Fall of the Cabal

“Follow the money”. The world is full of examples, but the Covid-19 pandemic provides another. There’s no money in a 70 year old anti-malaria drug without a patent. If you’re going to make money off this crisis, you need a new drug. Remdesivir.

The video above is just an updated video of similar ones before it. Ones that have followed the money and show you what’s going on. Randomness is good. Randomness is freedom. World events for the most part have never been random.

“Parler is the strawman…. kind of like the Republican Party. A place where conservatives can go to spin their wheels and waste their energy, while the people in charge know NOTHING is ever going to happen. GOP is the foil, the dupe, the evil entity that Democrats have to have to get their people riled up. If the Republican Party didn’t exist, Democrats would have to invent it.”

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