The numbers don’t lie

This is a great set of numbers I got from an account called ‘Major Patriot’ on Gab:

These data points are indisputable. Even USA Today had to admit they are all correct:


Total number of votes:
• Obama at 69,000,000
• Trump at 74,000,000
• Biden at 81,000,000

Then how? 

Number of counties each candidate won:
• Obama 873
• Trump 2,547
• Biden 509

Bellwether counties each candidate won:
• Obama 18 of 19
• Trump 18 of 19
• Biden 1 of 19

Florida, Ohio & Iowa:
• Obama Won Them All
• Trump Won Them All
• Biden Lost Them All

Which candidate’s political party won seats in the House of Representatives?:
• Obama Democrats Won Seats
• Trump Republicans Won Seats
• Biden Democrats Won NO Seats

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