Life for Lefties is over (but not for the child)

Probably the only thing left for lefties to do is find a tall building. Or just ask around for a friend with a gun, if you prefer that route. Or a large amount of prescription drugs. Or wear a Cleveland Browns jersey in Pittsburgh. Oh! Or jump from an overpass in front of an oncoming semi. Lay down on railroad tracks! Tie a concrete block to your leg and jump in a lake!

But the important thing is you Lefties get that truck loaded and get up to Canada! There’s clearly nothing left for you here. Get up to Montreal or Toronto before all the good houses get snatched up. You don’t want to end up in some igloo next to an Eskimo freezing your toes off. (here’s a moving company: Trans Canada Movers Inc. Here’s a realtor to get you hooked up in a house: Canada Home Group Realty Inc.)

Seriously though, I never thought this would ever happen, let alone in my lifetime. A typical John Robert’s Court wouldn’t have. But Ruth Bader Ginsburg thought she was playing it smart to delay her retirement so that Hillary could appoint her successor when she was elected President. Only Hillary didn’t get elected. Those Russians tricked America into electing Trump!

Maybe it will cause some women to think twice. Maybe a few more babies will live.

A man-made disaster

The vaccine salesman

The bible talks about this phenomenon. The world has always seen evil. But in just the last few years it is accelerating at an unbelievable pace. Each day we’re bombarded with some new crime or punishment out of our “leaders”. We’ve barely had time to digest the transgression from the day before, and they are assaulting our senses from the day before. Forget last week or the month before. Its just a snowball of disgusting getting bigger and bigger. Are we in “the last days”? Considering what they are doing with gene-splicing and genetics and “trans-humanism”, I’d have to say so. I think the time for God to smote us is drawing near.

I thought fences didn’t work?

If fences don’t work, why were they so against Trump’s fence? And when Trump and a few others wanted fair trade, they’d say, “Well you can’t put a wall around America!” So walls do work? And anyway, how do you have a country without a border? It ceases to be a country doesn’t it? If you don’t have a border, how are you going to define what or where a country is?

Then I saw where a guy pointed out what was going on in 1920’s and 1930’s Germany. Its just a few short years after the communists success in Russia, and they are trying to repeat that success in Germany. In fact its been noted that the home of communism has always been a Franco-Saxon alliance. They were fomenting a rebellion in Germany.

In old New York when the Jews had grabbed monopolistic control of an industry they’d refuse to trade with an outsider (goy), until he had paid tribute to Israel and had gotten a Gold Star to prove it. They are perfectly fine with treating others, in ways they would never acquiesce to.

“Ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs”

It never ends, I see it on Gab all the time. Someone wakes up and declares, “They’re using technology, vaccines and social media to control and subjugate us!” Gee, ya think? This video has been deleted from every platform (including google) years ago. 30 years ago Rush was poo pooing the “New World Order” as conspiracy theory. No, its a real thing. Your ignorance does not make me a nut. But that’s not the funny part. The funny part is that the John Birch Society has been screaming this from the rooftops since December 1958.

4 years ago the X-Files told us

After 14 years off the air, X-Files returned in 2016 for six episodes and 2018 for ten more. Then it was suddenly canceled?
This might be why…

This clip from the X-Files literally saw the future. A plandemic. Wiping out our immune system with a “vaccine within a vaccine”. DNA manipulation. They talk about what our government has done to us the past 100 years, with various other “experiments” and such. That its been a stealth process for a total surveillance state, until now. This is the final key.

It is just amazing. Hollywood acts so stupid and brainless, but a lot of them really do know. Oliver Stone’s JFK, the early 80’s flicks that saw the future: Terminator, Escape from New York, Road Warrior, Red Dawn. That’s 40 years ago! Whoever wrote this clip for the X-Files knew his stuff. Was paying attention to all of those clips over the past 20 years of Bill Gates told us how they were going to do it.

Its going to happen on a Friday. When people aren’t paying attention. Can’t get to their money. Its just like in Canada when they locked the trucker’s bank accounts, once they got your money they got you by the balls. People really don’t get the authoritarian nature of the ‘New World Order’. Once the elites got over half the world’s wealth into the hands of 585 people, its not about money anymore. Its about control.

They like being god. Its a real life Game of Thrones? Risk? Most of us never experience what it is that comes after money. Bohemian Grove, weird pedophilia stuff. Their whole code language they use to talk about it: ‘Pizza’, ‘hot dog’, ‘smash’. Just as one example I saw the other day of something 25 or 30 years ago was considered completely bonkers, was ‘chem trails’. Its now nearly mainstream. “Its for weather control”. “Its to alleviate climate change”.

But anyway, back to the X-Files clip. They get into as anyone knows who has role played this, it will happen on a Friday. There will be a financial “security” breach which requires taking the banks off line. Your account will be frozen. On Monday you’ll wake up to an entirely digital payment world. What you had in you account will now be a exchanged new currency. I’ve always guessed it would be at 60% for your old dollar.

They will state they had to do it this way otherwise there would have been (insert scary threat here) a total, global financial collapse! I never understood their war scenarios involving Russia and mainly China. I could never understand why China would want to attack their best customer. It didn’t make sense. Once again what was bonkers 25 years ago, is now starting to eke out. They want population reduction.

Some of these nuts evidently believe hook line and sinker their sustainability crap. Their climate change alarm-ism. End stage has them wanting a final population of 500 million. I believe they do see their elites as the melding of human and bio-tech. But they will need that population of ‘workers’, and that’s where the Chinese come in. I didn’t see that piece of the puzzle until recently. They said the Chinese make better drone workers. Whites are too independent and rebellious.

As Kevin Sorbo just put it, they just found out with the pandemic that under an “emergency” we let them usurp our freedoms, then there will always be an emergency.

Nunn better!

Boy I was excited this morning when the primary results came out! Never even heard of ol’ Zach. But he looks about as good as you’re going to get out of the Republican Party. He said he was for God, Glocks and ‘Murica, so that’s good enough for me! Sent him a check to a PO Box 11, Bondurant, 50035. Bet the Register loves him (sarcasm). Iowa 3rd District.

“Drag shows for kids!”

Mainstreaming perversion. Libraries. Schools. In Texas last week, the same week adults left children to die in an elementary at the hands of a shooter, they hold a “drag show for kids” in a gay bar. I saw a meme last week in reference to the Uvalde massacre, where the guy was saying I never thought I’d see the day when armed Texans would leave school kids to die. Well they didn’t.

Those were Mexicans. It may say they are Texans on their drivers license, but they’re not. They don’t have the character, breeding, honesty, courage and trustworthiness to be Texans. They’re Mexicans. That’s why they cut and ran in the face of danger.

There are no geographical solutions. Moving them north simply moved them north. They just brought their dysfunction with them. All you are doing by moving them north is ruining this country.

For the longest time in conservative circles you’d hear about the 1963 court ruling that took God out of the schools. I’d always just pass it off as a bunch of cranks. But really, now, I can see a lot of truth to that. The answer of course isn’t to put ‘God’ in government schools, its to wake up to the notion that government isn’t supposed to be in the schools. People should have the school of their choice. We don’t just have one government ran retail store.

“Starbucks closing NY cafe in what union calls retaliation”

Labor – management negotiations don’t work without a “social contract”, a mutual understanding that each side in the end needs the other (FOX News: Starbucks closing NY cafe in what union calls retaliation). Reagan some say broke that social contract and destroyed the labor movement when he worked with meatpacking and construction to bust their very strong unions with illegals. And of course when he fired the air traffic controllers. He gave the signal to industry nationwide that it was okay to disregard unions and hire scabs. Illinois as an example as it sits surrounded by “right to work states”.

Now the federal government for over 40 years has chosen sides by keeping the border wide open to illegals, and expanding H1, H2 & H3 visa program to ridiculous proportions. Different only in degree from 1914 when Rockefeller hired men to murder the striking miners at the ‘Ludlow Massacre‘ (Colorado). Actually using the State Militia to do it. Incredible. So companies like Starbucks, Amazon and Walmart, despite their political posturing have no interest in reviving that social contract. Similar to when our own government turned its back on vets and workers when the ‘Bonus Army’ marched on Washington and was defeated when Attorney General Mitchell had soldiers open fire on them. 1932.

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