Two Americas

The old adage was “in the end we’re all Americans”. That’s no longer true. Half the country thinks they are “global citizens”. In their world America always buys. America always flies. America supports everyone. America dies for everyone. America does it all! They truly have the vision of the anointed.

Right now the US Navy is undergoing outright insurrection against the President. Trump pardons Eddie Gallagher and the Navy decides they are going to prosecute him anyway. The Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer has now been fired, so we’ll see how it turns out. I can’t think of a more pro-military President than Donald Trump.

The Courts are in open rebellion against the President, ruling on issues they have no jurisdiction. Sanctuary cities are releasing murderers and rapists simply because they loathe Trump. Entire States are trying to eliminate their role in the Electoral College. Other States are adding to the Constitutional requirements to be President by demanding to see Trump’s tax records.

Sports figures take a knee on the field and refuse to go to the White House. Members of the US Olympic Team slander the President for no reason. If they think I’m going to forget all this they are nuts. They’re nuts anyway. I hope no American forgets. I hope every American gives it right back to them. Gives them what they have coming.

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