After what they’ve called me the last 4 years?

I’ve voted for exactly 2 Republicans in my life. Sarah Palin in ’08 and Donald Trump in ’16 (Not counting primary votes for Pat Buchanan). Some asshole Democrat is going to come to my door in the next year asking for my vote. Funny. I started out voting for Jimmy Carter. I voted for Bill Clinton the first time. I became a true independent after that.

Then Hillary leads it off with Trump voters calling them “deplorable”. Then all your news channels. Then Hollywood. Then Antifa beating up Trump people. Then they made it illegal to wear a MAGA hat. And now they think we’re going to forget all that and ever vote for a Democrat again?

Are you nuts? Satan could be wearing ice skates before I’d ever vote for a Democrat.

Remember what they called you when they show up at your door asking for your vote. Remember what Alec Baldwin, Robert DeNiro, Rob Reiner, Joy Behar, Alyssa Milano, Cher, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, SNL, MTV, Oscars, Emmy’s, CMA, called you.

[Will and Grace attacks Trump supporters as ‘Neo-Nazis’.]

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