Civil War II

One side has millions of guns and military veterans, the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use.”

This video based on the analysis of a government assessment expert of insurrection is very interesting. One example he uses is the “yellow vest” movement in France, by people who aren’t even armed. He talks about the relatively small numbers of people needed to push a revolution. He talks about those unhappy as “Trump voters”. The number of ex-military who are Trump sympathizers. The overwhelming number of gunowners who are on the right.

He talks about the vulnerability of the ‘grid‘ and other infrastructure, that the government would be much more dependent on. What he glosses over is the power of the surveillance State we live in. They would know well in advance any plans revolutionaries might have. Communications and organization in his scenario are everything. Nullifying anything rebels might have planned.

Their advantage in weapons and tactics would be offset by as he puts it, the government’s ineffectiveness in fighting 4th Generation guerilla warfare. Plus in a Civil War scenario he foresees mass desertions from the military. One aspect I think he completely misses is the “pussy factor” shown by most police forces. They tend to shit their pants and run in the face of determined opposition. As he put it for the situation in Afghanistan, “A bunch of 90 IQ’s in flip-flops gave the US Military all they could handle.”

If you bottom line it, what he’s saying is that because of immigration numbers, the Right will never win another national election. Therefore their option is to suffer progressive/communist rule, or fight. What he advocates is “peaceful separation” as the only solution.

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