I predict!

The Ames City Council is a non-stop Gatling gun of costly boondoggles to the Ames taxpayer. They overwhelm you with stupid so its impossible to keep up. I predict their next foray into dumb will be a new stand alone Police Station. Right now they share facilities with City Hall. What causes me to say that? Nothing more than gut instinct.

Cops are high maintenance. Few people know a street cop is pulling down $80K. God knows what lieutenants, captains and detectives are being paid. Their vehicles are never more than 5 years old. And there is nothing stock about a cop car. Double the cost of its civilian equivalent.

But the main thing is where their station is now, right on the corner of 6th and Clark. Its too visible. Cops don’t do anything and they don’t like that being highlighted by glaring visibility. I can see plans coming for a new gazillion dollar station coming for either east 13th Street or east Lincoln Way. Out of sight out of mind.

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