There’ll be 2 bellwethers with Dems

The Commiecrats have already set into motion the things you knew they would. Amnesty for Mexicans, any chance of holding China responsible for releasing a deadly pandemic upon the world, and stopping oil production. But the two I’m waiting to see if they actually do is raise the minimum wage and bailout the Post Office.

Like the little Republican pet projects that seem to never quite get done, there’s no excuse for the Dems. Raise the damn minimum wage, its been 12 years. And rather than let a valuable public service go belly-up, bailout the Post Office. You’ve made these promises for decades, now do it.

The irony with the minimum wage is that if you started to require employers to pay a living wage, two side benefits happen. It takes away the incentive to hire illegals, poorly trained people who can’t speak the language. You might as well hire Americans then, and it gets people off the welfare roles.

And with the Postal bailout they’ve promised those public sector unions forever, “Oh we’ll do it, we just need the Senate”, or the presidency, or the House, or whatever other excuse not to do what they said they would.

Even though Biden said taxes for the middle class wouldn’t go up, they have to. I think there are 2 ways he’ll raise taxes without quote “raising rates”. They’ll decrease the standard deduction, thus exposing more of your wages to taxation. And secondly, in Washington speak, SSA and Medicare Tax aren’t technically federal taxes. So when they raise the rates on them, it literally won’t be raising “federal taxes”, even though they go in the same pot.

Oh, and let’s see if they make the rich “pay their fair share”.

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