The inability to adapt

Death by bureaucrat. When governments take on duties beyond their assigned scope, bad things happen. Every time there is a crisis the ineptness of bureaucrats rears their ugly head. I always think back to Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans Mayor Ray “School Bus” Nagin. People in I believe it was the ‘9th Ward’ needed to be evacuated. A fleet of 150 schools buses might have gone a long way in that endeavor wouldn’t it? Instead they sat there and became de facto submarines.

In the current crisis the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump haters are willing to let people die rather then let them use Hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc and azithromycin. Completely irrational. This from the same group that told us at the beginning, “Oh you don’t need masks!” Another thing they haven’t adapted to is HIPAA. Keep your privacy about broken legs, brain tumors and lung cancer, but the ultra privacy of HIPAA doesn’t really work with communicable diseases, does it?

Yeah you have to adapt the patient’s rights, with stopping them from killing others. A pandemic is a different ballgame isn’t it? Privacy will get you killed. Its like allowing AIDS patients to have unprotected sex with others without telling them. Your privacy ends where my death begins, doesn’t it? Bureaucrats just don’t (can’t) adapt to new parameters.

But perhaps the most aggravating failure of bureaucrats, is their inability to adapt to the changing paradigm of firearm ownership. We are not the same country we were in 1968. We do not have the same people. Yet we live under this false dialectic that we live under the current firearm rules, or we ban them. And that’s the way we’re headed.

But bureaucrats are singularly incapable of change. The current system does not work. Its not “Do nothing vs Ban them”. There is a third way. Change the rules. The year is 2020. We have way deadlier weapons. Way deadlier people. The rules have to change. When things are killing people unless we change, then change!

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