How does he do it Mr. Kelly? “He cheats.”

There’s a scene in ‘The Sting‘ where Robert Shaw’s character is asking Redford how Newman wins every poker game. Redford’s character is setting him up for a bigger sting so he says flat out, “He cheats.” That’s like with the Democrats, you don’t have to ask ‘do they cheat?’ The question is how much? This picture was spotted on Gab this morning showing some sort of communication device on Biden’s left wrist. So that whenever he coughed or gesticulated, it was inches from his ears. Everyone thought beforehand there would be an earpiece, so the Democrats got creative. Photos clearly show a device in Hillary’s ear in 2016. This could be a faked photo. But I doubt it. I wouldn’t want to have much money wagered on this election. ‘The Sting’ is a perfect analogy when you think about it, our government has always been a con job.

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