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Dil… DIL!

Don’t worry about it man! Not a thing wrong with anything you said. Period. You’re a good person. I just watched Howie Kurtz talk about your video with his panel on Media Buzz, a bunch a hyperventilating ninnies (all white ninnies as per usual). They’d never say what Scott Adams said in a million years (1.2 million actually).

I’ve watched “the speech” several times now. I can’t find a wrong word. If anything he was too kind. What started him off was a poll saying half of black people don’t think its okay for you to be white. He calls them a hate group. He says he wants no part of people like that. He goes on to say even Don Lemon has said when he lived in black neighborhoods he had problems there that you just don’t have in white neighborhoods.

No shit Sherlock you were living around a bunch of niggers. That happens in black neighborhoods. Its even worse for white people, we find it near impossible to tell the blacks from the niggers, at least until we get to know them. Scott also said he was tired of seeing videos everyday of niggers (he said black people) kicking the shit out of white people.

As he said, for what? You give you give you give, and then you’re told by half of them its not even okay to be white? Well, fuck you.

Kennedy Magic?

Does “Kennedy Magic” exist? (RFK Jr above) I’m willing to put $500 bucks on it. But then I’m not the ‘normal’. Any journalist or political watcher over the age of 65 knows exactly what I’m talking about. Does it exist in 2023? When a typical 40 year old’s life experience only goes back to 1983? I don’t know. JFK Jr was on the threshold, until an “accident” occurred running against Hillary for New York Senate. Bobby here hasn’t been in ‘politics’ as far as I know, he’s been an environmental lawyer.

It came out last night that he is considering a run for President. I hope he runs. Your typical 69 year old “nothing but a lawyer” couldn’t do that and have it be credible, Bobby can. Its the over-65 crowd that remembers his family, and they’re the ones that vote. Bobby is 12 years younger than Joe Biden, and a gazillion more times more lucid. This is it, this is his run. Taking out an incumbent is a huge hill to climb, he only has to ask uncle Ted about that when he tried to take out Carter in ’80.

Why would I even be concerned about this less than 24 hours after the news came out? After the Democrat betrayal of labor with NAFTA back in ’93 I left the Left. For the past 30 years I’ve been on the “far right”, the last people to give a damn about jobs and putting America first. And those grassroots people on the right, the Birchers, to a man had the utmost respect for JFK and RFK. Not all of them did in the 60’s, but they sure as hell do know.

The reason Kenndy Magic existed was because it was the perfect melding of left and right. It was pro-labor, it was non-interventionist, it was smaller government, it was pro freedom, pro-environment, it was pro people it was pro America. I don’t know for sure where Bobby’s at, but I spotted him on Twitter a couple of months ago as the man I wanted.

I thought 2016 was my last vote, but I’ll make 1 more for Bobby.

Do your job

“We have to think about securing our southern border” – ya think? That’s what I woke up to on the radio’s top of the hour newsbreak. Some idiot Congressman realizing “Houston (El Paso) we have a problem“. All the filth coming across the border. Criminals, drugs, welfare dependents.

Grassley, Ernst and Feenstra don’t care. all they have to do is bring home ethanol subsidies for Iowa farmers and they’ll be Congressmen for life. What a fucking joke. The country is going to hell in a handbasket and they think they’re goddamn heroes. They make me puke. Puke!

The national debt is out of this world. They gave Big Pharma immunity to kill whoever they want with their clot shot. Just makes me sick.

“The bail in”

Wowsa. So I’m listening to VCY America’s Crosstalk Show (KVDI 99.3 FM Huxley, IA) this afternoon, and I hear them talking about a “bail in”. They were talking first about a woman cafe owner in Greece (they are always having a run on the bank) who just had $80,000 Euros taken out of her account ($100,000 dollars). The government drops in an IOU and that’s all she wrote!

In the last few years I’d heard about a variation on this called “negative interest rates“. When I’d first heard that 5 or 10 years ago I’m thinking, “What in the sam hell is that?” Math has always been shaky ground for me anyway, but negative interest? That’s where the bank charges you money to hold/use your money. Kind of a ‘lose – lose’ proposition.

Switch to the “digital dollar“. Doing away with hard cash and making every transaction electronic. The truckers at last years protests in Canada found out how great that was, Trudeau’s commie’s shut off their bank accounts. No money equals no fuel, no food, no rent. Pelosi and Biden had the rollout for a digital dollar for us set for 2024. I don’t know if the Republicans taking the House will delay that or not.

But aside from my natual suspicion of government, I couldn’t figure out why they wanted it so bad. But the Crosstalk show brought it home. Its the ability to suck out your money and drop in an IOU. They’re broke. They need money. You can “bailout” say a car maker, but you can’t “bailout” the government. That’s a “bail in”. They just steal from you, only they don’t call it that.

They put forth several scenarios of how they might do it. A “cyber attack”, forcing them to do this. Or they could describe it as the only way to “save” the country. But I’ve always thought there would have to be a currency devaluation along with it. They can’t afford a 1: 1 exchange I wouldn’t think. I’ve always felt they’d give 60% on the old dollar. They call the new money CBDC (central bank digital currency).

They wound up the show with another interesting prediction. California wants to pay “reparations” to black people. The cost of the project runs into the trillions. Since a State can’t print money, how would they pay for it? A “white tax”. I thought that was pretty interesting. Once they got the digital currency in the white tax would be child’s play. It would go along with the Social Cedit Scoring they want to impose on you.

Don’t know if its true, but it sure as hell is plausible

“Did you know the jewish mafia got their hands on pictures of Hoover sucking dicks and used it to blackmail his FBI (whose director was one of the guys Hoover was sucking off) into derailing the Irish and Italian mafias?

This essentially led to a huge jewish mobster named Meyer Lansky making money off of Cuban casinos, which Castro shut down when he came into power, so the jewish gangster lobbied for sanctions on Cuba which led to Cuba hooking up with Russia and the entire Cuban Missile Crisis. This was all alluded to in The Godfather Part II, actually.

ANYHOO that whole thing led to the jewish mafia controlled CIA attempting to firebomb Miami so they could blame Cuba for the attack, which was foiled by none other than JFK himself, which led him down a path that redpilled him so hard he got shot in the head in front of the entire world and replaced with the president who then made nonwhite immigration legal in the United States.

Long story short, we lost America because some faggot couldn’t keep dicks out of his mouth and jews are conniving pieces of shit.”

[Saw that on Gab. I know I sure as hell don’t know the history of the “mob” and the FBI (I repeat myself). It sure sounds possible.]

Rep. Thomas Massie: CDC Is Lying About The Efficacy Of The Vaccine For People Who Already Had COVID

The “snowball” of truth is starting to come out as regards the “vaccine” (experimental mRNA gene therapy), but that’s not the larger truth I’m trying to point out here. It just hit me this morning with Representaive Massie. When he first got in the House of Representatives 10 years ago the media first ignored him then tried to portray him as a “nut”.

The truth is he is one of the few in the House working for the people instead of the corporations or Deep State. There’s a segment of conservatism that gets a thrill from exposing the latest Deep State shenanigans or CIA plot. The aliens at Area 51 or the underwater facility in the Bermuda Triangle.

All that is fun, but its not very practical or helpful. Instead of running out the door with your hair on fire about what George Soros and Klaus Schwab are doing this weekend at Davos, do something practical. Get more “Massie’s” elected to the House. On Twitter are the “active of the active” politically, and even among them are very few who do anything worth while to get good people elected to the House.

$25 bucks, $50 bucks, if everyone did it it would make a huge difference. 12% of Americans say they contribute to a candidate. .52% contribute above the $200 dollar amount where a candidate has to itemize it. The bottom line is very few conservatives actually put their money where their mouth is. I gave twice to candidate Zach Nunn in District 3 (I’m in District 4). I also gave once to a State Legislative candidate from Boone.

People just don’t get it. They like to get all excited about the Presidential race and stake all their hopes on that. We saw what happened. Trump did the impossible and got elected to no avail. The lack of support in Congress doomed him, as did the courts (not to mention his own inexperience). As the Birchers say over and over, if America is going to be saved its going to have to come from the House of Representatives. Those take the least amount of money and votes to win.

Tom Massie, Chip Roy, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, kind of Jim Jordan, those are about the only 5 worth a damn in the House. There has to be more that get put in if this country is to be saved. Fretting and re-Tweeting about George Soros isn’t going to do it.