Freedom lost

At a recent gun show I stopped by the Iowa Firearms Coalition table to ask them (as they lobby at the state house), how secure our right to carry was in Iowa? Their answer shocked me. They said that as soon as Democrats get the majority back they’ll try to repeal it. Boom. That’s not the answer I wanted to hear.

It was to be expected though. Half the country wants to impeach the best president we ever had. Half the country wants to real the 2nd Amendment without going through the process. Half the country wants to import the 3rd world. Half the country wants “universal income” and free medical for all! Half the country can’t tell a boy from girl and doesn’t know what bathroom to use. 

Its absurd. We’re supposed to be “One nation under God”, with these kooks? I don’t see it. I can’t believe I’m the only one who sees it? There used to be a phrase they’d spout after a cantankerous election, “In the end, we’re all Americans!” That’s not true anymore. Aside from the fact our borders have been left unguarded so that all the global riff raff could walk in, we’re not technically all “Americans”, nor in the way we think. 

This country functionally needs to be split in two, if not three parts. The differences are simply too great to live as one anymore. In the darker corners of YouTube you’ll see the videos about a coming Civil War. You have Dem candidate Beto O’Rourke proudly proclaiming he is coming for our guns! That doesn’t bode well for a “peaceful” society. 


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