What do you do when your country has died?

Its scary. Maybe a little sad. I used to think it was the end of the world if the United States collapsed, I’m not so sure anymore. Fear of the “unknown” does give you a little queasiness. I say collapsed in the sense of (if it ever was) being a force for good. In the last hundred years or so it turned into such an unrecognizable monster of what it was supposed to be. Somewhere along the line it became an Empire. It will continue as that. No I mean it died as far as ever having a chance to be what it was supposed to be.

Its also quite funny in a way as someone who has been following politics as a hobby since the Watergate hearings, politics is no longer relevant, what do you do? Your life for nearly 50 years has been wrapped up in this stupidity, then you realize there’s no point to any of it! Before the internet it was letters, phone calls, passing out pamphlets and holding signs. Then in the internet age it was having an online presence and going to various websites to put down your comments because it was so important, now its all gone! The future is set. There’s no getting out of this hole.

Government schools have succeeded in their goal of making everyone ignorant, so there is simply no knowledge of what we are supposed to be. Overarching in what its mission was supposed to be, was as a limited government. After that perhaps was a financially sound government (not one that runs itself on a credit card to the current tune of $27 trillion in debt). A government under the rule of law not majority rule. That one right there is simply beyond the comprehension of 90% of the people.

A couple of our failures that standout most to me are our foreign adventurism and the lack of control of our own borders, while we’re off fighting for other people’s. Instead our Federal government is busy dictating what type of light bulb we will use in our houses. What type of TVs will be made. What the size of our toilet tank will be. What the gas mileage on cars will be. And on and on and on…

The future of America in 2021 and beyond is locked in, its just a matter of what the pace and intensity will be. Total tax burden as an example has been hovering around 50% for decades, all bets are off now. The right to keep and bear arms has been somewhat secure for awhile now, that no longer is. All these basic, organic, fundamental rights, should not hinge on who is elected, they should be more secure than that, but they most assuredly are not.

[All this came about November 3 when the presidential election was stolen in such a crude and obvious manner, then again last night January 5 when they did it again! “Oh we’ll count your ballots later, the machines ‘broke’.” Only in Republican strongholds isn’t that strange? And that polling site in Georgia last time with the “watermain” break, isn’t it weird they never had to call a plumber?]

“When exposing a crime is treated the same as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.”

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