KAL 007

37 and 1/2 years ago a very strange incident happened that virtually no one remembers. It came up yesterday when a friend came over to talk about “where do we go from here?” when the U.S. can’t even hold an honest election, the best president we ever had is likely to be impeached a second time, and will definitely face charges for years even after he leaves office, the new communist regime will definitely be coming for our guns, and the sellout to China will increase at an even faster pace!

He was pretty down, as any God-fearing decent American is right now. Just 2 months after they stole the November 3 election, they steal the Georgia runoff January 5 the exact same way! Incredible. He is aware there’s no future in the Republican Party. He hadn’t heard yet about the MAGA Party they’re forming. That’s one avenue.

Another option I told him about (I think he’d feel better if he had some involvement), was the John Birch Society. He’d never heard of it, and he’s 55! So I explained to him what it was. At the end of our conversation, knowing he’s a research geek, I gave him the name of Representative Larry McDonald, Georgia. Which brings us to the video above.

I hope he looks him up. Its a bizarre tale. McDonald was elected about 1976 I believe to the U.S. House, as a Democrat no less. Georgia hadn’t gone communist yet back then. They still had lots of ‘Muricans back in 1983. Which is when KAL 007 was shot down by a Russian fighter jet on September 1 of that year, with McDonald on it. It was an assassination pure and simple.

He was fiercely anti-communist. The Russians hated him almost as much as our own Deep State did. Just that summer he had been voted to head up the organization he was in called the John Birch Society, whose raison d’ĂȘtre was anti-communism. JBS was hated by neocons and communists alike.

Japan had recordings of the Russian pilot who shot down the plane. He is clearly heard to have said, “I am about to fire on the Korean Airliner”. They knew darn well is was a commercial flight. Not to mention international law required them, even if it was in restricted airspace, to escort them out, not shoot them down.

His widow and many others feel that the the plane ditched in the Sea of Japan and that the passengers were rescued and held for the rest of their life in a Russian work camp. Our government let the entire matter go. They had no use for McDonald, he was a constitutionalist like Ron Paul. People like that are not very popular in DC.

But perhaps the most interesting tidbit from the video, is a bit at the end. In late 1999 The New American, the publication of the John Birch Society, did a year end wrap up of something like, “The 25 Greatest Fighters for Freedom of the 20th Century“. Guess who’s name wasn’t on the list? Their own former leader and highest elected Bircher there ever was Larry McDonald!

It was probably just a stupid mistake, but when the creators of the video above went back to the home office for comment, all they got were excuses and obfuscation. How they could disrespect the one man who had shown them the path, get elected, is beyond me.

I know for a fact no one on this earth is more stuck in their ways than JBS. As I told my friend who was wondering where do we go from here? I said the John Birch Society knows their name is a drawback to their mission, it has a lot of baggage. A rational group would say fine, “Let’s get a new name.” A rational group would see that the tactics they’ve had for 62 years aren’t working anymore, so they’d say, “Let’s get new tactics.” Not JBS. JBS prefers to keep doing the same thing decade after decade and thinking this time it will be different!

Some people define that as insanity. Which brings me to my point about their obstinacy. They have rank and file across the country working tirelessly for them. Putting in hundreds of hours each year, and for what? Weak, shortsighted leadership. The body is so much better than the head in the case of JBS. I think a lot of the problem back then 20 years ago was the ego of the head honcho, John McManus. Larry overshadowed him.


Total Political Consciousness. Most people never reach it. Only took me 6 decades (huffs on knuckles in a superior manner). Ordinary people go to vine covered buildings for 4 years supposedly to achieve it, and come out dumber than they went in. That is why I’m here. Election season has crystalized it for me. I saw a fundraising ad for Trump this morning, “Donate in the next 30 minutes and your donation will be tripled!” My response? So?

Even if you do keep the Senate you won’t have the House, like you did in 2017 / 2018. So what is it you’re supposedly going to do in another 4 years that you couldn’t do in the first 4? You’re not going to do anything. I understand you’d like to, but political reality is you can’t. That got me thinking about the Ernst vs Greenfield Senate race. The best ad Greenfield could run is, “Why does Ernst need 6 more years?” Another 6 years to do nothing?

That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Republicans had campaigned the entire Obama years that they were going to repeal Obamacare when they got in! Well, they got in. Did they do anything? Of course not. The language has changed a little bit, but they’re basically campaigning on the same issues they were 52 years ago in the 1968 election.

Same issues as today, Democrats still rioting in the streets, nothing’s changed. The Republican’s slogan is essentially: “We’re not as bad!” They promise to drive off the cliff at a responsible 55 mph, not zooming off like the Democrats! The people want term limits, they’ve wanted them for a longtime. But for some reason it just never happens.

One of the organizations you’d think you’d be able to get some support on this, is the John Birch Society. But no, they don’t want to have the Constitutional Amendment required for that. They take this Pollyannaish stance saying its up to the voters to vote out the bad seed. No matter how many decades go by and it doesn’t happen, this insist that for some unsupported reason, that it soon will.

They’re also AWOL on the other ‘last ditch’ effort to get this country back on track. This government as currently configured cannot ever work. The most obvious reason being that we allow Congress to take money from the very people that they are supposed to be regulating. I’m sorry if that’s a rather Kindergarten notion, but it also happens to be true. The very definition of graft.

So when you have a government that corrupt, there is no reform of course, it has to go. The 2 ways to do that within our system is either by Constitutional Convention (a complete reset), or Convention of the States, a fundamental overhaul. That’s it, those are the only 2 options. But for some reason the groups like the John Birch Society are totally against this.

They fear would could happen with the Constitutional can opened, but for some reason they don’t fear what is happening. You’re headed straight for the cliff, and unless you change course, you’re going over. But for some reason JBS thinks that even though they’ve done the exact same thing 100 times and nothing has changed, this time, the 101st, is going to be different!

It makes no sense. They never have the answer to the question: What is your catalyst for change? Why will this time be different? Its the same with people who continue to vote, why? Why is this time going to be different? Everything that makes this government inoperably corrupt is still in place, on what basis do you think things will change?

[Ernst and Grassley: “What do you mean we didn’t do anything, we brought home ethanol subsidies!? What else is there?”]

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!
— Benjamin Franklin

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