Plato on democracy

Democracy leads to anarchy, which is mob rule.”
— Plato (429-347 BC) Greek philosopher

He weren’t no dummy. He’s also proof that what our founders knew 200 years ago, he knew 2,000 years ago, and that we promptly forgot. Democracy (The form of government deriving from the Greek terms “demos” and “kratien” or “kratos”) ‘the people to rule’, or power of the people. Mob rule. It seemed really relevant when mobs of looters are roaming the streets. People knew we were a Republic up through the 20’s. People forget though that the Bolshevik revolution wasn’t confined to Russia. It hit here first in our school system, where they could teach succeeding generations we were this sweet sounding word “democracy”. Thereby instead of having limited government, all we now needed was 51 percent, and anything was possible.

There’s a primary today

You’d never know it from listening to “news” radio WHO 1040 am, but there’s a primary today. I have no idea what the important issues or races are. The media today has no concept of conveying information. All they are concerned about is revenue. The only interesting race I was able to glean for today was Iowa’s 4th District (we used to have 7). Steve King against Randy Feenstra (above) and a gaggle of others. The others will split the vote enough so King slips in. Their 1%, 3%, 1% and 2% (7%) will be what Feenstra loses by. Democrats have the chance of a lifetime to switch parties for a day and take out King in June instead of losing to him in November, but they’re too stupid. So instead we’ll have King for another 20 years. If there’s enough “mo” to overthrow King I’d be surprised. And a lot of it will be because what used to be the ‘engine’ of conservative politics in Iowa, WHO radio, ran out of gas. Nobody knew about the race.

[The idiocy of party politics was thrust into my face in 2002 when Bill Salier ran to unseat ultra-liberal Tom Harkin. Salier first had to beat Representative Greg Ganske. You knew a conventional establishment candidate like Ganske would get wiped out in the general, and he did. In situations like that you need a guerilla candidate. Someone with charisma, momentum. But on primary night the party zombies turned out and pulled the establishment lever. That’s all they know. They’re just zombies. They don’t think. The only chance Feenstra has is the Blue Bloods are sick of King. The top has abandoned King, we’ll see if the base does.]

When things go south

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

John Adams

This quote has always stuck with me. If you know the origins of our form of government it makes complete sense. “Enumerated” powers mean we the people list what functions we’ll allow the government to perform. Through the Bill of Rights we further limit what the government can do. Not us, the government. Our Constitution was written to give the people great latitude in the way they chose to conduct their lives.

In fact it was the complete opposite of the nanny state we have now. If you wanted to do stupid things that would ruin your life, they said, “Have at it!” The difference then was no one was going to bail you out when you drove into the ditch.

It was the polar opposite of what we have now. Just this year the government is stripping us of our rights under the guise of dealing with a pandemic. Race riots originating in Minneapolis are further destabilizing society. The economic upheaval as a result COVID-19 expenses are going to create great strife in groups used to handouts. An election year filled with this much chaos and will be exacerbated by the media and the Democrats to cause as much bedlam as possible to insure Trump’s defeat.

Already we have people being prosecuted for protecting their property against the looters. Clearly I think its the government’s attempt to send a clear message: You are not to be self-sufficient! Government does not shrink, it only grows. Independent people do not need Big Government.

Just when Gab was getting a head of steam!

“We deployed a major update to Gab Social May 15, 2020. The update resulted in a huge uptick in traffic, which resulted in our current servers being stretched to capacity.

Thankfully, we have new and more capable server hardware that we have been building for exactly this reason. The new servers are almost complete, and the team will begin migrating Social to them shortly.

We will be posting updates to the Gab Status page on our blog while working hard to get this done as quickly as possible.”

— The Gab Team

Mailing Address For Donations:
Gab AI Inc
PO Box 441
Clarks Summit, PA 18411

[Their site crashed from all the new visitors! Freedoms last online hope crashed just when it was taking off. I hope they don’t lose their new guests. 5/29/20 update: Torba seems really pumped about the new traffic. Their site was down for about a week getting new servers. In that time President Trump’s feud with Twitter has really escalated. This is a very serious issue. I don’t begin to understand how he and other conservatives choose to fight this war. If he and the majority of well known conservatives would just leave Twitter, that platform would die on the vine. What planet are they from that they think they can expect rational behavior out of liberals? Don’t get it, haven’t got it, never will understand this. Liberals are irrational psychopaths but they are very good streetfighters. They are not interested in playing fair. They are not interested in having a “debate“. They are interested in winning. That is all.]

Walking while black in West Des Moines

This video by KCCI – TV was uploaded 11/14/18. I believe I heard the officer say the area was 58th and Aspen (in West Des Moines) at one point. Its a fascinating look at an incident in your own backyard, especially as it took place a year and a half before the Ahmaud Arbery case in Georgia. Cops, who often confuse themselves with God, think that they have the right to demand a citizen “show his papers”. Swear to God they’ve opened fire on a person because the ‘report’ said “he had a gun”.

A report can say a lot of things. In fact the Des Moines cops had an interesting interaction with this very TV station, KCCI. Approximately 10 years ago the station manager after the 10 pm newscast called to report loud bangs and breaking glass outside their station. A cameraman (Spencer Vaughn) went outside to wait for police, who drove up and opened fire at him. Luckily, being police, they missed.

The unfortunate thing about the incident in the video involving West Des Moines Police and ‘walking man’, is it doesn’t look like they got their ass sued off.

[Thanks to the Waterloo Courier for having the article on the station incident, ‘Police mistakenly fire at Des Moines TV cameraman‘, 10/14/10. Not to mention spouse beater Officer Cody Grimes back on the force??]

Interesting map

The Bell Curve boiled down is represented by this map. It displays historical average Intelligent Quotient by race and region across the globe. Since the IQ Test was developed over 100 years ago, the amount of variance has been negligible. Many “answers” have been given for the obvious differences in native intelligence. Nutrition, environment, language structure and many others. All I know is this map represents areas of dysfunction very well.

This is a map of poverty. Ignorance. Susceptibility to authoritarian regimes. Bloody religions. Stagnant societies. Reduced life spans. Stunted cultural developments. Every malady known to man is represented in direct correlation to this IQ map. There is one aberration; China. The idea that their average IQ would be 105 is incomprehensible to me. They strike me as a backwards, evil society. Other than China its a perfect roadmap.

In Africa you have grass huts and in South America you have wood huts. No surprise. You look at the 3 areas of the globe that have a functioning society (America, Europe, Australia), and there is no surprise, they were started by civilized white men. Every “stereotype” is reinforced by this map. My theory is twofold. You can’t address a problem until you acknowledge it. And secondly, truth is not your enemy, lies are. I will go to my grave believing that ‘ugly truth’ is better than pretty little lies.

The question that occurred to me as I took a last look at the map is, “Are the red, brown and beige areas capable of self-government?” They haven’t been up to this point.

Three Came Home

People don’t want to see it coming. In the opening months of WW II American author Agnes Newton Keith (played by Claudette Colbert) along with her 4 year old son and husband are swept up into the horror of Japanese prison camps in Borneo (the title is in reference to all 3 of them surviving). She had a month or so after Pearl Harbor before the Japs took over Borneo. A month to think, “I wonder if we should get the hell out of here?” In the film they don’t even seriously consider evacuating the women and children. They have this bizarre attitude so many people do in the face of disaster. They think that somehow their determination, guts, perseverance, courage or something will decide how events turnout.

You’ll see this time and again with hurricanes, or forest fires, or flooding, or urban unrest or military incursions. People don’t want to face reality. They don’t want to see events in the clear light of day. They think, “Oh that humongous forest fire will go around our house because of my guts and determination!” No…. that forest fire is going to exactly what it wants to do. In the film it was incomprehensible that Mrs. Newton and her son should stay in Borneo 1 week after Pearl Harbor. Everyone knew this was war, in fact it was the last time Congress ever declared war. Tensions had been worsening with Japan for years, and in the final months before conflict it was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

A blind man could see war was coming. The same thing happened in Europe. Many, many Jews saw what was coming, they left. Other Jews with access to the same information stayed. How is this possible? Why did people with the same information see that it was imperative to leave at all costs? And the other group thought, “Oh we’ll ride it out with guts and determination!” What poppycock! Its the same lack of logic when people say, “Oh I don’t believe in hell.” Or, “I don’t believe in God.” What you ‘believe’ is irrelevant, what ‘is‘ is what matters.

This movie caused me to see the ridiculousness of the situation in America with this pandemic. I promptly put that thought into a post on Facebook. Which immediately got me banned. “Americans are too stupid to see the seriousness of the situation. Whitmer, Newsom, Cuomo, the idiot in Virginia, are simply the vanguard of a totalitarian regime taking over America. They could be removed now, but Americans will wait too long, until they can no longer be removed.” What I was saying is that if you wish to get rid of these wannabe Hitler’s, you had better do it now before they get anymore power.

This is like September 2, 1939, the day after Hitler’s army invaded Poland. Or December 8, 1941, the day after Pearl. If you didn’t see it before, there’s no missing it now. Its here. There’s no more ignoring the signs. This is America’s warning. Whitmer, Newsom, Cuomo, Fauci, these little tyrants are only going to get worse. They’re only going to gather more power. More leverage over you, more control over you. You don’t “get back” freedom. You fight for it, or you lose it. You fight them now, or you won’t have the means to fight later.

Judges are out of control, Governors are out of control, Congress is out of control. This is it. Showtime! They are printing money out of thin air. They are making ‘rules’ out of thin air. They are telling healthy people they have to quarantine. They are denying people life saving Hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatment. The last means of returning the government to the people (that doesn’t involve gunpowder) is a Convention of the States or a Constitutional Convention. There is no other way. 30 years ago a book was written called, ‘Don’t Shoot the Bastards Yet’. Using the nuclear clock analogy, it is 3 minutes till midnight.

These changes must happen or this country is finished:

1.) Term limits

2.) No money from lobbyists

3.) End of the Federal Reserve

4.) End of corporate subsidies

5.) End to government education

Liberty Tree quotes

“I would like to call upon America to be more careful with its trust and prevent those who because of short-sightedness and still others out of self-interest, from falsely using the struggle for peace and for social justice to lead you down a false road. Because they are trying to weaken you; they are trying to disarm your strong and magnificent country in the face of this fearful threat. I call upon you: ordinary working men of America, do not let yourselves become weak.”
— Alexander Solzhenitsyn (June 30, 1975)

“The seven blunders that human society commits and cause all the violence: wealth without work, pleasure without conscience,
knowledge without character, commerce without morality,
science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, and politics without principles.”
— Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi

“As the Founding Fathers knew well, a government that does not trust its honest, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens with the means of self-defense is not itself worthy of trust. Laws disarming honest citizens proclaim that the government is the master, not the servant, of the people.”
— Jeffrey R. Snyder – A Nation of Cowards

“My grandmother wanted me to have an education,
so she kept me out of school.”
— Margaret Mead – Cultural anthropologist and author

“Reaching consensus in a group is often
confused with finding the right answer.”
— Norman Mailer

“The brave man inattentive to his duty,
is worth little more to his country than
the coward who deserts her in the hour of danger.”
— Andrew Jackson

“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves
after a journey that no one can make for us or spare us.”
— Marcel Proust

“The great dialectic in our time is not, as anciently and by some still supposed, between capital and labor; it is between economic enterprise and the state.”
— John Kenneth Galbraith

“Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance.” – Laurie Halse Anderson

“We have men of science, too few men of God. We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount. The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living. If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.”
–Omar Bradley – Armistice Day speech 1948

A compilation of quotes from Liberty Tree of Canada

“The coming epidemic of shortages”

I have a fascination sometimes with the Soviet Union. Other people obsess over the 12 year period of Nazi Germany. To me that was a relatively short “one-off”. A nut propped up to be used as a tool by the Elites to fulfill their agenda. The Soviet Union on the other hand lasted for 74 years. They also had 9 leaders to my count. It can’t be dismissed as an aberration. What can be learned from the Soviet Union hasn’t been as well publicized as it should have in my opinion. Which makes sense if you admit the education system in America has been taken over by socialists, who wants to admit their failures?

I imagine cultural anthropologists could tell you volumes on the successes and failures of the Soviet Union. If you had the time and inclination to read all the books on the subject. Probably one of the failures of our system is the lack of distillation of all this information into an absorbable form. My point of all this is to try and assimilate a recent article from World Net Daily that I used as the title of this post. March 15, 2020 was a pivotal date in my mind (just short of 2 months ago).

It was the first time in my life I had ever experienced a shortage of a good I wanted to buy. People from shitholes are no doubt used to shortages, America was not supposed to be a shithole. In that incredible writing style I have its doubly ironic, as the shortage was toilet paper (toilet paper/shithole, get it? Its funny). Being a Cold Warrior from way back, I’m surprised I didn’t think of it myself. But it took this WND article looking at the infamous shortages in the Soviet Union, to see what might be in store for us.

I think WND missed it in one respect. They seem to think Americans being “paid unemployment not to produce anything” is going to result in shortages in the months ahead. I disagree simply from the respect that modern America doesn’t make that much. I think they did nail it in a psychological observation though. It begins with the humble shopping bag. They said the reusable shopping bag was invented in the Soviet Union, and it had nothing to do with being ‘green’.

They said the cloth bag was something a woman could fold up and put in her purse, or a man could put in his lunch pail, and have with them at all time. The reason they wanted that was so if they happened upon an item in the store that hadn’t been available, they’d be able to snatch it up at a moments notice. The Soviet Union being world famous for its shortages. Then they hit upon something I’d never heard before. A lesson for us.

Bread was forever in short supply in the USSR. But they said you could often find loaves of moldy bread in dumpsters. Why would that be? Why would people be throwing away a commodity in such short supply? Because whenever the artificially low-priced bread was available, they’d whip out their shopping bag and buy way more than they needed! Its a psychological need. I see it now myself. I probably haven’t used rubbing alcohol 10 times in my life, but now that its not available, I want it! They created the bread shortages by buying more than they could use.

Toilet paper is a funny little story. On 3/15 when the shortage started, I was able to soon buy 2 packs of 18 rolls. I had never figured out how long a roll lasted. I found out it lasted 2 weeks. 36 rolls times 2 weeks a roll, works out to 72 weeks of toilet paper. That’s almost a year and a half of toilet paper I now have. Okay I’m a little embarrassed. But (butt) imagine the people who filled up their garage? Or basement? Or spare room with toilet paper? Shortages beget hoarding, and hoarding begets shortages. Chicken / egg.

I talked to a clerk at Walmart one day trying to get a feel for the supply chain to the store. This was in early April and Walmart was letting people walk out with a case of toilet paper! That’s 24 packages of toilet paper! These loons are now into the 2030’s with their supply. I suppose they could pass it on to their kids in a sort of heirloom situation. Another item is alcohol wipes. I probably didn’t use maybe 12 a year in picnic situations or at the State Fair when I need to wipe my hands without water. People now have hundreds of them, if not thousands.

Walmart used to have a very well stocked array of bandanas. Well as soon as it was discovered that they could work as a makeshift mask (to make up for the nonexistent commercial ones), they disappeared too. I almost forgot the meat shortages, beef, chicken and pork. Early on those shining examples of corporate citizenship, meatpackers, told their illegals they had to come to work even if sick, or they’d be fired. Well guess what happened?

Packing plants became the epicenter of outbreaks. So of course the authorities shutdown the meat processors. As wise people have known throughout the centuries, its when people get hungry that change happens. That’s when people get desperate. What will be the outcome of the coming unrest is not clear to me. Americans have become fat and lazy in most respects. They’ve had it so cushy for so long they don’t know how to rebel.

Couple that with technology that makes it so easy to ride herd on a populace, I frankly don’t see how a government could be overthrown. Not that people would choose the right path anyway. They could just as easily choose a more authoritarian socialism as they might a reversion back to our more limited government roots. Unrest is coming. The social fabric held together during the Great Depression of the 30s because we were 1 people. Warts and all.

That’s no longer the case. We have 30 million Mexicans in country that (most) have no allegiance to this country. A substantial Muslim population trying to install a system of Sharia Law. A declining number of the white population that identifies as Christian. A black population that’s as dysfunctional as ever. Cultural pathologies they didn’t have in the 1930s. The institutions that held this country together at one time, no longer exist.

We are not the nation we were in 1989 that amazed Boris Yeltsin. A trip to a Randall’s grocery store in Clear Lake, Texas turned out to be a pivotal moment in Russian history. Unfortunately too few Americans have heard the story. Boris and company made an impromptu stop at a small town grocery store to pickup some item. He could not believe the untold bounty in the store. The “luxury” available to everyday Americans that was not available to even the Soviet Premiere Mikhail Gorbachev.

As they point out in the article, up until the recent pandemic, Amazon and Walmart took that one step further and were fighting to see who could deliver that bounty to your door. But if WND is correct, that luxury will not be continuing. The generation that lived through the Depression and WW II has now largely died off. They were perhaps better adjusted for societal upheaval. They had dealt with cataclysmic events. The generation following, my generation, hasn’t faced that.

And if my generation is unprepared for the coming events, imagine where the Gen Xers are? The Millennials? If we’re not on the cusp of change, I would be very surprised. As Jesus said, you can’t rob the house of a strongman until you bind him. You can’t replace the system of a strong America, until you first weaken it. Mission accomplished.

“Thomas Paine said that the biblical Jesus Christ NEVER existed! So why do Americans keep invoking religion in politics & government?”

“Interesting argument. Anybody who rejects JC self identifies as a moron of course, but its true our government was not intended as a theocracy. But yet it does operate as exactly that with the Religion of Humanism.”

There was an interesting little article on World Net Daily from Franklin Graham. His point was that the response we are seeing from government isn’t about a virus its about control. He said never in our history have we quarantined the healthy. He foresees government wanting to keep these totalitarian powers even after the current crisis.

The title of this post is a comment from an assumed atheist after the article. I of course put up the brilliant response. It wasn’t until I’d thought about it a little that I realized Franklin hadn’t “invoked religion” in the article at all. He simply focused on government overreach. But the commenter has a valid point in general about American politics. One side believing we’re a Christian nation and the other that there’s this shifting wall of separation of Church and State.

It happens all the time with Republicans. In Iowa one of the most prominent examples is radio personality and party delegate Tammara Scott. She regularly invokes God (!) while talking politics, one of the most obvious was when Bob Vander Platts ran for Governor. The religious right in the state thought sure if we could replace that scurvy knave Branstad with Bob, then we’d have a Christian Iowa by golly!

I don’t know if they envisioned religious teachings in the schools and a picture of Jesus on the wall behind the teacher, or what. That’s the battle: Are Christians to be invisible outside their home? Or are we to have the free exercise thereof? It mainly comes down to the schools. That’s where most people get lost. To explain to them that its government that should be removed from the schools is simply incomprehensible to them.

Prior to 1900 or so this problem was avoided as government was not in the schools. Then John Dewey singlehandedly destroyed America, in a slow motion fashion. Someone’s “values” are going to be taught to children, its just a matter of whose. Americans were not sophisticated enough to recognize the New Religion being taught.

But make no mistake, Humanism is a religion.

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