Hallmark and “Christian” movies

It is really a shame what Larry Levinson and the Hallmark Channel have done to Janette Oke’s ‘Love’ series. The latest two installments played this past week, ‘Love Begins’, and ‘Love’s Everlasting Courage’. Wikipedia calls Janette Oke a “committed evangelical Christian”. Her own website is all about Jesus. Yet they have managed to make a complete series of “Christian” movies without Christ.

Only in Hollywood. It was funny in one episode to hear the Clark character refer to God the ‘Father’, Fathers generally have Sons. I notice Hallmark and Levinson have also done that with their Christmas movies. It takes some doing to have Christmas without Jesus.

Rather than just profit off of Christian themes, and not include Jesus, I wish they would just quit. They are misleading people. Much like in the first ‘Left Behind’ movie with Kirk Cameron. No mention of Jesus or the gospel message.

I wonder how many other people have noticed it? And are sick of Hollywood’s profiteering? The latest offenses of profiteering, were the movies, Soul Surfer and the The Genesis Code. Movies that were promoted and sold to Christians, but didn’t contain Jesus. How much good could have been done by Hollywood, if there had been even just ONE Christian owned studio? And it had spread the Gospel message.

People a lot of times find this post by doing a search for ‘Larry Levinson’ or ‘Hallmark channel movies’. Often times they pose the search as a question: ‘Is Larry Levinson a Christian?’ Or, ‘Is Hallmark channel Christian?’

Those questions always give me a bit of a smile. It displays the naiveté Americans have about Hollywood. There are no Christian studios in Hollywood, and there are no Christian producers. To think that there are, is a bit mindboggling to me. To be Christian involves Jesus. What exactly comes from Hollywood that involves Jesus?

Think about it people. It turns out to be a case of “follow the money”. Hollywood wants to profit off of ‘religion’, they just don’t want to spread Christianity. 30 shekels of silver.

[The latest search query (12/27/15) that caused me to smile: “Why the Hallmark channel never mentions the name of Jesus?” (11/24/16 update) They did it again last night in the premiere of their movie ‘Christmas in Homestead’. They took out the line “Christ is born in Bethlehem”, from the song Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. In the ‘Christmas In July’ of 2017 they played the movie, ‘December Wedding’ which took place in a church. In order to obscure the cross which is in every Christian church, they placed garland in front of the cross, picture below. No church would cover up the cross of Christ. Hallmark doesn’t celebrate Christmas, they have a war on it. What they celebrate is a nonspecific winter holiday. (11/2/17 update) A Cookie Cutter Christmas opens with two girls at the school pageant singing Silent Night. They leave out the closing line, the whole point of the song, “Christ the Savior is Born!” At the same time it occurs to me while they’re afraid to say the name of Jesus for fear of offending someone, they are getting ready to run their entire series on witchcraft with Catherine Bell! Jesus offends but witchcraft doesn’t??]

A funny aside to this was what occurred to me while watching Young Sheldon tonight (12/3/20). Nearly every episode they mention the name of Jesus once or twice. Its usually a laugh line aimed at their bible thumping mother, but still, its a mention. Which is more than Hallmark.



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