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Run for the border!

Yesterday a radio program was explaining the pay scale illegals have to pay “coyotes” to get smuggled into the US. They know quite well how to get here on their own. The coyotes are saying “you ain’t getting in unless you pay us”. Which is more than Border Patrol and ICE are doing, which is nothing. I figure since those 2 agencies don’t do anything, we should abolish them and use those billions to pay for the welfare checks we give illegals.

But the fact of the matter is the border is so out of control certain people who would rather not have to address it, are being forced to. From the Republican perspective this is all Biden and the Democrats fault. Which is funny as this has been going on for exactly 40 years now, its just a little worse than usual.

The bottom line is Republicans did nothing for 2 years when they held it all in 2017-2018. Nothing. What little was done on the border wall was done entirely by Trump. He was forced to juggle funds from DOD and Homeland Security I believe. The Republican Congress would not pass one piece of legislation to help. Not one. Now they want to blame Democrats for their inaction.