When exactly did the world go crazy?

Somewhere along the line America went off the rails. It is unclear when this happened, or why. But without question, this country is most certainly in the ditch. I realize every preceding generation believes that the one after it is worthless as shit, but I really believe that is so this time. Pop culture is in the toilet, poisoning the mind. Academia is openly teaching Marxist revolution. In politics it was revealed in the latest Woodward book that Mattis and others in the US Military contemplated a coup on President Trump.

Catholic politicians and voters are lifelong proabortion Democrats and see no contradiction. Leftists have been rioting in the streets without prosecution for the past 5 years. Name a landmark movie in the past 40 years? Educational standards have been declining for 60 years. At $26 trillion in debt the government is insolvent. Because of nonexistent borders, the country to the south has 30 million of their residents in our country.

I keep coming back to what I see as the turning point for this country, the late sixties. Watergate, Vietnam, race riots, assassinations, rampant drug abuse. Then there were the “Carter years”, malaise, Anita Bryant taking a pie in the face for telling us exactly what was going to happen by mainstreaming sexual perversion (boys thinking they’re girls, normalizing pedophilia, gender surgery, not knowing what bathroom to go into).

Below is a YouTube video: “A drive through 1940’s Los Angeles!” Tell me that’s the same country? California is America’s ‘canary in the coalmine‘.

[When I was looking for 60s era baseball photos I ran across this one of pitching legend Sandy Koufax (if you want fun look at a series demonstrating his pitching motion, you wouldn’t think the human body is capable of what he did with his body). What seeing this picture did was remind me of something I noticed the other day: Where are the sports legends? Back in the day even a casual observer of baseball knew the names Mantle, Marris, Mays, Aaron, Drysdale, Rose, Bench, Jackson, Brock, Wills and other players. In basketball you knew Chamberlin, West, Russell, Havlicek, Unseld, Jabbar, Erving and more. Boxing: Ali, Patterson, Frazier, Foreman, Norton and on and on. Football: Unitas, Namath, Gabriel, Stabler, Simpson, Brown, Staubach… The same phenomena is in popular music. They’re not going to be playing the simpletons of today 50 years from now on an oldies station, but they will still be playing Elton John and Billy Joel. They ain’t gonna be showing reruns of Modern Family 50 years from now, but they will be showing Andy Griffith. Here is who I know of from today: Basketball LeBron James. Music Taylor Swift. Off the top of my head I cannot name you a single football player (whoops QB Tom Brady), baseball player or a current TV show. I don’t think its all OFS (old fart syndrome), I think there’s something there.]

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