What if there had been no Ron Jeremy?

So I’m looking up on YouTube who sang the 70s classic, “More! More! More!” (1976), turns out it was a gal by the name of Andrea True who was also a 70s porn actress. What flashed into my head was a picture of the guy who epitomized 70s (and the next 3 decades) porn, Ron Jeremy. Voted #1 male porn actor by AVN (no idea). There was probably nothing dumber than 70s porn, though it didn’t seem that way at the time.

Debbie Does Dallas, Deepthroat…. on and on and on. There was nothing cool about it. For some reason the media liked to obsess about it. After awhile 1 face kept popping up, Jeremy. Over and over and over and over and over. The most prolific face (?) in porn. Like all film, his Russian Jewish pedigree helped. It would be interesting to know the workings of the industry. The connections with organized crime. The distribution, marketing, cast, crew, directors. Its said there’s not a colder more debased industry less interested in sex than pornography.

But as my title suggests, what if he had stayed as a teacher? What if he had never gotten into the business? How many other people wouldn’t have? How many lives wouldn’t have been ruined? Operating from a complete basis of ignorance, I’m lead to believe the sex industry exists because of drug abuse and child abuse of the women. And to some unexplored extent, the Devil.

But just going by the numbers, Jeremy’s role in the industry was huge. He made over 2,000 films. #2 John Holmes made just 384. It begs the question (as with the classic “What if Hitler had never existed?”) what if Ron Jeremy had never existed? The gut reaction is it wouldn’t have mattered an iota. Which is probably true. I just wonder. I can personally attest the 70s had the finest real women. Porn is a sickness, a disease on society. One of the biggest betrayals is when Congress had the opportunity to put all porn domains under ‘xxx’ instead of www, and didn’t do it. The implications of that is huge.

[Like with politicians that don’t fit the classic mode, handsome, well spoken, charismatic, neither did Jeremy. Short, balding, overweight. Go figure.]

Dwight McGhee – ‘fluff man’ (uncredited)

Unreal world of black gospel

I Need To Pray, lead by: Lynette Hawkins Stephens along with The Love Center Choir. From the album entitled Edwin Hawkins Live with The Oakland Symphony Orchestra.” I’ve known for a few years the magic of black gospel singing. Can’t put my finger on it, but I know it when I hear it. It might be gone. I don’t know. A lot of it emanated from the 70s with Edwin (1943-2018) and Walter (1949-2010) Hawkins. I’ll have to look and see if Oakland still even has a symphony!

Edwin had The Edwin Hawkins Singers, Walter had the Love Center Choir. Edwin arrived on the scene in 1969 at the ripe old age of 26 along with Dorothy Morrison when he came up with a new arrangement of O Happy Day. Sold over a million copies, international success. Walter started out a member of his brother’s choir. He really came into his own with 1975’s Love Alive album. Its a little bizarre, he produced albums for wife Tramaine, sister Lynette and cousin Shirley Miller.

Musical talent of that depth in one family is beyond my comprehension. But its more than that. What I gave were the facts. What my words will fail to convey is the passion of the “urban contemporary gospel” sound. I suppose that’s why I put the video up. Lynette and the Edwin Hawkins Singers flow together effortlessly. When you watch the choir, the power and the talent they have is simply phenomenal. I suppose you start getting into the “gift from God” thing.

Just no other way to explain it, when music stirs the soul like that. Just no other way. I realize over the years I’ve tried to tackle this to no avail. Another choir from the past I just love are the Ray Conniff Singers. Its a totally different ballgame. That’s my go-to group for pop music choral arrangements. Simply beautiful what they can do with just their voices. I’ll never be able to explain myself. Maybe that’s why it sticks with me.

Maybe its like when you hear your favorite version of Amazing Grace or How Great Thou Art, or some other gospel favorite, it grabs hold of you and there’s just no explaining why.

Lee Stafford & Jared Ellers

So I stop into my favorite lunch spot today Taco Casa (which means ‘Taco House’) and I eye a copy of the March ‘City View’. I had picked it up for the retrospective photo on the cover of girl’s basketball in Iowa, and yes there was a blurb about the Great Denise Long of Union Whitten. But there was also an article re-celebrating the closing of the Gortz Haus by the homosexual couple of Lee Stafford and Jared Ellers.

Funny thing about these articles, they always mention this couple that was targeted by the homosexual activists, but they never give credit and a picture to the actual couple that stopped this Christian family from running their business. I pointed out to the author Randy Evans his oversight about not naming the couple, so I did it for him. Lee Stafford and Jared Ellers. They should be so proud they stopped religious freedom. They got their cake though, that’s the important thing (you don’t want to get between a gay person and their cake, I tell you what).

“The poor will always be with you” – Jesus

Ain’t that the truth. I met a couple of homeless people yesterday. They are living in tents beside the Des Moines River. It was 5 degrees last night. The ground is still bare. What’s it going to be like in a week or two? When there’s a foot and a half of snow on the ground? Nearly 10 years ago I felt the need to help brown people “over there”. There are some fantastic groups for that just here in Central Iowa. One is Meals From the Heartland! They bag up rice and beans and send it overseas with very little overhead.

Domestically there are a bunch of good groups. I’m not talking about ones like Red Cross where most of the money goes to offices, overhead and symposiums, I’m talking about ones that meet the need. The can of food. The blanket. The sleeping bag. The propane tank. The pair of boots. Rubber hits the road stuff. The guy I shook hands with yesterday had a pus filled wound oozing from his hand. What about medical treatment? How do you wash when its below 50 degrees?

There are so many classes of poor. The poor “over there” who aren’t living in the richest nation on the globe. The poor here who are barely hanging on but have a roof over their head if not always as much food as they’d like. The poor thrown out of their home but still have family or friends to help out. The poor who have been knocked upside the head by unexpected medical costs. The poor who no longer grasp reality due to a booze or drug problem.

The poor who aren’t in their right mind due to a myriad of mental health problems. As has been brilliantly noted by me before, lack of a “home” is rarely their problem. Its most often just the visible symptom. So where do you give your limited resources? I know a church that devotes its kitchen to providing a meal everyday to people who need it. The organizers seem more interested in recycling uneaten restaurant food then they do in providing a good meal.

Which highlights a problem all of us have: “Are we providing for their need? Or ours? Are we succumbing to our own peccadillos or are we thinking logically? While we are busy “handing out fish“, are we devoting an equal amount of time to “teaching them how to fish“? As mentioned in the paragraph above, one of the organizers of the meals to the needy seems more interested in fulfilling their need to feel good by recycling uneaten food. A prime example is reusing unused baked potatoes from restaurants.

There is nothing worse than using day old baked potatoes in a recipe that calls for fresh. Particularly ridiculous in that example is that a 10 pound bag of potatoes can be had for $5 bucks (if that). That would easily suffice for the amount of people they serve at each meal. Instead they satisfy the fetish of one greenie and serve horribly tasting day old potatoes.

One great example of helping the homeless was from an old movie in the 1940’s. Metropolitan areas would take an old unused warehouse and use it for floor space for cots. Heated, access to a toilet, maybe a shower, safe. The fee was .25 cents (a quarter). For those not familiar with inflation, a 1940 quarter would be worth about $3 bucks today. Not a huge sum by any means. It did require something from the homeless person. The small fee provided for the electricity, water, maybe a staff member to run the place. (500 people at $3 bucks a pop is $1,500 a night. That’s $45,000 a month. Self sustaining.)

We’ve forgotten most of the old ways. The ways that worked. CCC, “missions”, we’ve made the simple act of helping people illegal for the most part. Work requirements, listening to a sermon before help is given, we’ve made philanthropy impossible to give. So now we have people living by the river. We provide tarps and propane tanks. Cold weather sleeping bags. Don’t get me wrong, its important for the guy out there tonight, but is that the long view? Is that Normandy? Is that putting a man on the Moon? Is that the Erie Canal? Is that the Transcontinental Railroad?

Joppa 118 SE 4th Street #120 Des Moines, IA 50309  

(515) 288-5699 Local info@joppa.org

Hallmark Channel, Lifetime Wants to Make More Christmas Movies Focused on LGBT Characters

Ha! I saw that Breitbart article this morning and had to laugh. As I brilliantly pointed out years ago, Hallmark doesn’t make Christmas movies! How do people not get this? Semantics? I just don’t get it, “square peg round hole” syndrome, who knows. All I know is that decorating fir trees, talking to Santa and drinking gallons of hot cocoa do not make a Christmas movie (the finer qualities of Lacey Chabert not withstanding).

You’ll see this problem with the use of language on the political pages I hangout on. Democracy vs Republic. It drives some people up the wall. I’m older and understand our society is doomed and there’s nothing you can do about people’s ignorance so let it go. Another misuse of language is referring to your Representative as “Congressman”. Congress is made up of 2 bodies, how can a person be in 2 bodies at once?

One of my all time favorites is the misuse of the words “free trade”. People will say that because Trump wants equality in trade between our nation and our trading partners, that he is somehow against free trade! For the life of me I don’t get it. These people are either stupid or evil, I’m not sure which. When one side has massive tariffs and the other does not, it defies all logic to call that free.

Skid row

I remember hearing about LA’s ‘skid row’ as a kid back in the 60s. The picture in my mind was grizzled WW II vets down on their luck, flannel shirts with their sleeves rolled up. Khaki pants and an olive drab ball cap. Grifting for every meal and a pack of ‘smokes’. I thought it kind of odd you’d have a place “designated” for the down and out. But what did I know, I was just a kid.

Flash forward 50 years. 2019. Its worse. Way worse. Downtown. Outside of town. All over town. Its worse. YouTube has some fascinating footage from way back. I first found it with film footage of New York City from around 1910, 1902, 1915. Fascinating! Not stiff photos, actual film. People from over a hundred years ago, smiling, walking, laughing, photo bombing the camera! It is simply wonderful to see a part of these people’s lives who are long since dead.

Then I discovered the footage from Los Angeles. The 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. People driving in and around LA with a home movie camera. You see the people, the stores, the cars, the parks, the homes, the shops, the factories! Ah the factories. Up through the 1960s LA had huge Ford and GM plants. What do you suppose comes with factory jobs?

Good wages. A good tax base for city government. Home building. Well funded schools. Stores to sell goods to those “factory guys”. Cafeterias, auto shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, toy stores and on and on. What else do you see in those “old” films? Happy people, well dressed people, healthy, contented, productive people. Clean streets, tidy neighborhoods. Heaven.

What do you see now? Like in the video above? Tent cities. People using sidewalks for their bathroom. People on the eve of destruction. No jobs. Their lives bottomed out by drug or alcohol abuse. No hope. The pit of despair. But they did ban straws. They did declare themselves “sanctuary cities” so they could hold on to their criminal aliens and not let mean old Trump deport them.

What do you suppose happened to the tax base? The tax base that was the strongest in the world just 50 years ago? How did all this happen in just 1 lifetime? What kind of “leaders”, city, state and federal, could take the greatest nation on earth, and make it look like 3rd world Haiti? Why 1 stone is still standing in DC is beyond me.

“Typhoid scare grips Skid Row.”

This stuff is obvious

Its the year 2019 and the only thing that stands between civilization and savagery is a Narwhal tusk and a fire extinguisher. These countries invite savages in to prey upon the citizenry and the citizens have to make do with rocks and sticks to defend themselves?? I don’t see how the UK survives.

Our government lets Mexico invade this country the past 50 years. People just blindly accept the murder and mayhem that goes with an unsecure border. The flood of drugs and gang members. Its nuts. Why people aren’t remodeling the Capitol is beyond me. The Democrats can’t beat Trump at the ballot box so they think they can remove him through impeachment.

Citizenship should be a privilege

The United States has an unusually high percentage of retards running its government. Donald Trump’s idea that the government should put the interests of America first, is controversial. How that’s possible I’m not sure, but it is. Other countries aren’t so conflicted, they adopt an f-you attitude as easy as breathing. When it comes to immigration, America used to display some common sense, but not since the 1965 Immigration Act.

For the last 50 years or so the rough percentage (8 of 10) of legal immigrants to this country have been from just 2 countries, China and Mexico.

Which is ridiculous of course. With 200 countries in the world no one country should have a higher percentage than .5%, not 2 countries having 40% each. Idiot Liberals should know this best with their constant bleating about ‘diversity’. Which brings me to the video I posted at the top of the page.

Tim Tebow posted a tribute to his recently passed dog. A rather homely Rhodesian Ridgeback named ‘Bronco’, but Tim liked him. The last 5 years or so on social media I have noticed this love of cats and dogs. Americans love their pets. They spent $87 billion on them last year. Chinese eat dogs. Do you see the difference? Eat versus love?

You see you have to think about these things when you bring people like that into your country. Citizenship in America should be a privilege, not a right. How do their values match up with the native population? Are they a good fit? Is your country strengthened or weakened by their addition? See when you bring in godless communists that eat dogs (and cats), into a Judeo/Christian country, that’s a bad match.

What’s good for America? That’s the only question that should be asked.

Most of the countries in the world are a bad match. There are a few European countries that are a good match, they’re the ones we came from! Most people around the world aren’t up to American standards. That’s why those countries are shitholes. That’s why you want to take very small percentages from these countries. And let the melting pot effect make them like us, not us like them.

But instead we have brought in such huge percentages from just a few countries, they have clustered into ethnic enclaves, maintaining the ways of their home countries. Which are shitholes. That’s not good. What happens is they don’t vote American. They don’t act American. They don’t become American.

Because guess what kind of people come from shitholes? Shitheads. See how that works? You don’t want to make America a country of shitheads. That’s bad. I hope I haven’t been too technical for you? When you import the 3rd world, you become the 3rd world.

FOX News: “Mormons flee Mexico for U.S.”

After Mexican savages wiped out a Mormon family a lot of people are waking up to the fact Mexico is a shithole. Today there is a story of cartel members ambushing and killing 5 Mexican police. Yesterday another atrocity, and the day before that still another. Mexico was “formed” in 1826. It was, is, and always will be a shithole. A lot of people can’t accept that. A lot of people want to believe Mexican behavior is a one off and not the norm. Ha.

Its all pretty simple really. Up until 1492 (or so) North and South America shared the same gene pool. What we used to call “Indians”. They use that term today to identify persons in Latin America who keep traditional ways and use a dialect other than Spanish. Long story short, they were a collection of savages, some more violent, some less so.

The epitome of their depravity were the Aztecs. This hemisphere lived (died) in the true realization of “survival of the fittest”. All the tribes practiced their own form of sickness upon the tribes they conquered, the Aztecs simply ruled the most the longest. It wasn’t till the last 30 years or so the extent of their barbarism was made public. How long anthropologists have known is unclear.

Aztec culture was an extremely bloody one. Picture the most twisted serial killer of today, and imagine an entire culture organized to foster and further that sickness. An entire race of blood thirsty people lacking a God given conscience of the Holy Spirit. No one on their shoulder saying “Don’t do that.” They did it.

Speaking of God, much is made of Latin America today being a ‘Catholic culture’. Ha. They’re cultural Catholics for sure, not bible believing Christians. For many (most?) the teachings of the missionaries never really took. Maybe I’m being too harsh. Up until recently they did have one quality putting them far above U.S. culture, abortion was really taboo.

But whether you want to call the indigenous peoples of these 2 continents “Indians” or some other name, their shared gene pool had in common a really debilitating trait that is never talked about: alcoholism. Just as Irish and Norwegians also have this trait. From Alaska to Cape Horn the native populations are completely vulnerable to alcohol.

This aversion to “ripping off the scab” and really examining a sensitive subject is a modern phenomena. Sweeping it under the rug does no good. It just allows it to continue. Modern society simply functions as an enabler by doing so. The enabler is just as bad as the alcoholic. The patient won’t get better until he hits bottom and sees for himself the need for change.

America (the enabler) guarantees the patient will never get well, by forever being the pressure relief valve for Latin America by allowing illegal immigration. Most people are sheep, and when societal spark plugs are allowed to flee their corrupt society, rather than be forced to stay there and fight, nothing ever changes. They just go for a “geographic solution”. Just as the individual drunk does.

No one will ever read this, and it wouldn’t matter if they did. For some reason people are really stupid. Oh they’re much smarter than I navigating through life, yet completely incapable of understanding it. The United States formed the greatest culture in the world as a direct result of Christian Europeans. Latin American society on the other hand was organized by a bunch of drunk savages. Without constraints.

Some were nice people, but obviously the majority are wholly incapable of civilized behavior. Instead of cutting out the heart from their living captive and rolling them down the pyramid as the Aztecs did, they practice their modern barbarism through the heinous acts of the drug cartels. Gunpowder has replaced knives.

[And a video from 2012 that explains it all. Something the media will never tell you.]

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