They were just along for the ride

An obscure radio show on Saturday mornings is American Radio Journal. Think ‘Mike Pence‘, along for the Trump ride (as long as it benefits them), but never a believer. At the end of ARJ they have a commentary, often by the man pictured above, Colin Hanna. Radio and television host Laura Ingraham always made fun of people like this, “Their brand of conservatism is stuffy elites having erudite discussions on the economic principles of Adam Smith and issuing policy papers on national taxation, but never doing a damn thing for the working people of America.” Never coming to grips on how it devastated a nation to divest itself of its manufacturing jobs, and who exactly benefits from eternal war.

This morning’s show in the closing commentary attempted to do what all sectors of the “decent” GOP has been wanting to do for 4 years, throw dirt on the grave of Donald Trump. Bury the last smoldering remnants of the troublesome populism. Hanna even talked about the need to replace the name of their movement, ‘conservatism’, with something else. I knew I was in for a bad commentary when he led off praising the “father of the modern conservative movement”, William F. Buckley Jr.

The part I will never be able to reconcile in my brain is how do people like that come to the conclusions they do? I’ve been able to spot it for 30 years, but never to understand it. Starting with your baseline stupidity: Democrats (“everybody is a liberal when they’re 18”). Some people grow up and become Republicans. Republicans being only minimally better than Democrats. Some people like myself soon see the pointlessness of Republicans and become Third Level Citizens. Most people don’t though.

I’ve known just the best people who are never able to make that leap, and its very frustrating. On the other hand, people like Colin Hanna I just assign evil intent. People who cling to failed tactics. I’m much more pragmatic, if it doesn’t work, try something else. Beating your head against the wall until it becomes bloody makes absolutely no sense to me. Its the country club sect of Republicanism that behaves so irrationally, yet its their egotism that has them quite convinced their shit don’t stink.

Who Hanna was praising at the end showed me who the establishment is already pushing for 2024: Ben Sasse (RINO, Nebraska). I heard a clip on another establishment show a week or two before that, Nikki Haley and Sasse. His name keeps popping up. And its so funny because Sasse is just like Pence, Hanna and all the rest of the country clubbers. He looks like them, he makes them feel good, he checks all the boxes, but he will get slaughtered on the national stage. He brings nothing. He will be just another bloody carcass of roadkill on the Republican trail of tears. Just like President Mitt Romney (John McCain, Bob Dole, Gerald Ford, Barry Goldwater…). Losers.

[Editors note: in the commentary praising Sasse, he also praised Mike Pence. At the most recent CPAC convention, Pence received exactly 1% of support to be the next president. They are truly “one percenters”. Their brand is weak and flimsy. It reminded me of putting Wally Cox in the ring against Muhammad Ali.]

A quote from the Mike Pence link above:

“If I had to guess, I would guess that Pence is slightly surprised that his betrayal of Trump has pushed him to the bottom of the garbage heap, while others clamor to get Trump’s support.

In the end, Pence may have betrayed himself the most, thinking he was going to be the King of the GOP. Instead, he finds himself all alone and writing nonsense columns that no one reads because the American people are not going to abandon Trump. No one even has to promise them a VP position in exchange for their support.”

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