You exist to pay taxes, that they use to subsidize corporations

[Breitbart had an article about our uncontrolled wide open southern border. They even point out Federal Border Patrol unlocked a gate Texas National Guard had locked. So I put up my usual diatribe.]

They’ve been playing this game a long time. Coulter had this article where she points out Reagan used open borders to bust the meatpacking and construction unions. Saint Ronnie was a labor killer. Corporate America has always resented having to pay wages. When they couldn’t have actual slaves anymore, they imported Chinese. Then when they needed more they imported the Irish. Then Italians. Then Mexicans. Then Vietnamese. Then Bosnian’s. Then Mexicans again. The history of America is the history of the quest for cheap labor. Driving wages down. All you are is grist for the mill. You exist to pay taxes to feed the beast. Taxes they use to subsidize corporations.

Those crazy conservatives

[To the uninitiated (norms) ‘Republican’ and ‘conservative’ are interchangeable. They’re not. In this moderately long piece Mindy Robinson on Gab lays “it” all out. If you ever wanted to know what conservatives really think of the current situation, instead of what the media tells you we think, this is it.]

I feel like everyone knows something is wrong, but the people in charge of doing something about it are also in on it…so we’re all just waiting around for some crazy shoe to fall, that will green light us into this second revolutionary war we probably need.

Maybe aliens come down to save us from ourselves, maybe Pelosi’s face falls off and there’s a lizard there, maybe everyone currently restricted by gag orders and NDA’s just says “screw it” and starts whistleblowing on all the awful things our government has done. If people truly *knew* about the atrocities our federal government has committed not only against foreign countries…but against our own people, the public would turn on them in a heartbeat

Why won’t they release the names of Ghilaine Maxwell’s child sex trafficking clients?

Why isn’t the FBI looking for the actual aggressors on January 6th, the suspect that laid the pipe bombs, or the person that opened the Capitol’s magnetic doors from the inside?

Why won’t they explain how teenagers living with their grandmothers could afford thousands of dollars in gear in the Uvalde and the Buffalo shootings? Why can’t they provide those receipts?

Who ordered counting to stop on election night in all the battleground states, only to resume in private, and with a completely different outcome?

Why aren’t forensic audits being allowed at all, when it’s written into most state constitutions that if people demand it they have to get one?

Why did Ukraine send out 50 fake stories to drum up war support? Who ordered RT and Russian news banned before we even figured out that all the false information was coming from Ukraine?

How was a vaccine with zero long term testing ever deemed “safe and effective?” And who ordered the censorship of subsequent vaccine side effects across social media platforms?

How are Twitter and Facebook able to censor every account that goes against their narrative…but not pedophiles, hard core porn, and phishing scam accounts?

Why were they manipulating a virus to be fatally contagious to humans in a lab in the first place? This was a manmade disease, and yet no man has answered for it?

Why are we using voting machines that no one trusts that “glitch” all the time, that can be hacked by a 10 year old, when paper ballots and publicly observed hand counting are actually cheaper…plus people trust them more?

Why is Congress sending money overseas when we need here? Why will they defend Ukraine’s borders…but not our own?

Why is a foreign enemy like China even allowed to buy up all of our farmland? No one sees why that’s a bad idea?

When did we stop prosecuting people for child abuse? Call me old fashion, but back in my day if someone’s parent put their son in dresses and convinced him to chop his dick off…we’d make a horror movie about it.

Mindy Robinson

Viva la revolución!

Why they hate Jair Bolsonaro. The playbook in Latin America for over a hundred years has been don’t control crime, don’t control criminals, don’t let law abiding citizens have the ability to protect themselves. Think of the revolution Brazil could induce throughout Latin America? That’s what they fear.

That’s what Langley Outdoors Academy is pointing out in this video, the incredible expansion of firearm rights for citizens. One of the most interesting is his telling that a ‘range a day’ is opening for shooters. Its not perfect yet, but it’s worlds better than it was. Crime is actually starting to go down. That’s what ‘they’ fear. They need the chaos and fear that goes with crime, to hold the grip on the people.

If ever there has been a culture “by, of, and for” the 1%, its Latin America. This could be a game changer.

Won’t use deadly force for a foreign invasion, but will shoot you dead for your taxes?

“Don’t ask why I need an AR-15, ask why an IRS agent needs one.”

What we need is two countries, you can’t soar to the top with half the country being a bunch of lazy assed liberal vermin. They’re like an anchor around your neck, no wonder we never get off the ground. Just give us “fly over” country, the original Louisiana Purchase. We’d be running circles around them in 5 years. We’d be like pioneers. Conestoga wagons, clearing stumps and liberals off the land.

The man should have a cape, cause he’s a superhero. You ain’t got nobody. All you got is Brandon falling off a bike. And Hillary Clinton, the only person on the planet that was able to lose a rigged election. We got Nuclear Mega Maga Ultra Man! You got a chump who needs training wheels on his bike.

You will own nothing and like it

The IRS training to go door-to-door to begin taking your stuff next year

IRS training to go door-to-door to kill Americans for not paying their taxes. It used to go to arbitration, now they’ll just kill you. The Gateway Pundit says this is all part of the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’. 87,000 new IRS agents. $750K in ammunition purchases, God knows how much in weaponry. A recent employment ad for the IRS said, “Must be willing to use deadly force”. They got to come up with more money for their climate change tyranny. Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.

The leaker

I’ve been in too many trailer courts not to recognize the sunken cheeks and overly deep eye sockets. That’s unlicensed pharmacy. Another place you’ll see it is with strippers. I know the seedy side of life. K-Mart on the East side of Des Moines!

With the Gestapo’s raid on Mar-A-Lago 4 days ago, it soon came out that there was an FBI informant on the inside. Big surprise, I’ve never known someone as savvy as Trump, who was so bad at hiring people. During his administration nothing could be done without it first being leaked to the press. Administrations always leak, but not like that one.

The rot that has been at the center of the Trump administration for nearly 7 years: Kellyanne Conway. She’s been the “leaker” the past 7 years. The deep plant. There’s no way a person of good moral character would be married to George Conway. And #2, you don’t look that way at age 55 unless you’re an alcoholic or on drugs. She looked as bad 7 years ago when this started and she was only 48. She’s an addict. I’ve never seen someone (Trump) with so little discernment in hiring disloyal people.

I don’t care how good you think you are at seperating your personal life from your professional life, George Conway is evil. You don’t sleep in the same bed with evil. Kellyanne’s rotting body is simply a reflection of a rotting soul.

[What the hell am I talking with this ‘rotting body’ shit? Judge Jeanine Pirro, age 71. She’s 16 years older than Kellyanne and looks 5 years younger. Its so obvious just looking at her and watching her mannerisms she works her ass off. Her synapses are firing on all cylinders. She’s not ‘medicated’.]

I remember this!

The world’s greatest military, the most important building in that military, and there’s no cameras? There’s a 2 second clip on YouTube from the gate shack showing the missle coming in. There’s also a clip from a CNN reporter immediately after the “plane” hit the Pentagon, with the reporter saying quite clearly and without ambiguity, “There are no engines or large wing sections, just scraps of metal smaller than my hand.”

But the General’s comments about the squib charges I remembered when I read this. You can see the puffs of smoke going down the length of the buildings, proceeding the collapse. Its so goddamn obvious.

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