Irony Alert!

“Warning! Danger Will Robinson!” I see this perfect storm developing. And its a scary one, it involves Hillary Clinton. We’ll know more after a month. Today is New Hampshire’s primary. Assuming it goes off without a hitch (rumor has it unlike Iowa they can count), we’ll know by midnight which of the Democrat rabble won. CW (conventional wisdom) says Bernie has it in a walk. Maybe. The only thing that counts in elections is ‘Big Mo’, who has the momentum. In this case its the gay caballero Pete Buttigieg.

I just don’t see Bernie getting it (the nomination). Pete’s more the worthless type of do-nothing Democrat the establishment wants. Bernie is a change agent, they don’t want that. On the other hand my crystal ball has been on the blink for this go-round. But from what I gather, Mayor Pete is an (if not favorite) acceptable candidate to the media/Democrat Party. He cancels the horrible white guy thing with his ace in the hole, gaiety.

But! If it began to look like he couldn’t beat Trump, I could see them maneuvering a “brokered” convention (i.e. “we’re going to throw all your votes out the window and pick who we wanted in the first place). And that is when they would ‘break glass’ and go to the well one more time with Hillary. They’re secret weapon. I can see it. But like I say, my crystal ball has never been as cloudy as on this one.

Its a strange World after all!

from ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, by Lewis Carroll, with illustrations by hn Tenniel. Macmillan and C, London, 1898.

Watching FOX News this morning highlights the disconnect for an oldster trying to recognize his country. The focus in the segment I saw was Bernie getting the AOC endorsement and how Warren would make a big ol’ pivot to the center if she got the nod (aka “business as usual”). Its crazy that two of the top three spots on the Democrat side are socialists. The same party sits there and villainizes McCarthy 65 years ago when he pointed out that very thing.

Now Hillary is calling Tulsi Gabbard a Russian asset (Tulsi having mildly gone off the reservation on a few items like illegal immigration and impeachment). Hillary figures the Russians are “grooming” Tulsi for a third party run to ensure Trump’s reelection. It is a crazy world. But this was just to introduce the nuttiness, its definitely not the end of it.

Our country has gone off the rails in so many ways. One of the biggest is this concept that has now become the accepted position, that all of Latin America has some God given right to move to the United States?? When the hell did we decide we were a nation without borders? For someone who knows about Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback“, this is just crazy (after WW II, vets were complaining about the number of jobs taken by illegals, so Dwight forced out the majority of them back to Mexico).

Another “one flew over the cuckoos nest” moment is trade policy. You have RINOs running around saying Trump isn’t a “free trader” because he’s trying to make China adopt fair trade. Its nuts, they have 35% on us, we have ZERO. Related to this is two job issues. Senator Mike Lee right now is trying to throw thousands of tech jobs to new Indian graduates, foreign students! Another Utah Senator can’t start the day with out criticizing fellow Republican Trump. He didn’t utter one discouraging word during Obama’s eight years.

The list just doesn’t end. Boys in the girls room, Drag Time Story Hour at the library, killing babies is a “right”, Russians behind every bush, presidential candidates proudly declaring he’s going to take my guns. Absolute insanity. The Democrats were talking impeachment before Trump was inaugurated! 65 years ago Congress investigated Hollywood for being communists, now they proudly proclaim they are!

As far as I know OPIC is still operating, your tax dollars going to send factories overseas. Then you get into free medical for illegals, illegals being allowed to vote, on and on and on…. Trump taking heat for wanting to bring the troops home. Stuff that is just insane to me. And looming over all of it, is the national debt that is shooting up into the stratosphere, exponential growth being what it is. And everyone goes on blithely ignoring the Mad Hatter. George Orwell said there’d be days like this.

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