“Geographic resonance”

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the latest poll is leading in New Hampshire by 12% points. This is dismissed by the media because he is from “neighboring Vermont” (and they don’t like him, which is also a key ingredient). I discovered this phenomena is 2016, this rule that a win doesn’t count if your home state touches the one in which you won. Now I know for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker they didn’t apply this rule. He should have won Iowa, he didn’t.

He also should have won Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan (you may think Wisconsin doesn’t touch Michigan because of that big ol’ lake, but I got news for you bucko, it does. Its called Michigan’s “upper peninsula”. Which brings in another question does the theory still hold when separated by a body of water? And at first blush I would have to say ‘terra oozing’ of votes couldn’t apply. It seems votes only transfer over ground, not water).

John Kasich would have seemed to be a sure thing being from “neighboring Ohio” (it touching 5 other states, and large ones at that). The heart of the country and all that. But all he picked up were hotdog eating trophies, with the odd pizza eating contest thrown in. Now the ideal candidate would seem to be the one from Tennessee. That state touches 8 others! And if this political cooties theory really held true, you’d think all President’s would come from there.

No Bernie seems to be in the worst position to benefit from geographic resonance, Vermont only touches 3 states, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire (if you even want to count them as a real state). Though it would seem to explain the lack of Presidents from Alaska and Hawaii.

[Yes I did delve into the absurd in this post. On purpose. I was attempting to highlight the absurdity of the way the media went over the top to dismiss Sanders. They patently ignored him in 2015 until December of that year. He was drawing crowds of 25,000 and Hillary couldn’t draw flies. Then at the Iowa Caucus they wouldn’t release the raw vote totals, which makes me pretty confident Bernie won.]

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