Going up?

Oh sure, Buttjudge pulls out, he gets an article. Klobuchar pulls out, she gets an article. Tom Steyer pulls out, what’s he get? Ignored! That guy can’t buy press! He’s running around, “Hey! There’s 2 billionaires in this race!” Mini Mike Bloomberg gets all the attention. Steyer could be walking thru the middle of Times Square at high noon, have a flying saucer swoop down and abduct him with their John Deere Tractor beam, and he still wouldn’t get any press!

I’ve never seen anybody so invisible! It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Mr. Trump was still campaigning and Steyer was running ads about impeaching him. Its been non-stop ever since. I think part of Steyer’s lack of success as a candidate was his juvenile behavior the past 4 years. People just dismissed him as a snarling Chihuahua. It really became evident with Klobuchar and Buttjudge pulling out on the same weekend as Steyer. The sound of silence.

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