Ain’t life funny?

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold them. Having grew up with the activist mindset, its tough coming down from the fight. Norms go through life without a care in the world, or rather just being concerned with things that are their business. Activists/nuts worry about things that aren’t ever going to change. Washington isn’t ever going to change. That’s one a lot of activists worry about. My God, don’t they get it? Washington isn’t about you, its about cash. And how much they can accumulate.

Another big one for a lot of people is “climate change”. They’re going to change the world. Well, kind of. They want to change the United States, Canada and Europe. The idea that the problem is China, India and Brazil never seems to compute with them. Think about that, they want to solve a “problem” without confronting it. How they’re going to do that is beyond me. I know how they want to solve it, by taxing the United States taxpayer. Fix China by taxing the American.

On the local level I’ve realized the futility of several areas. No matter if I buy gas at a Casey’s in Des Moines, Boone or Ames, as often as not I won’t get a receipt at the pump, I have to go inside. Kind of defeats the purpose of ‘pay at the pump’. Then it hit my keen computer like brain, “Quit going there!” Don’t deal with the aggravation, go somewhere else. I’d quit going to Kum & Go because they wouldn’t let me pump my gas then walk in and pay. If they don’t want you take a hint and leave.

The lack of snow removal can be an irritant if you live in the Midwest. The city’s aren’t going to get it done, if you don’t like it you better move south. Life gets easier when you realize you have to do your job, no one else has to do theirs. That just reminded me how true that is! 10 years ago or so self-checkouts were just starting. I’d be going through a checkout line at Walmart watching the cashier be rude, slow, inefficient and surly and be thinking, “You’re putting yourself out of a job genius.” They did.

I went to the new Fareway downtown. They have 4 self-checkouts now. They NEVER had them. They do now. After Hy-Vee remodeled they must have 16 now! Easily half their extensive line of checkouts is now done by the customer! Its crazy. Like I say, it gets easier once you realize you and this world are phucked. Our country doesn’t have borders, we give drivers licenses to illegals, register them to vote, haven’t a clue if terrorists walk across the border too.

We give jobs here in America away to Indian graduates instead of Americans. We impeach the best president we ever had. We pay taxes but don’t get the services. We pay taxes and police the world. We die for the world. We spent the past 75 years building the biggest baddest military in the world, yet we can’t defend it against unarmed people who want to walk in. We give them welfare and free medical instead.

Its crazy. Well it is if you think about it. The trick is to not think about it, just accept it. Its not 1970 anymore. Something happened in the intervening 50 years. I’m not sure what, but it most certainly happened, whatever it was. We are now on autopilot. Sit back and let it happen. We have auto-driving cars now. You don’t have to think. All you have to do is spend, and accept. Work and die. I’m not sure exactly when the world went crazy.

[The frozen pepperoni pizzas are kind a funny. The top one is a DiGiorno, it comes with a whole 4 pepperonis. The bottom picture is after I made it a pepperoni pizza by way of Armour pepperoni slices. Do you know how many the much more expensive Bellatoria “ultimate” pepperoni pizza comes with? 5. You just have to accept it and buy a bag of pepperonis.]

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