“Nearly half of the U.S.’s homeless people live in one state: California”

This headline and picture were a story from Market Watch. I’ve seen enough of these stories that I’m beginning to believe they really do think “homelessness” is the problem. How is that possible? How can they be so stupid? Its the symptom.

Say you could wave a magic wand and give everyone of these people a ‘home’. Within a year they would have phucked it up. Burnt it down, cluttered it up, got thrown out for not paying taxes, etc. These people are masters of self-destruction.

Alcohol, drugs, mental illness and laziness. That’s their problem, not “homelessness”. Damn, this isn’t that tough. And when you have corrupt SOBs like former Governor Branstad closing down Iowa’s treatment facilities, its just criminal. No wonder they can’t solve the problem, they can’t properly identify it.

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