15 – 4

No its not a prediction of a score from tomorrow’s game. Its the number of Republican nominees to Democrat nominees that were confirmed to the Supreme Court the past 50 years. That’s a good time frame to use as a measurement for the workings of the Court today. SCOTUS has been in the news recently as the list of cases they are going to hear has come out. SCOTUS only rules on cases twice a year, June and December.

Its interesting to note only 114 people have served on the highest court (there have been 45 presidents). Even though there are 9 of them to 1 president, they have a life term versus 4 or 8 year term. There have been 163 nominations. If you measure the start of our country from 1789, we have been in existence 230 years. Over that time the Judicial Branch (though never intended) has come out to be the “more equal” branch of government. Because of that both parties look to the Court to give them the victories they can’t achieve legislatively.

What will happen in December when the rulings are announced is that all the high hopes Republicans held for various high profile causes, will be dashed upon the rocks like a wooden ship in stormy seas. The cry will go out, “We just need 1 more nominee! That’s why you have to vote for us, because of the judicial nominees!” Really? As noted above, 15 of 19 nominees to the Supreme Court the past half century have been Republicans, what have you been doing?

After starting to watch politics since the early 70’s I’ve come to realize finally its all a sham. The debacle of the 2017 / 2018 do-nothing Republican Congress just solidified that opinion. I shouldn’t feel too bad, most people never figure it out! They wear their team’s jersey with a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ on it. They watch the news the next morning to see how their team did. They go to the games, get excited about that player or another.

The Justices wear black robes and act all sober and judicious, but they’re just as big a scammers as Congress. They don’t tackle big issues. They don’t take a stand on anything that matters. Times when its obvious a mistake has been made by a previous court, they refuse to go back and overturn precedent. Instead they just hobble together another appendage to this macabre judicial Frankenstein they’ve created.

So in just under 2 months our Constitutional system will be disassembled a little further, conservative’s will be crushed once again. Kavanaugh, Gorsuch or Roberts will be the Grinch that steals another Christmas. And as noted above, the cry will go out, “Just ONE more judge!” You’ve already had 15 – 4. If you can’t get a win out of that, you ain’t never.

[In the movie Final Countdown a modern day aircraft carrier is sent back in time to the day before Pearl Harbor by this freak “electrical storm”. After debating the ethical consequences of wiping out the entire Japanese fleet, they decide they have to protect America. But just as they are about to attack, the same electrical storm that sent them back in time, returns and sends them back to their own time. Which is what happens whenever Republicans have a majority on the Court (or Congress). They should wipe out the Democrats, but there’s always a McCain or a Susan Collins that ruins their plan. Or on the Court its a Gorsuch, Kavanaugh or Roberts that sticks a knife in the back of conservatives. The side of Right is always just 1 vote short.]

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