Pearl Harbor

We’re supposed to believe the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise. I don’t see how anyone who has read the evidence can still believe that. Forget radar, forget the intercepted dispatches, forget the political mood that was common knowledge an attack was coming, a man in a guard tower with a set of binoculars could have gone a long way.

Recent historical releases from the 1880’s or so detail the work they were doing with aerial reconnaissance on the coast with hot air balloons. Something like 80 miles with the height and good optics. Flash forward 60 years and the incredible technological advancements of that era, and we’re supposed to believe we were caught unawares?

During the campaign of 1940 while FDR was promising to keep us out of the war, he was secretly ordering bombers and tanks. He’s about the most vile bastard in American history. For the life of me I can’t figure out why Americans are so gullible.

If every choice is the wrong one…

YouTube has allowed me to verbalize what I inherently knew, we’ve been betrayed. Its not just me. People younger than me look at these videos from the 40s, 50s and 60s and they simply cannot believe what life was like back then. Before infrastructure was crumbling, jobs had disappeared and there was a permanent underclass living on the streets.

The greatest nation in the world didn’t just fall, it was pushed. In 150 short years we had outpaced nations that had been in existence a thousand years. We beat them economically, we beat them militarily, we beat them culturally, we beat them like a rug. How does a nation like that fall in just 60 years? In just one lifetime?

The last Secretary of War James Forrestal said to the effect, when every single decision is wrong, its not stupidity, its by design. In these old videos, even if you didn’t know that it was America’s industrial power that won the war, you can see it for yourself. The factories and the things we made only 2 generations ago is just unbelievable.

Even if the people watching these videos couldn’t tell you this, they instinctively know that a service economy doesn’t create wealth. It just shuffles it around. The wealth of a nation is increased by manufacturing goods using the raw materials of the earth. Manufacturing wasn’t moved overseas because it was too expensive here, the corporate decision was made to say to hell with America, our goal is simply to increase profits. And it wasn’t to the shareholder.

Its the same way the decision was made to quit paying dividends to shareholders decades ago. People today have no idea reputable stocks used to pay 4%, 5% or even 6% dividends. All that money is simply being pocketed now. Like when they moved production overseas and were paying pennies on the dollar for labor costs, did the cost of the product go down? No! Executive compensation simply went up!

They didn’t enrich the shareholder, they didn’t enrich America, they only enriched themselves.

Skid row

I remember hearing about LA’s ‘skid row’ as a kid back in the 60s. The picture in my mind was grizzled WW II vets down on their luck, flannel shirts with their sleeves rolled up. Khaki pants and an olive drab ball cap. Grifting for every meal and a pack of ‘smokes’. I thought it kind of odd you’d have a place “designated” for the down and out. But what did I know, I was just a kid.

Flash forward 50 years. 2019. Its worse. Way worse. Downtown. Outside of town. All over town. Its worse. YouTube has some fascinating footage from way back. I first found it with film footage of New York City from around 1910, 1902, 1915. Fascinating! Not stiff photos, actual film. People from over a hundred years ago, smiling, walking, laughing, photo bombing the camera! It is simply wonderful to see a part of these people’s lives who are long since dead.

Then I discovered the footage from Los Angeles. The 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. People driving in and around LA with a home movie camera. You see the people, the stores, the cars, the parks, the homes, the shops, the factories! Ah the factories. Up through the 1960s LA had huge Ford and GM plants. What do you suppose comes with factory jobs?

Good wages. A good tax base for city government. Home building. Well funded schools. Stores to sell goods to those “factory guys”. Cafeterias, auto shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, toy stores and on and on. What else do you see in those “old” films? Happy people, well dressed people, healthy, contented, productive people. Clean streets, tidy neighborhoods. Heaven.

What do you see now? Like in the video above? Tent cities. People using sidewalks for their bathroom. People on the eve of destruction. No jobs. Their lives bottomed out by drug or alcohol abuse. No hope. The pit of despair. But they did ban straws. They did declare themselves “sanctuary cities” so they could hold on to their criminal aliens and not let mean old Trump deport them.

What do you suppose happened to the tax base? The tax base that was the strongest in the world just 50 years ago? How did all this happen in just 1 lifetime? What kind of “leaders”, city, state and federal, could take the greatest nation on earth, and make it look like 3rd world Haiti? Why 1 stone is still standing in DC is beyond me.

“Typhoid scare grips Skid Row.”

This stuff is obvious

Its the year 2019 and the only thing that stands between civilization and savagery is a Narwhal tusk and a fire extinguisher. These countries invite savages in to prey upon the citizenry and the citizens have to make do with rocks and sticks to defend themselves?? I don’t see how the UK survives.

Our government lets Mexico invade this country the past 50 years. People just blindly accept the murder and mayhem that goes with an unsecure border. The flood of drugs and gang members. Its nuts. Why people aren’t remodeling the Capitol is beyond me. The Democrats can’t beat Trump at the ballot box so they think they can remove him through impeachment.

He is stealing from the shareholders

CNBC hasn’t been on my TV for months, close to a year. I am quickly remembering why. They are too political. They are too elitist. And they worship at the Altar of Buffet. God that man is despicable. A good CEO is interested in making the shareholders rich, a benefit of that is making himself rich. Warren Buffet has made himself rich. Every year he flits in and out of the Richest Man in America spot. What does that tell you? Berkshire Hathaway doesn’t pay dividends. Except to Buffet. Get a clue.

Say Buffet is worth around $450 billion. What if he had been satisfied with around $50 billion net worth? What if that $400 billion had been plowed back into shareholder dividends? Can you even begin to imagine what that would have done to the price of shares? The idea of getting truly phenomenal returns? Berkshire Hathaway shares would have been in the stratosphere! He actually would have ended up richer if he’d done what was right.

Seeing your financial future

Many people walked into the global financial crash of 2008 with way too much exposure to the stock market considering their proximity to retirement. I would like nothing better than to punch in the nose those “financial advisors” and union leaders who do not do a better job of advising their people. This stuff is so basic. “Buy low, sell high”, and do not get within 5 years of retirement with the same exposure you had when you were 10, 15 and 20 years out.

What brought this to mind was the market (the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard and Poor’s 500) being at all time record highs. You can find all kinds of historical data that reinforces why a wise person notes times like these. Stats like 50% of the gains in the market occurred on just 33 days (rough example). What they’re trying to show you is that no one knows when the big gains are coming.

Its a matter of wait, wait, wait, wait, boom! Now that we have a 100 year track record to look back on, you can spot certain trends. The 1980’s and 1990’s were probably the biggest boom period stocks have ever seen. Yet people were still caught by the crash of 2000. There should have been some serious profit taking during that 20 year boom. Conversely, the next biggest 2 decade period was the 1920’s and 1930’s. Part of that period was during the “Great Depression”, when stocks were supposed to be “bad”. Ha.

The people who engineered the crash knew exactly what they were doing. In the late 1920’s when everyone was buying high, they stayed out. Waiting for the period after the crash, when everyone else was afraid to buy low. There’s a true story of a secretary who eventually bought a Washington luxury hotel, because after the crash of 1929, she started buying stocks like crazy! (Sylvia Bloom)

Doing the opposite of what the majority of people are doing will rarely harm you when it comes to money. That’s because the people in the know are counting on the “herd effect” in order to fleece the flock. They’re sharks, we’re not. If you understand that you can benefit. Not as well as them, clearly, but you can still benefit. There’s going to be a time to plow money into the market, this ain’t that time.

2019 is coming off a 23% gain. Only 27 times in the past 100 years has the market earned more than 20% in a year. Only 21 times has it earned more than 10%. Now is not the time to buy. The DOW is at 28,100. The S&P 500 is at 3,140. Now this spring or this summer, if they succeed in bringing on a recession to get rid of Trump, that will be the time to buy. When the DOW is at 23,000 and the S&P is around 2,600.

Gold is up $2.50 ($12 to $14.50) in just 14 months. Its okay to be dollar cost averaging into gold, but not to be buying a single big position in it. But if you are within 1 – 3 years of retirement, it is definitely a good time to be dollar cost averaging out of the market, and into something like gold. As soon as the Fed quits pumping trillions into the market, things are going to bottom out. Save your money, wait.

Experts put the day of the Stock Market Crash of 1929 as October 29. The day to buy was October 30th.

Two Americas

The old adage was “in the end we’re all Americans”. That’s no longer true. Half the country thinks they are “global citizens”. In their world America always buys. America always flies. America supports everyone. America dies for everyone. America does it all! They truly have the vision of the anointed.

Right now the US Navy is undergoing outright insurrection against the President. Trump pardons Eddie Gallagher and the Navy decides they are going to prosecute him anyway. The Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer has now been fired, so we’ll see how it turns out. I can’t think of a more pro-military President than Donald Trump.

The Courts are in open rebellion against the President, ruling on issues they have no jurisdiction. Sanctuary cities are releasing murderers and rapists simply because they loathe Trump. Entire States are trying to eliminate their role in the Electoral College. Other States are adding to the Constitutional requirements to be President by demanding to see Trump’s tax records.

Sports figures take a knee on the field and refuse to go to the White House. Members of the US Olympic Team slander the President for no reason. If they think I’m going to forget all this they are nuts. They’re nuts anyway. I hope no American forgets. I hope every American gives it right back to them. Gives them what they have coming.

Citizenship should be a privilege

The United States has an unusually high percentage of retards running its government. Donald Trump’s idea that the government should put the interests of America first, is controversial. How that’s possible I’m not sure, but it is. Other countries aren’t so conflicted, they adopt an f-you attitude as easy as breathing. When it comes to immigration, America used to display some common sense, but not since the 1965 Immigration Act.

For the last 50 years or so the rough percentage (8 of 10) of legal immigrants to this country have been from just 2 countries, China and Mexico.

Which is ridiculous of course. With 200 countries in the world no one country should have a higher percentage than .5%, not 2 countries having 40% each. Idiot Liberals should know this best with their constant bleating about ‘diversity’. Which brings me to the video I posted at the top of the page.

Tim Tebow posted a tribute to his recently passed dog. A rather homely Rhodesian Ridgeback named ‘Bronco’, but Tim liked him. The last 5 years or so on social media I have noticed this love of cats and dogs. Americans love their pets. They spent $87 billion on them last year. Chinese eat dogs. Do you see the difference? Eat versus love?

You see you have to think about these things when you bring people like that into your country. Citizenship in America should be a privilege, not a right. How do their values match up with the native population? Are they a good fit? Is your country strengthened or weakened by their addition? See when you bring in godless communists that eat dogs (and cats), into a Judeo/Christian country, that’s a bad match.

What’s good for America? That’s the only question that should be asked.

Most of the countries in the world are a bad match. There are a few European countries that are a good match, they’re the ones we came from! Most people around the world aren’t up to American standards. That’s why those countries are shitholes. That’s why you want to take very small percentages from these countries. And let the melting pot effect make them like us, not us like them.

But instead we have brought in such huge percentages from just a few countries, they have clustered into ethnic enclaves, maintaining the ways of their home countries. Which are shitholes. That’s not good. What happens is they don’t vote American. They don’t act American. They don’t become American.

Because guess what kind of people come from shitholes? Shitheads. See how that works? You don’t want to make America a country of shitheads. That’s bad. I hope I haven’t been too technical for you? When you import the 3rd world, you become the 3rd world.

Death of a nation

One of my favorite memories over my lifetime has been the wailing and moaning and utter helplessness of Republican states during a Democrat administration. “We can’t do anything, they’ll take away our highway money!” The Democrat President then has a clear shot instituting his blood sucking unconstitutional way. Anyone even somewhat familiar with the Constitution remembers the 9th & 10th Amendments and the great power they give the States.

You get the message that, “Well yes that applied in the old days, but that’s no longer true in new America!” And that if you didn’t buy into it you were some kind of uncouth moron. What they fail to tell you was that they didn’t go through an amendment process to remove States Rights, we went through a civil war. Lincoln ended States Rights nearly singlehandedly. The last 4 years made me rethink all this.

Democrat States have shown great leeway (with the help of Democrat packed courts) to resist Federal power. In fact they call it ‘the resistance’ States Rights aren’t dead! So as it became increasingly clear the past 4 years that Washington was entirely incapable of accomplishing anything good, it occurred to me that freedom loving Americans needed to establish a bulwark against an encroaching Federal Government by the establishment of likeminded State Legislatures.

DC is as gone as if it had fallen into a sinkhole. Captured by an enemy power. It serves no useful function. Its a shame very, very few people see this. Other than a Convention of the States or a Constitutional Convention, I see no other answer. The sad part is that in all the areas of elections, there cannot be for most people a more boring sector of politics than local House races. Regardless, that’s what it comes down to.

After what they’ve called me the last 4 years?

I’ve voted for exactly 2 Republicans in my life. Sarah Palin in ’08 and Donald Trump in ’16 (Not counting primary votes for Pat Buchanan). Some asshole Democrat is going to come to my door in the next year asking for my vote. Funny. I started out voting for Jimmy Carter. I voted for Bill Clinton the first time. I became a true independent after that.

Then Hillary leads it off with Trump voters calling them “deplorable”. Then all your news channels. Then Hollywood. Then Antifa beating up Trump people. Then they made it illegal to wear a MAGA hat. And now they think we’re going to forget all that and ever vote for a Democrat again?

Are you nuts? Satan could be wearing ice skates before I’d ever vote for a Democrat.

Remember what they called you when they show up at your door asking for your vote. Remember what Alec Baldwin, Robert DeNiro, Rob Reiner, Joy Behar, Alyssa Milano, Cher, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, SNL, MTV, Oscars, Emmy’s, CMA, called you.

[Will and Grace attacks Trump supporters as ‘Neo-Nazis’.]

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