Death of a nation

One of my favorite memories over my lifetime has been the wailing and moaning and utter helplessness of Republican states during a Democrat administration. “We can’t do anything, they’ll take away our highway money!” The Democrat President then has a clear shot instituting his blood sucking unconstitutional way. Anyone even somewhat familiar with the Constitution remembers the 9th & 10th Amendments and the great power they give the States.

You get the message that, “Well yes that applied in the old days, but that’s no longer true in new America!” And that if you didn’t buy into it you were some kind of uncouth moron. What they fail to tell you was that they didn’t go through an amendment process to remove States Rights, we went through a civil war. Lincoln ended States Rights nearly singlehandedly. The last 4 years made me rethink all this.

Democrat States have shown great leeway (with the help of Democrat packed courts) to resist Federal power. In fact they call it ‘the resistance’ States Rights aren’t dead! So as it became increasingly clear the past 4 years that Washington was entirely incapable of accomplishing anything good, it occurred to me that freedom loving Americans needed to establish a bulwark against an encroaching Federal Government by the establishment of likeminded State Legislatures.

DC is as gone as if it had fallen into a sinkhole. Captured by an enemy power. It serves no useful function. Its a shame very, very few people see this. Other than a Convention of the States or a Constitutional Convention, I see no other answer. The sad part is that in all the areas of elections, there cannot be for most people a more boring sector of politics than local House races. Regardless, that’s what it comes down to.

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