If every choice is the wrong one…

YouTube has allowed me to verbalize what I inherently knew, we’ve been betrayed. Its not just me. People younger than me look at these videos from the 40s, 50s and 60s and they simply cannot believe what life was like back then. Before infrastructure was crumbling, jobs had disappeared and there was a permanent underclass living on the streets.

The greatest nation in the world didn’t just fall, it was pushed. In 150 short years we had outpaced nations that had been in existence a thousand years. We beat them economically, we beat them militarily, we beat them culturally, we beat them like a rug. How does a nation like that fall in just 60 years? In just one lifetime?

The last Secretary of War James Forrestal said to the effect, when every single decision is wrong, its not stupidity, its by design. In these old videos, even if you didn’t know that it was America’s industrial power that won the war, you can see it for yourself. The factories and the things we made only 2 generations ago is just unbelievable.

Even if the people watching these videos couldn’t tell you this, they instinctively know that a service economy doesn’t create wealth. It just shuffles it around. The wealth of a nation is increased by manufacturing goods using the raw materials of the earth. Manufacturing wasn’t moved overseas because it was too expensive here, the corporate decision was made to say to hell with America, our goal is simply to increase profits. And it wasn’t to the shareholder.

Its the same way the decision was made to quit paying dividends to shareholders decades ago. People today have no idea reputable stocks used to pay 4%, 5% or even 6% dividends. All that money is simply being pocketed now. Like when they moved production overseas and were paying pennies on the dollar for labor costs, did the cost of the product go down? No! Executive compensation simply went up!

They didn’t enrich the shareholder, they didn’t enrich America, they only enriched themselves.

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