Why January 6 rattled their cage

What shocked the nation about the Jan 6 Capitol riots was who was doing it. They’re used to Democrats rioting the past 5 years, but having decent people do it shocked the crap out of them. It rattled their cage that people with jobs, families, retirement plans and that bathed regular would do that. Nobody is shocked about crime in the ghetto, but when it comes to the suburbs….

People are unable to be shocked by a party that advocates killing babies. That pushes boys to use the girl’s room. For men to wear dresses and run on the girl’s track team. They expect bad behavior out of Democrats. But when Republicans do it, hold on now! They hate Christians and white people, but they know 99 times out of 100 they can expect civilized behavior. It rocked their world to see good people behaving like them.

Blatant hypocrisy

This picture is a prime example of the duplicitous nature of the coverage during the Trump Presidency. Those scumbag liberals were rioting before he got elected. They were rioting (JFK airport as an example) after he got elected but before he took office. They were rioting at his inauguration. They’ve been rioting the 4 years he was in office (Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, Minneapolis, Saint Louis, Chicago). They’re rioting as he leaves office. They’ll be rioting once he’s gone. Face it, liberal scum can’t win in the arena of ideas, only in street fights.

But more importantly is this bullshit impeachment built on the events of January 6. Trump’s speech hadn’t even finished yet when Antifa attacked the Capitol. How could his words have incited violence when he hadn’t spoken them yet? WAPO has shown how the attacks were planned ahead of time on Facebook, why the sam hell is Gab getting blamed? How the hell is that Trump’s fault. And how can the riots be Trump’s and Gab’s fault? Congress didn’t care about riots for 5 years. Then they impeach, a “deliberative” process, before the facts even begin to come out!

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