Or, put him to sleep

Cops love nothing better than getting the call, “Man with a knife.” They can scream up to the location (immediate proximity, breaking their own ’21 foot rule’), hop out of their protective cover (their) vehicle, not wait for backup, and say, “I had to kill the suspect!” Yeah when you do it that way I suppose so.

The video above shows a polar bear that stumbled into town in Alaska getting shot with a tranquilizer dart. No drama. Nobody dies. No screaming lights and sirens. No shouting commands for the bear to, “Show me your hands!” “Show me your hands!” Get down on the ground!” One shot. One thousand one… one thousand two… and he’s out like a light. They load the bear in a truck and take him back to the woods. Its Miller time.

One of my favorite channels on YouTube is Active Self Protection. John Correa takes dozens and dozens and dozens of video surveillance footage of all manner of crimes and narrates what did happen, what could have happened and what should have happened. These virtually all come from the United States and Brazil (a running joke) with a sprinkling of very polite crooks from Canada.

A large portion of these videos are cops shooting mental patients holding knives. Notice I didn’t say healthy, muscular young men charging officers with homicidal intent. I said mumbling, stumbling, ill people out of their minds, being shot dead because we’ve closed the mental hospitals, and they’re now walking around loose. The cops love these because the get to put a notch on their Glock. A little live target practice.

The mortician gets some business. The wife of the cop gets some that night. Rambo in blue gets to puff out his chest. Everybody’s happy. Except the dead guy. Whenever I bring this notion up, putting someone to sleep instead of killing them, they crank up the excuse machine.

“What if you miss… what if he keeps charging… what if he has a medical issue and can’t handle the tranquilizer… what if he has other drugs that combine with the tranquilizer… what if one suspect is twice the weight of the next…” What if! What if! What if!

Yeah, yeah whatever. We do know being shot by a Glock 17 multiple times will get you killed. Let’s see, what’s better, having a chance for life? Or no chance? “Chances for $800 Alex!” A tranquilizer rifle is good to 160 yards. It takes 2 seconds to drop the animal. You can set up 2 dosages, 150 pound man and 200 pound man. You run into a big man, shoot him with 1 of each. It contains multiple rounds. Cut the excuses and do it.

No man is stronger than a bear. No man is faster than a bear. No man is more dangerous than a bear. In Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, they do this all the time. Wolfs, cougars, bears. They wander into town or have to be moved to a new location, they put them to sleep. Surely a human deserves the same consideration as an animal.

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