Blatant hypocrisy

This picture is a prime example of the duplicitous nature of the coverage during the Trump Presidency. Those scumbag liberals were rioting before he got elected. They were rioting (JFK airport as an example) after he got elected but before he took office. They were rioting at his inauguration. They’ve been rioting the 4 years he was in office (Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, Minneapolis, Saint Louis, Chicago). They’re rioting as he leaves office. They’ll be rioting once he’s gone. Face it, liberal scum can’t win in the arena of ideas, only in street fights.

But more importantly is this bullshit impeachment built on the events of January 6. Trump’s speech hadn’t even finished yet when Antifa attacked the Capitol. How could his words have incited violence when he hadn’t spoken them yet? WAPO has shown how the attacks were planned ahead of time on Facebook, why the sam hell is Gab getting blamed? How the hell is that Trump’s fault. And how can the riots be Trump’s and Gab’s fault? Congress didn’t care about riots for 5 years. Then they impeach, a “deliberative” process, before the facts even begin to come out!

Because of the incredible growth they are experiencing, Gab is having to add new Servers every week.

The year 2031

25 years ago Amazon was nothing and AOL was everything! My Space was a thing in the first decade of the new century, its not now. Though that might be changing. 10 years is a lifetime with computers and the internet. Read an investment book that covers the Big Tech crash of 2001 and you’ll see what I mean. There were the dumbest business models that had the most outlandish valuations right before the crash back then. People poured money into them literally because they had dot com at the end of their name.

There are several things going on in the “social media” world that, to me at least, portend change. Big change. The 2 biggies Twitter and Facebook have been on a censorship terror the last several years. While their spot as giants in social media seem secure, I wouldn’t bet my life on it. Stranger things have happened. As has been pointed out, liberalism online only survives with severe moderation of forums and limitations on speech. When left to the market, conservatism always wipes them out, just like talk radio. NPR only survives because of taxpayer funding.

So if government reaches its hand into the fray, then those 2 might retain their top spots, otherwise, I’d bet against them. Believe it or not conservatives are what make them now, and with Trump being kicked off both, there’s no reason for the rank and file to stay. Don’t get me wrong, Conservative Inc. will want to maintain those mega-platforms for book sales and that, but that’s going to be a reach. Americans don’t like censorship, and I think Fakebook and Twitler overplayed their hand when they banned Trump.

But then we won’t know for sure until it plays out. 10 years will tell. One thing I do know is that the “experts” will be wrong. They always are. All they know is ‘conventional’ wisdom, they always fight the last war. They never foresee the new tactics. That’s why Trump beat them in 2016, he wasn’t conventional.

The only 2 things I am sure of is that they are coming for Gab and guns. In order to put “the plan” in place they need to eliminate free speech and resistance to force. As Rush and many others have pointed out over the last decade, they feel they’re close. In their haste and arrogance they’ve made some miscalculations, but they salivate at the thought of their autocratic utopia.

In a “mark my words” moment, watch what happens by March 1st. The infiltrators that rioted at the Capitol building rattled their cage. Keeping in mind their credo “never let a crisis go to waste”, they immediately started planning how to use the incident for their favor. They picked a site they had ignored till now, Gab, as having been responsible for this “insurrection” against the government. They are no shit claiming that the riots were organized on Gab. Its laughable. Its like when they tried to blame the overrunning of the diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya on a YouTube video with 106 views put out by some crank in California! Its their M.O. Mark my words, Gab is about to come under serious attack. A social media professor at Harvard just last week put it this way: “What are the levers we have on Gab? There aren’t any (they’re self-supporting and ad free). We’ll have to address that.”


As a side note, Antifa and BLM types have been rioting the past 5 years. Not a single prosecution. Cops got to the point where they ask, “Why are we arresting them?” They were out that night or the next day. Pretty much zero prosecutions. The US Attorney for the DC area was one of the worst, zero prosecutions. Charges always dropped. Now you can bet in this case when they (if they find) a conservative rioter, the book’s going to be thrown at him. He’ll get the max.

KAL 007

37 and 1/2 years ago a very strange incident happened that virtually no one remembers. It came up yesterday when a friend came over to talk about “where do we go from here?” when the U.S. can’t even hold an honest election, the best president we ever had is likely to be impeached a second time, and will definitely face charges for years even after he leaves office, the new communist regime will definitely be coming for our guns, and the sellout to China will increase at an even faster pace!

He was pretty down, as any God-fearing decent American is right now. Just 2 months after they stole the November 3 election, they steal the Georgia runoff January 5 the exact same way! Incredible. He is aware there’s no future in the Republican Party. He hadn’t heard yet about the MAGA Party they’re forming. That’s one avenue.

Another option I told him about (I think he’d feel better if he had some involvement), was the John Birch Society. He’d never heard of it, and he’s 55! So I explained to him what it was. At the end of our conversation, knowing he’s a research geek, I gave him the name of Representative Larry McDonald, Georgia. Which brings us to the video above.

I hope he looks him up. Its a bizarre tale. McDonald was elected about 1976 I believe to the U.S. House, as a Democrat no less. Georgia hadn’t gone communist yet back then. They still had lots of ‘Muricans back in 1983. Which is when KAL 007 was shot down by a Russian fighter jet on September 1 of that year, with McDonald on it. It was an assassination pure and simple.

He was fiercely anti-communist. The Russians hated him almost as much as our own Deep State did. Just that summer he had been voted to head up the organization he was in called the John Birch Society, whose raison d’être was anti-communism. JBS was hated by neocons and communists alike.

Japan had recordings of the Russian pilot who shot down the plane. He is clearly heard to have said, “I am about to fire on the Korean Airliner”. They knew darn well is was a commercial flight. Not to mention international law required them, even if it was in restricted airspace, to escort them out, not shoot them down.

His widow and many others feel that the the plane ditched in the Sea of Japan and that the passengers were rescued and held for the rest of their life in a Russian work camp. Our government let the entire matter go. They had no use for McDonald, he was a constitutionalist like Ron Paul. People like that are not very popular in DC.

But perhaps the most interesting tidbit from the video, is a bit at the end. In late 1999 The New American, the publication of the John Birch Society, did a year end wrap up of something like, “The 25 Greatest Fighters for Freedom of the 20th Century“. Guess who’s name wasn’t on the list? Their own former leader and highest elected Bircher there ever was Larry McDonald!

It was probably just a stupid mistake, but when the creators of the video above went back to the home office for comment, all they got were excuses and obfuscation. How they could disrespect the one man who had shown them the path, get elected, is beyond me.

I know for a fact no one on this earth is more stuck in their ways than JBS. As I told my friend who was wondering where do we go from here? I said the John Birch Society knows their name is a drawback to their mission, it has a lot of baggage. A rational group would say fine, “Let’s get a new name.” A rational group would see that the tactics they’ve had for 62 years aren’t working anymore, so they’d say, “Let’s get new tactics.” Not JBS. JBS prefers to keep doing the same thing decade after decade and thinking this time it will be different!

Some people define that as insanity. Which brings me to my point about their obstinacy. They have rank and file across the country working tirelessly for them. Putting in hundreds of hours each year, and for what? Weak, shortsighted leadership. The body is so much better than the head in the case of JBS. I think a lot of the problem back then 20 years ago was the ego of the head honcho, John McManus. Larry overshadowed him.

What do you do when your country has died?

Its scary. Maybe a little sad. I used to think it was the end of the world if the United States collapsed, I’m not so sure anymore. Fear of the “unknown” does give you a little queasiness. I say collapsed in the sense of (if it ever was) being a force for good. In the last hundred years or so it turned into such an unrecognizable monster of what it was supposed to be. Somewhere along the line it became an Empire. It will continue as that. No I mean it died as far as ever having a chance to be what it was supposed to be.

Its also quite funny in a way as someone who has been following politics as a hobby since the Watergate hearings, politics is no longer relevant, what do you do? Your life for nearly 50 years has been wrapped up in this stupidity, then you realize there’s no point to any of it! Before the internet it was letters, phone calls, passing out pamphlets and holding signs. Then in the internet age it was having an online presence and going to various websites to put down your comments because it was so important, now its all gone! The future is set. There’s no getting out of this hole.

Government schools have succeeded in their goal of making everyone ignorant, so there is simply no knowledge of what we are supposed to be. Overarching in what its mission was supposed to be, was as a limited government. After that perhaps was a financially sound government (not one that runs itself on a credit card to the current tune of $27 trillion in debt). A government under the rule of law not majority rule. That one right there is simply beyond the comprehension of 90% of the people.

A couple of our failures that standout most to me are our foreign adventurism and the lack of control of our own borders, while we’re off fighting for other people’s. Instead our Federal government is busy dictating what type of light bulb we will use in our houses. What type of TVs will be made. What the size of our toilet tank will be. What the gas mileage on cars will be. And on and on and on…

The future of America in 2021 and beyond is locked in, its just a matter of what the pace and intensity will be. Total tax burden as an example has been hovering around 50% for decades, all bets are off now. The right to keep and bear arms has been somewhat secure for awhile now, that no longer is. All these basic, organic, fundamental rights, should not hinge on who is elected, they should be more secure than that, but they most assuredly are not.

[All this came about November 3 when the presidential election was stolen in such a crude and obvious manner, then again last night January 5 when they did it again! “Oh we’ll count your ballots later, the machines ‘broke’.” Only in Republican strongholds isn’t that strange? And that polling site in Georgia last time with the “watermain” break, isn’t it weird they never had to call a plumber?]

“When exposing a crime is treated the same as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.”


Cornelius Rye is a guy on Gab. The name is suspiciously like it is from a character in literature or something. But whatever the case his quote is so rich with layers. They (commies) destroyed the old value system, and through force inserted a new one into our lives. Using just one example, look how the homosexual lobby moved from “we just want to be left alone”, to you are cancelled unless you not just accept but embrace their radical agenda. Now that they accomplished that they’ve moved into their bullshit transgender and pedophilia crap.

The FOX News website for me is the perfect microcosm of America’s current Civil War. This has nothing to do with FOX itself but rather the people who are there. FOX represents America, liberals don’t like to hear that, but they do. America is not CNN. America is not MSNBC. America is two sides, not one. Liberals like to think America is NPR and the New York Times, but its not. Which is okay, because what I’m talking about is it (FOX) being a representation of America, which is what a microcosm is.

You get down to it in the comments section of their website. There it is all revealed. America is represented at the end of virtually every article. A nonstop bickering of ideologies. It never ends. It just goes on and on and on. Day after day after day. The article that the comments were supposed to be based on, soon ceases to be relevant. It quickly becomes about ‘the fight’. Nothing else. FOX is to be greatly commended on that, they allow the fight. The commie sites don’t. They don’t have a comments section.

As someone else noted, liberals only survive on the internet when there is heavy censorship and “moderation”. Whenever there is freewheeling open thought, they get wiped out.

The people there are fighting ‘the fight’. They seem to enjoy it. The website lends itself to this eternal struggle. When you mute someone, within 5 minutes they are unmuted. I myself am very realistic in the knowledge that I am not going to influence anyone, so there is absolutely no point in arguing with them. I mute and go on. On other sites that’s all it takes and I never hear from them again. But not on FOX. On FOX the mute is for show, not for go (okay that makes no sense).

But that would help, if the mute button there actually worked. For some reason their software is very unstable and the mute doesn’t ‘take’ (probably from loading so many ads). Not that most people are smart enough to use mute. But for the few that are it would help. Mute and move on. Because you are not going to change anyone’s mind! It ain’t gonna happen! People don’t change their views because of someone else’s “argument”. Those rare times when a person’s world view changes, is because it slowly evolved from within, over time.

It is not within a person’s DNA to have reason interfere with their way of thinking. It just doesn’t happen. You can argue till the cow’s come home (which is what they do at FOX), and no one is going to be swayed an inch. This eternal bickering with no progression is a perfect representation of Congress. They cannot for an instant lay down the gloves long enough to move forward on an issue. Think about that. 535 idiots hold the fate of 330,000,000 people in their hands, and they are incapable of acting in a rational manner.

All they can do is argue, just like on FOX. I’m trying to think of that word that means when you just want to accomplish something, to get started on a project? Pragmatic! That’s it! I JUST DON’T see the logic in bickering into eternity. Call me crazy but I don’t. Whether its the FOX News site or Congress, what the hell is the point of never accomplishing anything?? Life is too short.

[My observation of the FOX comments section of any article, no matter the original topic, is it always comes down to the question: Is there a God? Invariably some Lefty makes a crack about the Invisible Magic Man in the sky, and someone on the right will make an assertion about the GOP working God’s will. Who cares? You cannot convince someone of the existence of God. The heat at the end will convince them. You can’t. They can’t say they weren’t warned.]

“basically the left stripped our entire society of its morals and then declared themselves the arbiters of morality”

FBI knew over a year ago about Nashville bomber

They always know. I don’t care what the murder and mayhem was, invariably in these stories it always comes out the authorities knew and did nothing. Always! How is this possible? I’ll tell you how its possible, heads never roll. That’s why incompetence happens over and over and over and over and over and over, because it can! Bureaucrats are stupid and inefficient, but that’s only because they can be.

In this case the girlfriend of Anthony Quinn Warner told authorities 19 months ahead of time, “He’s building a bomb in his RV in the backyard.” Not a lot of guesswork there Sherlock, check it out. It took them 3 months just to go there and say, “Its in the backyard we can’t go in without a search warrant. Then get one. Somebody saw something, somebody said something, the trouble is lazy ass cops didn’t do something. Again.

But as I was saying bureaucrats get people killed because they can. Bureaucrats #1 skill is taking care of themselves. They don’t care about their job, they don’t care about the citizens, they don’t care about anything else in this world, except taking care of themselves. If you make it clear to them, i.e. that inaction will get them fired, they will start to act. Its as simple as that. There has to be a carrot and a stick. You have to make it in their best interest to do something. Then they will.

This is not tough. Cause and effect.

[In this case I understand the FBI said, “He’s not in our database!” Huh?? Because he’s never bombed before, he can’t be going to do it this time? What the fuck logic does that make? Even a cursory check of credit card purchases, phone calls and computer searches would reveal, “Hey you know with this evidence, and that of a credible witness, maybe we should get a search warrant?” There’s a great big Warner Brothers arrow pointing down at this guy, “Suspect! Suspect!” Cops are that stupid, they are literally that stupid. Its the same logic that was at the Des Moines Register, “Trump can’t be president, he’s not a politician or a general.” What?? Cops and journalists are that stupid. Could it have been laid in their lap any better? Warner, in the backyard, with the RV, is making a bomb. 19 months ahead of time. What more do you want?]

(Columbine area law enforcement had contact 16 times with Harris and Klebold before the shooting.)

{Bureaucrats don’t know trigonometry, but they do understand basic arithmetic. They do understand ‘A+B=C’. They would understand, “If I do not do even the rudimentary fundamentals of my job, I will be fired.” The one instinct they have is the survival instinct. They do have the mental capacity to understand that. But it has to be enforced. Did I mention heads have to roll?}

“How do you feel about Zoom and related products? On the one hand, you have to assume the Chinese government has backdoors. On the other hand, the Chinese government probably doesn’t hate right wing dissidents nearly as much as the US government.”

You are hereby banned from joining in ANY reindeer games!

Social credit system” – how many people even know what that means? Its the ultimate Wrong Think retaliation tool first rolled out in China and now coming to some would say their puppet on a string the United States. Especially when you consider the social justice warriors about to take over the American government, Biden and Harris (Harris and Biden?). In China what it came down to is removing economic viability from a persons life.

Oh we don’t kill you, or put you in jail, we just cutoff all ability for you to do business. Imagine: you can’t buy groceries, you can’t rent an apartment, you can’t get a job, you can’t receive medical services. You’re kind of out of luck ain’t ya? Andrew Torba the founder of Gab found this out a while back. Gab was picking up steam and the first thing “they” did was take away electronic payment systems.

People could no longer donate to the ad free Gab through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and the like. Gab had to turn their Post Office box into their sole fundraising source for awhile. Think about that, the year 2020 and the only way they could raise money was a check by snail mail. Then they turned on Torba personally and denied him and his family the ability to have a credit card. Think about that, we don’t like your political views so we’re going to deny you a credit card??

Its the full realization of “cancel culture” and the libs are loving it. “We will have compliance dammit!” You have complete freedom of thought, as long as we approve. The conservative organizations experiencing this are screaming at their Republican reps to fix this and its not even on their radar. The social credit system is the ‘mark of the beast’ that was prophesied and no one even sees it.

I myself experienced this through First National Bank of Omaha. They decided my NRA Visa card was responsible for mass shootings so they sold my account to another company. And I had the aggravation of setting up a new company. I suppose I should consider myself lucky, I still had a card.

Pillow talk

More and more evidence is coming out that Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered. New evidence chain shows Nashville bombing wasn’t random at all. Norms will never hear about any of this. 6 corporations own 95% of the media in America.

— AT&T got contract for forensic audit on Dominion voting machines
— Machines were being moved to Nashville
— ATT building formerly owned by Cerberus
— Dominion voting is owned by Cerberus
— Cerberus is run by Staple Street Execs
— Joe Biden’s Bro in Law is cofounder of Staple Street

“So, Roberts knew about Scalia “wetworks” assassination! There are detailed recordings of Justice Roberts discussing, suggesting, negotiating, and approving the replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia, prior to his ‘sudden’ death”. – I just remember there was something about the pillow.

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