Representative Mac Thornberry (R-TX)

Mac Thornberry. The epitome of idiocy. Trump sends the boys out to kill ISIS leader one AbÅ« Bakr al-Baghdadi. Early reports are that he is not merely dead, but really most sincerely dead. In perfect Trump fashion, it was not just a military raid, it was the best-est most well executed raid in the history of warfare! Trump also said the terrorist leader died like the cowardly dog he was. What’s wrong with that?

Enter Mac ‘Dipshit’ Thornberry. He was “uncomfortable” with the “language” Trump the Great used. Tough tookies. Thornberry wasn’t upset with the unfathomable atrocities this terrorist committed. He wasn’t upset with the deadly absurdity of U.S. policies of the past 30 years that were dumped in Trump’s lap. No. He was upset with words. With Trump calling this terrorist a scurvy dog.

Thornberry was elected to be one of the 535 best in America, and in reality he is a moron.

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