Cornelius Rye is a guy on Gab. The name is suspiciously like it is from a character in literature or something. But whatever the case his quote is so rich with layers. They (commies) destroyed the old value system, and through force inserted a new one into our lives. Using just one example, look how the homosexual lobby moved from “we just want to be left alone”, to you are cancelled unless you not just accept but embrace their radical agenda. Now that they accomplished that they’ve moved into their bullshit transgender and pedophilia crap.

The three religions

The day that symbolizes the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Emmanuel) seemed like a good day to bring up some uncomfortable truths. Aside from India and their 1000 and 1 gods, religion on this planet comes down to Christianity, Judaism or Islam. Judaism believes killing goats will get you to heaven. Along with chanting certain prayers and I assume following the 10 Commandments. As Wikipedia puts it, it is an “ethnic” religion, you have to be a Jew to practice Judaism.

Islam believes the way to peace, happiness and eternal life is to kill everyone else on the planet who does not believe like they do (Jihad). That’s why the Middle East has been an eternal hotbed of violence. There’s your choice, kill goats or kill people. Well, I suppose there is a third way. Jesus. Actually, He’s not the third way He’s the only way. What’s funny is the Muslims and Jews that open their minds even just a little to God/Jesus/Holy Ghost often experience the most dramatic conversions.

God has a way of doing this throughout our history, taking the most unlikely people and working them into His plan. To make it abundantly clear that it is His doing. Not someone doing it on their own. Unfortunately, nothing will change this Christmas. “Peace on Earth” will not happen this year. Or the next, or the next, or the next. Nope, instead of accepting Jesus, stubborn fools will insist on keeping the bloodletting going. Which is ironic once again, as it was Jesus’ blood that did the job once and for all. So the other 2 religions were right in a way, there is a blood sacrifice required, just not theirs, or goats, or other people.

Sure these are uncomfortable truths that make a person squirm. Murder and violence make a person squirm too. The other 2 religions really don’t pass the smell test. Unless your mother was a Jew you won’t be going to heaven? And Islam’s requirement to kill the infidel makes sense? Its time people started calling nonsensical gibberish what it was. Jesus was born and died for you, not the other way around.

All you have to look at are trends and ‘big picture’ themes. Where do wars come from? Where do charities come from? What 3 continents have functioning societies? Why is it Muslims always flee to Christian countries? Who practices exclusion and says you can never truly be one of us? Who offers peace, love and forgiveness? Who offers murder, mayhem and dysfunction?

What’s the one spot on the globe that has never had peace in its entire existence?

Nope, until people are able to admit the obvious, we will make no progress. Some people are pagan savages incapable of civilized behavior. They are not ready for prime time. They do not play well with others. Harsh? You bet. So is their existence which has never contributed 1 positive thing to the world. If you want to end this unimaginable cruelty, you have to start somewhere.

IDF strikes multiple ‘terrorist targets’ in Gaza in response to missiles fired into Israel on Christmas” – this just happens to be news from today, 12/25/20. Just the way it is for 1,400 years. Its what they do, its like breathing for them. And for anyone who refuses to see, no amount of evidence would ever convince them of the irrational nature of these savages. Just a bunch of gibberish dreamt up by a highway bandit.

Constructing idols

That’s the classic “idol“, the golden calf. How many of us have made our own idols? Chasing riches. Chasing things. Mine was chasing politics, thinking that any of this mattered. The forces arrayed against us are much too powerful. Preparing to survive and helping others would be time much more well spent. 50 years, poof!

What ever happened to Don Charisma?

Faith 1090 KNWS Waterloo

So I’m driving home Saturday morning (you can get gas in Ankeny for $1.64, instead of $2.14 like in Ames), and I hear these 2 guys on the radio talking about the various failings of cultural Christians, and how that impacts the shortcomings of the church. Over 50 years of listening to Christian radio I’ve heard this theme repeated ad nauseam.

Then something occurred to me a couple of months ago. So when something goes wrong in an organization, its the followers fault? If a flock of sheep get lost its the sheep’s fault? Not the shepherd’s? If a church is in disarray its not the pastor’s fault? Its the parishioner’s? I find it amazing somehow that these radio guys never find any failings amongst their ranks.

Personally I can’t imagine a body with more weak and ineffectual leadership than the Christian church in America. But that’s just me. Its pathetic a lot of times. Their preaching style. Their preaching methods. Their people skills. How do you make Christianity boring? I don’t get it. There were preachers like Adrian Rogers, Ravi Zacharias, Ronald L. Dart, that I could listen to all day. There are ones like David Jeremiah and Erwin Lutzer that ain’t bad. But most are like the preachers you find in churches across America. Ones that don’t use the bible as the basis for their sermon, and they just don’t act like they’re preaching the Word of God.

What if Amy Coney Barrett had said ‘boo’ to the Jew?

[Here is an excerpt from the 2017 confirmation hearings of judge Amy Coney Barrett, from the Catholic News Agency]

“Why is it that so many of us on this side have this very uncomfortable feeling that dogma and law are two different things, and I think whatever a religion is, it has its own dogma. The law is totally different,” Feinstein said.

“And I think in your case, professor, when you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s of concern.”

My point in this post is not so much what Senator Diane Feinstein said to Catholic Amy Coney Barrett, its more trying to fathom what the response would have been if Amy had said something similar to the Jew, Feinstein. Can you imagine? For even a moment? What would have happened if a Christian had called into question the religion of a Jew? But when its the Christian is being denigrated, oh, well that’s fine. No problem.

“The post-Trump era”

“The post-Trump era will begin as soon as Trump starts his 2nd term. The neocons, lolbertarians, cuckservatives, and beltway establishment losers will be attempting to forge the future of the party for the next four years.

The future of the party is making Christ the center of it, just as our Founding Fathers did when they laid the foundation of this great country.

The weak and pathetic “Christian” leaders (across every church and denomination) will not step up to do this. It’s on us to do so with the Holy Spirit leading the way. We are going to have a real revival in this country and it’s going to happen FAST on the internet, that I can tell you.” – Andrew Torba

[Andrew Torba is the founder of Gab, the free speech platform started about 4 years ago. He came out of Silicon Valley, riding a white horse, no wait that’s another story. But he did come out of the liberal tech world, he saw firsthand the censorship being used to silence conservatives. So he started up Gab which alternates between being attacked, and being ignored. I won’t try to cover all the assaults he’s suffered the past 4 years, but the ones with the credit card companies is the most ironic. It came out today Mastercard and Visa are under pressure to cut ties with the terrorists that are using them to transfer money around the world. Years ago they quit letting supporters of Gab use their services to make donations to ad free Gab. They even cutoff Torba and his family’s personal accounts from using Mastercard or Visa. But they’re fine with helping terrorists.]

A lot wrong, a lot right

A very interesting picture. There were a lot of things wrong with society back then, there were also a lot of things right. Just thinking back 50 years made me realize 1 stark difference from today. Society enforced its own good behavior. Today when someone acts a fool there’s no one to tell them to stop. Something so fundamental as not knowing what sex you are. Back then we were embarrassed if we had to ride a ‘girls’ bike, now a boy runs on a girls track team like he’s some sort of groundbreaking hero! Men go out in public dressed as women. And if someone says, “What the fuck are you doing?” They’re the ‘bigoted’ one.

[FYI the center store front says: ‘Best & Co. – Liliputian Bazaar‘. It was a small east coast chain, New York, Pennsylvania and the like. Women’s and children’s clothes. Finally liquidated in 1970.]

Why are Christian radio hosts the worst at this?

This picture is of longtime NPR radio host Terri Gross. Like all NPR employees she is a New York liberal, homosexual and a Jew. She is also the best interviewer on the planet. She has had the most wonderful interviews of people that I never would have imagined would be riveting. Before anyone is put in front of a radio microphone they should have to pass a 40 hour class on Terri Gross. She evidently keeps her ego in her desk. She lets the guests talk.

Transition to Christian radio. I had always thought Jan Markel up in Minneapolis was the worst host of all time. She is an expert in the ‘3 paragraph’ question. Its really not a “question” at all, she simply runs out of breath for a brief moment and the guest is allowed to talk for the few seconds it takes her to recoup. She has no need for guests, she is the expert on every topic.

Then I heard an episode of Faith Works Live on Truth Talk KTIA 99.3 FM. The host there is Pastor Mike Demastus. Oh my God (pun intended). How can one individual be so unaware? I don’t think he can best Markel for run on, but he gives it a shot. Why anyone comes on that show is beyond me. This stuff is pretty basic. You don’t tell us how great your show is, you show us. Your guests are the expert, drain them dry. Bring them out. Be like Terri. Don’t be like you. You’re dumb. Put your ego in a drawer.

But to answer the question: ‘Why does Christian radio seem to be so bad at this?’ I don’t know. Usually something that comes along with the Holy Spirit is a measure of wisdom. Clearly that’s not always the case.

“Were we directed from Washington
when to sow and when to reap,
we should soon want bread.”
— Thomas Jefferson

“Man’s relationship to God, to government, and to his fellow man”

“The Declaration of Independence is the all-time masterpiece of ideological simplification. There in a single sentence of self-evident truth, the founding Fathers put into clear, easily understandable focus, the broad basis of man’s relationship to God, to government, and to his fellow man.”

— Clarence Manion (1896-1979) American conservative radio talk show host, dean of the Notre Dame Law School 1956

I’d never heard of “Clarence Manion” before. Interesting fellow. He capsulizes very well the interactions of a sound government with natural law: God – Government – Man. Even though it is not a theocracy, a sound government very much has God in it. And in these times where we are experiencing a communist insurgency with the BLM movement, it does one well to remember the key component of communism: It cannot coexist with the Christian God. It was tagged “godless communism” for a reason.


Habit is the latest bone they threw out to get “Christians” snarling. And right on cue, “Release the outrage!” My God Christians are predictable. At the link above they of course have a petition going to demand that this movie not be released! Of course they’ll release it, they live for that reaction. It would be a stupid little movie no one would see otherwise. Hollywood hates Christians, you never noticed that?? They’re Jews, its what they do.

So of course they release a movie about Jesus as a lesbian woman. What else would you portray the “Son of Man” as? Did the Christian Film and Television Commission think for 2 seconds before they gave the movie’s director exactly what he was after? Come on! The best thing you could have done was ignore these Bozos. They die without attention.

[I wonder if “Christian Today” was a website started by the movie company to generate the fake outrage? Frankly I’ve never heard of them. And who wrote the article at the link above? ‘Staff writer’. Yeah.]

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