

“Errors in Value”

This guy’s really smart and explains why the wheels have fallen off American society. The gist of his message is that freedom doesn’t work without virtue. Daniel reads books and stuff and can explain it from a historical perspective of the past 4,000 years by guys like Aristotle and the like. I see it by observing the parking lot at Walmart.

Run away!

Now that our military has done their best Monty Python impression in the face of the Taliban, “Run away! Run away!” A thought occurred to me. Its going to get rather expensive for the U.S. taxpayer if we have to arm our enemy too. I looked up next year and the Pentagon is asking for for $715 billion dollars. Now if they giveaway $85 billion to our next enemy like they did the Taliban, that’s only $630 billion net. And I for one, well I think that’s a disservice to the taxpayer. I mean we already pay for their boondoggles, and supply the sons to go die for this nonsense, now we have to arm our enemies too?

Get to the real issue

If you cruise the typical “conservative” websites you come to a couple of conclusions real quick. A.) They’re not conservative, they’re Republican (if I have to explain the difference, go back to sleep). B.) With our position in Afghanistan falling apart, its all Biden’s fault. C.) An interventionist foreign policy where we are forever at war is now “normal” for people.

Issue A. I believe simply comes down to I.Q. Democrats are retards. Republicans are ‘100’, of average intelligence. They simply don’t possess the mental faculties to ever get to the level of ‘conservative’, beyond party distractions and lies.

Issue B. happens to have blown up on Biden’s watch. Ben Armstrong at The New American thinks its on purpose. No one could actually be that stupid to have handled it as badly as the Biden administration has. Americans think of our military as always having been ‘invincible’, but it really hasn’t. It set itself up to fail at Pearl Harbor. Failed to support Chiang Kai-shek, supported Mao. Lost Korea. Lost Vietnam. Completely failed at the Gulf War by not finishing the job. Failed at the War on Terror by spending more and killing more Americans than we lost on 9/11. And the subsequent restriction of American’s freedoms, but not those of the terrorists.

Issue C. is what it all comes down to. Our Founders did not see us as the Empire we’ve become. We weren’t supposed to be obsessed with the affairs of others. We weren’t supposed to be obsessed with the affairs of government. Following their generation they saw maybe 1 more generation busily involved in the affairs of State, then they saw the life of the American on cruise control. Devoted to cultural pursuits and the goals of commerce. That time period, 1840 or so, directly correlates to the period of a country who had their last war and went on to a future of peace, neutrality and prosperity: Switzerland.

Unfortunately, the tail has been wagging the dog too long here. Eternal war seems to be our future.

If the military is in total disarray…

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Wouldn’t it make sense to look at the Secretary of Defense? If the debacle in Afghanistan has left thousands of American civilians behind enemy lines, who else are you going to blame than the military? And who is in charge of the military?

When America’s once proud military leaves people to die in a foreign country, I think its safe to say that military has hit bottom. And even if the person in that position (Secretary of Defense) is an affirmative action hire, he still has to go. You might be able to go ‘woke‘ in non-critical positions, but SOD and Vice-President are not those positions.

We always had the best military. For 200 years. We could kick anybodies ass. If we couldn’t beat you any other way we could always kill you. Not no more.

In this Breitbart article in the first photo they show American soldiers standing all serious in the grass around the tarmac “holding back” Afghan civilians. In the next photo they are sitting atop the plane. Its my thought that when people are sitting on top of a plane, your security has failed. Dramatically.

Afghanistan the past 2 weeks has shown the fraudulent nature of globalist policies and the empty shell of globalist leaders

Afghanistan shows that there are limits to a false narrative. I was beginning to wonder. 20 years of idiocy is crashing down around their ears. They thought they could install a figurehead from a stolen election to lead the world’s greatest nation (okay ‘used’ to be). They thought they could bring civilization to savages, nope.

They thought they could hollow out the military forever with ‘woke’ policies, nope. They thought it would work to turn a press corps into a cheer squad and have no accountability for an administration, nope. Even controlling 90% of the media wasn’t going to work this time.

The structural integrity of a house of cards is just not that great. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t even do it this time. All the ugliness was laid bare for the world to see. After 20 years they are in a better position to commit terrorism than they were before. And a wide open southern border to come in through.

Its an interesting lesson. They appear so formidable, unbeatable. But clearly they’re not. A bunch of goat herders and poppy growers took them out.

[Bonus question: Do they sell toilet paper in Afghanistan?]

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