Maxwell Trial Tracker: Account Suspended

Yesterday Twitter susspended the account that was tracking events in the Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking trial

Lots of interesting things are going on in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. One of the most intriguing is that when they ceased hard drives and tapes, FBI evidence ‘tags’ were already on them from when they were arrested but not prosecuted years ago.

Another is a photo below of Epstein and Maxwell sitting on the porch of a cabin, the same cabin Queen Elizabeth is also sitting on. Her son Prince Andrew by flight flog and pilot testimony and from testimony from 1 or more of the underage girls, was a frequent visitor to Epstein Island.

But perhaps most amazing of all, is the complete lack of interest from the media in a scandal that runs the gamut of the rich and powerful, up to and including Presidents and Royalty.

Gab News

“There were two big announcements in the alternative technology space this week that solidified Gab’s place in the market as a multi-billion dollar business.

It’s being reported that the gang of grifters around former President Trump raised $1 billion dollars from a bunch of satanic hedge funds for a project that failed to even launch into beta testing as promised in November and was hacked within hours of being announced.

This is a project with currently no public product, no users, and no revenue that is now worth $4 billion dollars “just because.” Perhaps their business model will involve selling covid vaccines to kids or something, who knows.

The stock is currently trading on pure speculation. The vast majority of that trading is coming from President Trump’s main street supporters, the good and decent hardworking Americans who are buying the stock in anticipation of it going even higher if and when a service ever actually launches.

I truly hope and pray that the Wall Street short sellers and hedge funds don’t screw these good people over like they always do, but it appears that Trump Media itself is already doing so with this new billion dollar deal which is reportedly going to massively dilute existing investors. The SEC is now investigating all of this

Trump Media is now looking to secure a so-called private investment in public equity (PIPE) that would value Digital World shares closer to their recent price, currently hovering around $40, the sources said. It is a departure from most PIPE deals, which are typically done at $10 per share, and would result in a much greater dilution of existing Digital World investors.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

The second big alternative tech grift story of the week comes from the anti-free speech Canadian video company Rumble, which is raising $400 million in a SPAC deal similar to the one that the grifters around President Trump put together a few weeks ago before their latest billion dollar hedge fund grift.

We already know from pervious reporting that Rumble changed their terms of service the day Trump joined the platform to ban “hate speech” and “anti-semitism.” In other words, their terms of service now not only mirror that of Big Tech platforms, but take it one step further by explicitly banning “anti-semitism” which means any criticism, humor, mockery, or critique of Jews and Israel. 

Needless to say all of this market activity is great for Gab, the leading alternative technology platform and the only true free speech platform on the internet. Based on Truth Social’s market cap (no product, no users, no revenue) and Rumble’s market cap, Gab is now easily a multi-billion dollar company. Unlike both of these projects however; Gab remains the one place on the internet where first amendment-protected political speech is not only protected, it’s encouraged.

For those of you who have been following along: Gab refused to entertain the censorship demands from Trump’s team earlier this year. We also refused to sell any part of Gab or access to Gab’s data to Trump’s team.

Torba said Kushner and his cronies tried to get Torba to “sell out” and “compromise on Gab’s free speech policies,” suggesting that Gab “clean up [their] image,” before President Trump was allowed on. Witzke queried Torba into exactly what people Kushner wanted banned, and Torba revealed that he “specifically had problems with people criticizing Jewish people and Zionism and policies related to Israel”

Defending free speech at all costs, even at the cost of Trump joining Gab, is why Gab is the number one alternative technology platform on the internet and growing fast. While we have specialized in free speech for five years now, free markets inevitably develop anywhere that free speech is protected. That’s exactly what is happening on Gab right now with our vision for a Parallel Christian Economy.

Our advertising service is currently exploding in growth and thousands of businesses are joining the Parallel Economy on Gab. Our community is thriving and our vision is expanding to include the peaceful noncompliance and exit from the Oligarch systems of control over our lives. We are building something real, something authentic, something important. We’re not out to make a quick buck on Wall Street. We’re here change the world and bring glory to God.

Gab could very easily do exactly what Trump and Rumble are doing and go to Wall Street and raise billions. Many of the same investment bankers, venture capitalists, and hedge funds who are working with Truth Social and Rumble have already gotten wind of Gab’s recent growth and have been reaching out to us in droves. We politely reply telling them to go pound sand. I have no interest in dealing with these people or taking their money because when you raise billions from the Beast, the Beast owns and controls you for life. I am a free man and I intend to keep it that way.

Gab is the only platform on the internet where true free speech lives and no amount of money is worth giving that up. God has always provided more than enough for us to meet our needs and continue to grow. I have faith that He will continue to do so without the need for Wall Street blood money.

Money isn’t interesting to me, free speech is.

This isn’t about money, it’s about the future for my children and yours.

It’s about reclaiming our country and protecting our home.

It’s about getting access to information that the Regime doesn’t want you to access.

Most importantly it’s about the ability for Christians to authentically practice our faith in Jesus Christ without being attacked, smeared, censored, and systematically destroyed for doing so.

That all starts and is only made possible by protecting free speech for everyone.

All the money in the world won’t inspire people. It won’t create something worth fighting for. It won’t innovate. It will make a lot of grifters and hedge funds very rich, but it won’t make a dent in the very real problems facing our society.

Gab’s mission and vision are very clear and stand alone in the market. We are building technology that powers a parallel Christian economy and defends free speech online for all people at all costs. We don’t need Wall Street Hedge funds to make that happen. We don’t need a billion dollars to make that happen. We have The People and our faith in God to make that happen.

Gab is not for sale.”

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King

Gold is the money of kings
Silver is the money of gentlemen
Barter is the money of peasants
Debt is the money of slaves

“BOMBSHELL: Could OMICRON be the CURE for covid? Highly infectious strain with “mild” symptoms could deliver worldwide natural immunity and make vaccines obsolete”

Image: BOMBSHELL: Could OMICRON be the CURE for covid? Highly infectious strain with “mild” symptoms could deliver worldwide natural immunity and make vaccines obsolete

For the powers that be, that’s the problem not the solution. The transfer of wealth to Big Pharma would end. The control of citizens from the use of “emergency powers” would end (I’m a little vague on where those powers come from).

I see the Natural News article (headline above) is from Friday, about the time I started hearing this idea, that Omicron could be the answer. For the government though, the answer is always “B.) Take more money and freedom from citizens.

As a side note once again, I always have to smile when the Left – Right political line goes out far enough, and the two extremes end up touching. As in this Natural News article. Both of us many times have little trust of government. Not always, but sometimes.

“I’ve been stunned at the response… No one here in South Africa has been hospitalized with the Omicron variant, nor is anyone here believed to have fallen seriously ill with it”

Man its all such a scam. Government (the Brandon administration) does not want to give up its power grab. They want this thing to go on forever. The Cult of the COVID. With the speed with which viruses spread, and Omicron in particular, this thing could be done in a month. Poof!

Sometimes it is just too good

Now they’ve taken up train robbing! The ports of LA and Newport have been backlogged for a year. Some genius there finally figured out, “Hey maybe we ought to start working 24 hrs?” So they just start getting at some of the backlog, and now the trains are getting ripped off in east LA!

This news crew video taped the whole thing. They showed it to the LA County Sheriff, he had no idea. The entire train tracks are littered for miles with empty boxes, the train tracks look like a landfill, and these clowns knew nothing! The news crew just sat up on a bridge and filmed the whole operation. Broad daylight.

What did the train crews think was going on? They drove through it every day. What did area residents think was going on? What did cops think that patrolled the neighborhood? You had hundreds of people watching the mountains of ripped open cardboard boxes.

Looting stores wasn’t enough.

They had a story on CBS last night where a mom after the overdose death of her son went online to to the sites her local high school kids hung out. Within 24 hrs she had meth. Why couldn’t the local cops have done that?

“I’ve been stunned at the response……No one here in South Africa has been hospitalized with the Omicron variant, nor is anyone here believed to have fallen seriously ill with it”

In order to get ’emergency approval’, there could be no treatments

Sometimes when you hear something its accompanied by an audible ‘click’. It suddenly all makes sense. I saw it down at the bottom of a fuzzy Gab meme printed below. “In order for vaccines to receive emergency approval for usage, there cannot be any effective treatments available“. Voila! That’s why HCQ and Ivermectin had to die. Do I have some type of definitive proof of this? Was it handwritten on a stone by God Himself? No. But it sure sounds true.

“Security guard killed protecting bystanders from looters as smash-and-grab crimes rage nationwide”

See the source image

I find this phenomenon just fascinating. Dozens of young black males usually under the age of 35 feel it is just fine to steal. Let me be more accurate, it’s not black people doing this its niggers. Black people don’t behave like that. And in the headline the quote from the FOX News story says “crimes”. That’s really not accurate is it? Many locales have made theft under $1,000 dollars not prosecutable, so how can they be classified as crimes? And it’s not really “nationwide” is it? It’s just in those areas with a sufficient number of young black males under the age of 35. 

One great idea someone had for these stores was for them to go to a ‘membership’ business model. Where in order to shop there you’d have to have joined the buyers club by providing basic background information and a membership card. You could have an unbreachable security door. The other solution of course is to change the law so that the stores can employ husky men with baseball bats to beat the snot out of looters, in a non-lethal way of course. 

Yeah, you can’t shoot shoplifters, but when they introduce crowbars and hammers it becomes armed robbery. And you can shoot them. You have a right to defend yourself against lethal force. Years ago after a school shooting I did a little research for a post and found out there were 6 categories of non-lethal force that could be used to detain a suspect (school shooter). These same tactics could be used on smash-and-grab bandits. But they won’t be. Police and school authorities are incapable of getting beyond a .45 on the hip. Its not “either/or”, its both.

Look at the way police deal with the classic “man with a knife” situation? They shoot them dead, that’s all they know. Weak man, strong man, inebriated man, woman, they treat everyone like its Rambo with a knife and shoot them dead. So in the mean time insurance companies and stores (meaning us) will pay for this lack of imagination and lethargy. Part of it is authorities think they have to come up with the “perfect solution” or nothing. No, try and modify.

I just realized a couple of things looking at the picture. One, this isn’t “shoplifting”. These are robberies. This is the wholesale sacking of a store. Different laws apply. Secondly, these are armed robberies. When they come in swinging crowbars and sledgehammers at guards and shoppers, they are threatening their life or at least grave bodily damage. Once they use weapons, lethal force in response would seem to be an option.

I am so slow sometimes I couldn’t get it out of my head, “You can’t shoot shoplifters!” Before I was able to get it through my head, these aren’t shoplifters these are armed robbers. So yes, it would appear that any mother fucker coming at you with a lethal weapon it would be okay to shoot.

Will we ever know the truth?

Yeah, the FBI knew about Jeffrey Epstein for decades. He’s dead, and what he knew about who went with him. His accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell goes on trial tomorrow. And just by coincidence all the oxygen is being sucked out of the media room by the Omicron variant of the COVID virus.

And assuming the meme above is correct, what was the FBI doing for 20 years? Its like with the Olympics Team doctor that was molesting those girls for years, what were they doing? How come nobody is ever held accountable? You are given much power because you have much responsibility to others. Isn’t something supposed to happen when you forsake that responsibility?

Vaccines to give 25% of the people heart attacks in 5-10 years

More and more coming out about heart risk from the mRNA ‘vaccines’. Governments using various forms of extortion to force you into taking something that is likely to kill you (well 1/4th of the people anyway). According to this article, India has it figured out and is charging Bill Gates with murder.

And 2 points makes this ridiculous. The survival rate of the disease was 99%. The vaccine is killing more people than the disease (hence 2021’s higher death rate than 2020 when there wasn’t a vaccine). And secondly, they’ve essentially forbade treatment, as they chase their tail trying to find a vaccine for every variant that pops up.

And all that because it was Trump who suggested the 2 cheap and easy treatment regimens.

Tom DeWeese

Tom DeWeese was on Christian radio this afternoon. I’d kind of vaguely heard of him, but I couldn’t have told you why. He is president of the American Policy Center. Just a little research reveals the Southern Poverty Law Center has put several hit pieces out on him. A number of videos on YouTube are around 10 years old. Which coincides with his appearances on FOX.

It kind of looks like establishment types were successful to some degree in marginalizing him, which is what they do to anyone who is a threat. The ones who are not a threat will always be on TV. Then you have ones like Alex Jones who helped them marginalize himself. He just lost a lawsuit where the parents on the Sandy Hook children sued him for “defamation”. How that works in the land of free speech I don’t know.

Tom’s just up on everything that threatens American’s freedom. So I’ll be looking him up more.

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