.45 on the hip

It will be interesting to see where we are 1 year from now, now that Florida teachers who have met the requirements can carry a firearm in school. The naysayers have predictably predicted the end of the world as we know it! I never have and never will understand the righteousness of not only dying in a “pure” manner, but letting those in your charge be slaughtered as well?!

As a gun knowledgeable person it amazes me what won’t be tried in the schools. There are ‘smart’ guns that require a coded ring, watch or fingerprint to make the gun workable. There are quick access gun safes that would mount under a desk to provide perfect gun security. Rather than a fairly hard to use handgun, a carbine or shotgun could be mounted in a concealed wall safe.

None of this will be utilized in favor of the cliched ‘.45 on the hip’, open to all the problems. Having it taken from the teacher, inaccurate in its use. We’ll see. My other gripe is it will stop there. 1% of the staff being armed with a firearm, instead of 100% being armed with non-lethal means. After the first accident they’ll say, “See! It doesn’t work!”

They’ll adopt the pervasive “can’t do” attitude sweeping America in the last several generations, and not attempt all means necessary to guard kids. The skills every teacher is capable of using with a non-lethal weapon. I had someone try to tell me online, “Oh 25 states or so already let teachers be armed.” Yeah? Then why are they making such a big deal about Florida?

They’re the canary in the coal mine. If it should be a rousing success, I could see self-defense breaking out in any number of areas. Convenience stores, box stores, malls, sports stadiums….

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