Gun Show! Gun Show! Gun Show!

Trade Show Productions today (Sept. 20, 21, 22) is holding the first of probably 3 gun shows this fall at the Fairgrounds in Des Moines. Most people in Iowa of course have never been to one. The people who run Trade Show are jerks. The admission cost will be $8 just to walk in the door. The websites that are advertising it lead you in saying its $7.

Gun shows are an interesting look into a segment of male Iowa culture. Its not a microcosm really, the guys who go to gun shows are pretty similar. They are about as honest and hardworking as you get, the attendees, not the vendors. Those guys will rip you off.

At the Des Moines show their will be a Polk County Sheriff deputy standing there at the door to put a plastic tie strap through the action of anyone bringing a weapon to sell. He’ll stand there and act like its only him that stands between us and complete bedlam. My ass. Like I say, the people who attend gun shows are as honest as it gets, and his gun is superfluous as the people there can actually hit what they aim at.

A lot of the vendors are more into gun storage then they are into sales. They operate under the “bigger idiot” theory, that there is always someone stupid enough that will come along to buy their over priced junk. Others are mom and pop teams wanting to sell guns. Like Sieh Guns of Avoca and Take A Shot. Those people price them to sell.

Trade Show shows they’re frauds by not welcoming in what they are selling, people with guns. Carry Permit holders not welcome. Its ludicrous, a lot of people went to a lot of work to get Iowans the right to carry, and Trade Show keeps them out. They make a big deal about “no photos or video!” Why’s that? What are you afraid of? Are you doing something bad? There used to be a bookseller that they banned from the show, a bookseller!

He sold edgy books that made you think. The things that everybody that goes to a gun show thinks. Trade Show doesn’t permit guns or thoughts at their show. They just want your money. Just bring cash. They basically betray all the values that let Americans have guns and provides them their livelihood.

But for intact males, gun shows are a fun place to go. Besides the obligatory rifles, pistols and shotguns, you have a myriad of other manly things. Beef jerky salesmen, holsters, military surplus, knives, guys who sharpen knives, lighted beer signs, people who just sell ammunition, fishing lures, NRA memberships, politicians…. its a great place.

25 years ago our nanny government wouldn’t actually let us carry, but we’d go to gun shows and buy the stuff we’d use if we’d actually had testicles. Now we can! Ever since January of 2011! Tis a glorious time. What’s better is more and more ‘norms’ are carrying now too! The more main street it gets the better off we’ll be.

At the last show in Cedar Rapids I noticed this one dealer who had gotten smart. He’d hired these 2 gorgeous platinum blonde women with big tits voluptuous bodies to work his table! That’s about the only thing guys like more than guns. I’m going to buy something from them this weekend. I don’t know what they’re selling, but I’m going to buy it.

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