The dollar is being rejected for world trade. Guess what happens to $22 trillion dollars in debt, when the dollar is no longer the reserve currency?

The media blindfolds us and has us chasing these colorful Democrat vs Republican piñatas (AOC, impeachment, climate change), and the real story goes untold. All the media puts out is utter nonsense. In the video below, Rob Kirby outlines what is happening and it comes down to common sense once again. They distract us with bullshit like impeachment and global warming, and the real crisis can be seen if you’re watching oil production and the dollar supply.

You gotta follow the money. In the 70’s the drumbeat of the anti-establishment radical to explain U.S. foreign policy was, “Its all about the oil!” Turns out they were right. Most people don’t understand why other countries aren’t allowed to wrack up the staggering amounts of debt like we have. I don’t understand it all either, not even close. Basically it all comes down to the fact we don’t have honest banking anymore.

At the end of the rainbow there is nothing backing our currency, a pot of gold, something of real worth. Its all debt based. “Fractional reserve” banking. They make money by loaning out what they don’t have. They have to make loans, for that is when the slight of hand takes place. Its all based on everyone going along with the scam, only now the rest of the world is no longer comfortable with the House of Cards.

[In the ultimate bit of irony, cheap Mexican labor wasn’t cheap enough. Today virtually all Piñatas are made in China.]

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