Now it matters?

Banditos in Mexico wipe out a Mormon family and now all of a sudden this lawlessness matters? Twit Romney is demanding action! Which to anyone who follows this stuff knows that the 2012 Republican candidate for president and his compadre Paul Ryan are the biggest open border RINOs there are!

The hypocrisy is killing me. Famed researcher John Lott pointed out 20 years ago 13 Americans a day die at the hands of illegals in this country. Congress has never had a problem with ensuring the free flow of illegals into this country. Its helps with the drug trade and human trafficking. And in order to ensure GM, Ford and Chrysler can continue to get their cars made down there with cheaper non-union labor.

Mexico was a lawless shithole 150 years ago and still is today. Who doesn’t get this? How stupid are you? They are not ready for prime time. Put up a GD wall. They are utterly incapable of running an organized society. Build a GD wall. Why do you suppose Mexico is a shithole? Its filled with shitheads. This ain’t real tough.

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