Mugging in Ames

People generally feel really safe in Ames. I know women who think nothing of going running 9 o’clock at night. Another one who walks at 5 am. The feeling I get is that people generally are in denial, that “its nots going to happen to me”. They are also afraid of offending a protected class, that is also in a demographic that is off the charts in attack probability. Tough crap.

You need to give any male under 40 the once over. Some more than others. In the mugging Sunday night of a young woman adjacent to the Bandshell Park in Ames, its unclear whether the jogger saw the man when she stopped to send a text. It was about 7:40 pm, which is dusk this time of year. The woman was hit over the head and stabbed.

I noticed the other day when I was in Ankeny all the cop cars driving around. It reminded me in Ames while there are 8 or 9 cops in patrol vehicles each shift, you rarely see them on the street. Where are they? Ames isn’t that big of a town, and the ‘bad’ parts of town really aren’t that big. They should have a pretty good idea of “the usual suspects”, if they were patrolling. Its not hard to get a feel for sketchy males between 15 and 40.

Since a jogger isn’t going to have a bunch of cash or a purse on her, you have to assume it was a sexual assault. So have the cops looked at the security tapes of the dirty bookstore 2 blocks away? Have they shown his description to the strip club 1 block away? You have a lone male hanging around on the streets for no discernible purpose, you need to be asking why.

Are you going to follow up in a couple of weeks with the victim? Show her some photos. I just don’t think cops get off their dead ass. This guy has been up to no good in other areas. If you had investigated those that were “too small” to waste your time on, you might have prevented this one. This guy didn’t start with stabbing this gal, he’s been leading up to it with previous ‘creepy’ interactions with women. If he gets away with this, look out. Just last year an ISU woman golfer was murdered on a golf course just south of this incident.

Its all about forewarning. If your head is on a swivel, you’ll have time to blow the whistle, deploy the mace, walk to the other side of the street, scream, hit the button on your body alarm, get ready to kick him in the shin, or just plain run. Run Fu is often the best martial art. He didn’t just wake up that morning and go, “I think I’ll hit a woman over the head and stab her today.” He’s been building up to it. He’s left a trail, find it.

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