Its all in place

We’ll see if they halt trading tomorrow. Its been setup this week to have the “spontaneous” crash tomorrow. A warmup drop on Monday, a 942 point drop on Wednesday. The groundwork has been laid. Now we’ll see if the roll with it tomorrow on the psychologically significant October 29. Just 5 days before the election. In order to get the media play out of it they’d want, they’d have to halt trading.

[At 5 am Thursday morning the market shows 162 points up. Unless there is some drastic change, I’ll have to wait until Friday or Monday to see what happens then.]

6 corporations

“There is danger in the concentration of control in the television and radio networks, especially in the large television and radio stations; danger in the concentration of ownership in the press… and danger in the increasing concentration of selection by book publishers and reviewers and by the producers of radio and television programs.”
— Eugene McCarthy (1916-2005)

McCarthy saw it 50 years ago, imagine what its like today? We are told that 6 corporations own 95% of the media in this country. That’s not good. I know Gannett and the Cox family own a huge number of the newspapers. I know iHeart owns most of radio. And I don’t know anything, imagine what the people who do could tell you? All I do know, is that ‘they’ work really hard to convince us its D vs R. That its a 2-lane road.

You need to find someone else to bug Story County Democrats

Damn those people are obnoxious. They get your number and they never let go. I can’t believe they’re selling a lot of tickets with their platform of America hating communism, but they talk on the TV of a Blue Wave so who knows. Me I’m too old for that shit, though I understand it sells with young idiots. Old farts remember a Democrat Party of JFK. Those were Americans, not these young terrorists rioting across the land. I don’t buy that shit.

A party that promises to raise taxes and kill babies don’t work for me. I just don’t get it. What has the world come to? That their bullshit is treated as legitimate political thought? Its just mindboggling. They burn, loot and murder the past 4 years, and now that its an even numbered year in the fall they say, “Oh, and could we have your vote?” WTH! You don’t get to disrespect the flag, disrespect the country, disrespect those who disagree with you, disrespect the President, then act all sweet and innocent when you want my vote. It don’t work that way.

What planet is he from?

So I’m watching this interview of NYT financial columnist Jim Stewart on CNBC and I hear this interesting exchange. He’s being asked about the differences to the financial community re a Biden vs Trump win. He states that corporate America “hates the tariff wars and is much more free trade” compared to Trump. A completely nonsense statement. We don’t have free trade.

Well what there is its one way, its free for everyone bringing products into America. But why would “American” corporations be worried about that? Of course the answer is that these American companies manufacture in China, and expect to be able to bring their products into America duty free, because they keep their corporate headquarters here where they employ a couple thousand people.

Statements like his are just insane. The 3 largest manufacturing economies are also the 3 highest tariff nations (China, India & Brazil). Why are they the 3 fastest growing economies in the world? (China, India & Brazil) Why haven’t their economies been absolutely devastated by their tariffs? (China, India & Brazil) They’ve had these tariffs their entire history, how is it their countries are the place to be? (China, India & Brazil)

Globalists never answer that question. From the moment Trump announced his plan to go after fair trade, to obtain equality with our trading partners, the globalists have spouted this nonsense! How on earth does their crap even make sense? We should have zero tariffs while they have 35%? How does that even make sense? Putting a like tariff on their goods coming in is going to be devastating to our economy?

Then why aren’t their tariffs devastating to them? Its just insane. It fails the logic test on those 2 fronts. And nobody questions them! They just spout these asinine clichés with no pushback!

Iowa Democrats have a message

Iowa Republicans don’t. Iowa politics is generally rather staid. The biggest question for 50 years was whether Branstad would win by 7 points or 10? Whether or not Grassley would even have an opponent. Incumbents are never voted out. They retire or seek another office but they are never voted out. Iowa Democrats lead by Theresa Greenfield (pictured above) are going to clean house 11/3. Its going to be a bloodbath. King lost his primary, that never happens.

Greenfield is such a superior candidate. She stands for something other than corporate lobbyists. In 50 years I’ve never seen Iowa Republicans so intellectually bankrupt. I can see coattails on this one. Her TV ads are very powerful. Her messages are simple and clearly stated. Its never been so clear that all the Republicans stand for is big ag and the insurance industry.

The irony is that at the national level the Biden campaign has nothing, they are completely bankrupt of new ideas. They offer no reason to vote for them. Greenfield ads on the other hand have gutted Ernst and left her body on an Iowa fencepost. They take her to task on SSA, Medicare, jobs, corporate welfare, her ads are ripping Ernst a new one. Its funny the national Democrats and the big money targeted Ernst, she’s about as wishy washy a liberal Republican as you can get. She’s got the rural vote because she brings home the ethanol subsidies.

The House races are no different as far as I can see. They don’t have the money the Senate race has, but are just as devastating. From what I can see even Feenstra in Iowa’s rural/conservative 4th could lose. No way David Young wins in Iowa’s 3rd. But perhaps the most amazing story in this year of political earthquakes, is how talk radio completely missed it. I’ll be really curious to see how it all comes out.

A fun show to listen to after an election is Iowa Politics Wednesday on the NPR affiliates. They get everything wrong in their predictions, but act like they saw it all coming the day after. Not that any of this matters, as I have stated a hundred times, this government in its current configuration cannot work. Aside from the obvious of Congress taking money from the lobbyists they are supposed to be regulating, it is now revealed through Hunter Biden’s laptop that Joe Biden has been part of an extortion racket of epic proportions and will never be brought to justice.

Just like Hillary. Joe’s corruption they just dismiss with a wave of the hand and the phrase, “Russian disinformation“. With Hillary they told us it was perfectly normal to go around busting up cell phones with a hammer, and for the Secretary of State to run her email off a private server in her basement (and delete 33K of them when an investigation is in progress). The complete absence of law and order does not bode well for a “nation of laws”.

Most importantly, I think Republicans could lose the Iowa Legislature. Where that affects me is with gun rights. Gunowners by and large are really stupid. The 2 concepts where they lose are failure to look ahead and for everyone to contribute. We’ve had it incredibly good the past 10 years with right to carry. Democrats and liberal sheriffs are chomping at the bit to roll that back.

[Just to be clear, I didn’t say the Democrats had the right message, I just said they had a message. If TV ads right before an election was how you made your decision, then there’s no contest is all I’m saying.]

A parade of mediocrity

Watching CNBC in the morning is a fool’s errand. They bring on a string of fat and lazy American businessmen and treat them with the deference of royalty. They come on the show to in essence beg for one of a few things: a bailout, a subsidy, a new pool of cheap labor, protection from competition or the continuing theme of why they should be able to continue using other people’s money for free (the Fed keeping interest rates at zero for the third decade).

Just now it was the Proctor & Gamble vice president, explaining how great they are to be doing less with more. On the Seeking Alpha website it was the 6,398th article on T (AT&T). T is a unicorn these days because they actually pay a dividend. Everyone knows deep down that T is getting killed by the competition. Its in that rare field, telecommunications, where you have to be innovative and at the top of your game if you want to survive. They’re not.

Numbers USA on Facebook had a great video of Bill Clinton from 1995 sounding just like Trump on immigration. Congress was in such a hurry then to roll over for business, they never stopped to see what business was doing for America? If you ship every job possible to China (then demand the product be brought back in duty free), have to bring Mexicans to work outside, Indians to work inside, what exactly are you doing for Americans? Politicians better thank their lucky stars Americans are so stupid and will never see what’s going on.

“An election is nothing more than the advanced auction of stolen goods.”
— Ambrose Bierce
(1842-1914) American Civil War soldier, humorist, writer

“If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket would be elected swineherd every time, no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side.”
— Orson Scott Card
(1951- ) American novelist, critic, public speaker, essayist,

“Democracy consists of choosing your dictators, after they’ve told you what you think it is you want to hear.”
— Alan Corenk

Do honest people operate like that?

Bizarre experience. I really wanted to make Coins Stamps & Stuff my LCS (local coin shop), the one up here in Ames is even bigger crooks. I go in there bright and early Saturday morning to buy some silver bullion (non-numismatic silver coins or bars). I started out at Jordan Creek so its no big deal to hit Hickman Rd on the way back. In order to figure out if I was going to buy Buffalo, Maple Leaves or Liberties, I asked the woman at the counter what the spread was (the price over spot) for the 3 coins. She wouldn’t tell me!

She had it in her head I was this spy for “the guy up the street”, and that I was going to know what their prices were and tell everybody! I got to thinking about it after I walked out, “You’re a business, don’t you want people to know what your prices are?” Wouldn’t you want to be known as having “the best prices in town!” Evidently they operate under the theory that you have to buy it if you want to know what the price is!

Its crazy! Then it started coming back to me. I’ve been in these places once in awhile for 50 years, they never have posted their prices (the spread). It reminded me a month ago when I went to the shop in Ames, I was quoted $3.50 over spot on the phone, when I went in she told me $10. Her word against mine. Nothing I could do, they don’t post their prices. None of them do. Its like some closely guarded secret. A damn business needs to post their damn prices.

Is that the way honest business people operate? Not in my book. I can assure you I’ve never been an industrial spy for anyone, I thought you were an honest business. And as stated earlier, why wouldn’t you want people to know your prices?

I think the bottom line is there’s a reason they don’t want to be nailed down on their prices, to have them posted. If they keep it verbal, it can be on a sliding scale, depending on whether they think you’re a sucker or not. Whether or not they think they can “take you”. They shouldn’t be free to be all ‘carny’ like, they need to post their damn spreads.

Constitutional Convention

Our system of government is beyond repair. I notice American thought is about 25 – 30 years behind mine, so with any luck you’ll catch up. I just won’t see it in my lifetime. My first post on Donald Trump was in 2010 as an example. I saw the transition in terminology starting about 1990, where illegal aliens became undocumented immigrants, to now where they are just ‘immigrants’.

I saw what was happening in slow-motion 30 years ago with all that. I even took a letter down to their front desk on that very subject when they were at their original building at 5th & Locust (?). I saw what was happening with NAFTA in ’93. The communist takeover of the schools. The impact of constant military intervention around the world and how it would cause everyone to resent us.

The complete turnover of manufacturing to China. As in my previous post, ‘Total Political Consciousness‘, watching these things in slow-motion that to normal people whiz by over their head, too fast to see them. This one is so childlike, its so First Grade, that I’m embarrassed to bring it up! And what makes it worse is it won’t even register with people! Its so basic, elemental and fundamental, but they still won’t get it!

How can you expect your system of government to work when the people who write the laws are taking money from the people they are supposedly ‘regulating’?” Isn’t that embarrassing? That I should have to point that out to allegedly smart people? Graft is written into the system and you think its going to work? Its ridiculous. Then those same Congressmen the day after they leave, can join those lobbying firms!

A fundamentally flawed system and people go out and vote every 4 years like this time its going to work! Absolute lunacy. It never changes. There’s been no catalyst to effect that change, yet for some reason people think it will (what those magic properties are escape me). Nothing ever gets done. We are $27 trillion in debt with nothing to show for it.

Illegals waltz in, jobs waltz out. Less than 3 weeks before the election, and Washington is so dysfunctional they can’t even agree to buy votes with a new “stimulus package”! Think about that, they can’t even come together long enough to pass out money! They have hit rock bottom. Rephrase: We have hit rock bottom.

Its clearly time for another Constitutional Convention. A total reset. A new government. What’s ironic was that the original one over the summer of 1787 as I understand it was actually just to tweak the Articles of Confederation, not to come up with a new Constitution. Here we need to, and the crooks refuse!

“The lesson that Americans today have forgotten or never learned — the lesson which our ancestors tried so hard to teach — is that the greatest threat to our lives, liberty, property, and security is not some foreign government, as our rulers so often tell us. The greatest threat to our freedom and well-being lies with our own government!

— Jacob G. Hornberger


Total Political Consciousness. Most people never reach it. Only took me 6 decades (huffs on knuckles in a superior manner). Ordinary people go to vine covered buildings for 4 years supposedly to achieve it, and come out dumber than they went in. That is why I’m here. Election season has crystalized it for me. I saw a fundraising ad for Trump this morning, “Donate in the next 30 minutes and your donation will be tripled!” My response? So?

Even if you do keep the Senate you won’t have the House, like you did in 2017 / 2018. So what is it you’re supposedly going to do in another 4 years that you couldn’t do in the first 4? You’re not going to do anything. I understand you’d like to, but political reality is you can’t. That got me thinking about the Ernst vs Greenfield Senate race. The best ad Greenfield could run is, “Why does Ernst need 6 more years?” Another 6 years to do nothing?

That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Republicans had campaigned the entire Obama years that they were going to repeal Obamacare when they got in! Well, they got in. Did they do anything? Of course not. The language has changed a little bit, but they’re basically campaigning on the same issues they were 52 years ago in the 1968 election.

Same issues as today, Democrats still rioting in the streets, nothing’s changed. The Republican’s slogan is essentially: “We’re not as bad!” They promise to drive off the cliff at a responsible 55 mph, not zooming off like the Democrats! The people want term limits, they’ve wanted them for a longtime. But for some reason it just never happens.

One of the organizations you’d think you’d be able to get some support on this, is the John Birch Society. But no, they don’t want to have the Constitutional Amendment required for that. They take this Pollyannaish stance saying its up to the voters to vote out the bad seed. No matter how many decades go by and it doesn’t happen, this insist that for some unsupported reason, that it soon will.

They’re also AWOL on the other ‘last ditch’ effort to get this country back on track. This government as currently configured cannot ever work. The most obvious reason being that we allow Congress to take money from the very people that they are supposed to be regulating. I’m sorry if that’s a rather Kindergarten notion, but it also happens to be true. The very definition of graft.

So when you have a government that corrupt, there is no reform of course, it has to go. The 2 ways to do that within our system is either by Constitutional Convention (a complete reset), or Convention of the States, a fundamental overhaul. That’s it, those are the only 2 options. But for some reason the groups like the John Birch Society are totally against this.

They fear would could happen with the Constitutional can opened, but for some reason they don’t fear what is happening. You’re headed straight for the cliff, and unless you change course, you’re going over. But for some reason JBS thinks that even though they’ve done the exact same thing 100 times and nothing has changed, this time, the 101st, is going to be different!

It makes no sense. They never have the answer to the question: What is your catalyst for change? Why will this time be different? Its the same with people who continue to vote, why? Why is this time going to be different? Everything that makes this government inoperably corrupt is still in place, on what basis do you think things will change?

[Ernst and Grassley: “What do you mean we didn’t do anything, we brought home ethanol subsidies!? What else is there?”]

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!
— Benjamin Franklin

Faith 1090 KNWS Waterloo

So I’m driving home Saturday morning (you can get gas in Ankeny for $1.64, instead of $2.14 like in Ames), and I hear these 2 guys on the radio talking about the various failings of cultural Christians, and how that impacts the shortcomings of the church. Over 50 years of listening to Christian radio I’ve heard this theme repeated ad nauseam.

Then something occurred to me a couple of months ago. So when something goes wrong in an organization, its the followers fault? If a flock of sheep get lost its the sheep’s fault? Not the shepherd’s? If a church is in disarray its not the pastor’s fault? Its the parishioner’s? I find it amazing somehow that these radio guys never find any failings amongst their ranks.

Personally I can’t imagine a body with more weak and ineffectual leadership than the Christian church in America. But that’s just me. Its pathetic a lot of times. Their preaching style. Their preaching methods. Their people skills. How do you make Christianity boring? I don’t get it. There were preachers like Adrian Rogers, Ravi Zacharias, Ronald L. Dart, that I could listen to all day. There are ones like David Jeremiah and Erwin Lutzer that ain’t bad. But most are like the preachers you find in churches across America. Ones that don’t use the bible as the basis for their sermon, and they just don’t act like they’re preaching the Word of God.

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