Going up?

Oh sure, Buttjudge pulls out, he gets an article. Klobuchar pulls out, she gets an article. Tom Steyer pulls out, what’s he get? Ignored! That guy can’t buy press! He’s running around, “Hey! There’s 2 billionaires in this race!” Mini Mike Bloomberg gets all the attention. Steyer could be walking thru the middle of Times Square at high noon, have a flying saucer swoop down and abduct him with their John Deere Tractor beam, and he still wouldn’t get any press!

I’ve never seen anybody so invisible! It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Mr. Trump was still campaigning and Steyer was running ads about impeaching him. Its been non-stop ever since. I think part of Steyer’s lack of success as a candidate was his juvenile behavior the past 4 years. People just dismissed him as a snarling Chihuahua. It really became evident with Klobuchar and Buttjudge pulling out on the same weekend as Steyer. The sound of silence.

Jews, homosexuals and Mexicans

FILE PHOTO: Tom Steyer, founder of NextGen Climate, speaks during the California Democratic Convention in San Francisco, California, U.S. June 1, 2019. REUTERS/Stephen Lam/File Photo – RC1F3407F180

They don’t like Trump, I tell you what. Not one bit. At the core of ‘the resistance’ are Jews, homosexuals and Mexicans. I mean a lot of people hate Trump, but not like those 3 groups. I doubt if it would pay to interview them, I doubt if you’d get an honest answer. You’d probably get the, “He’s a racist!” “He’s a liar!” “He hates women!” Just a bunch of stinking nonsense. I had the misfortune to see another Tom Steyer ad (pictured above), and it got me to wondering. Is he a Jew?

Yeah he is! He was running “Impeach Trump” ads from the get go. Now he’s “running for president” (i.e. selling a book). So after 3 years of this crap I looked him up. My theory of Category 5 Trump hatred doesn’t limit it to those 3 groups, but its funny how often it plays a role. Hollywood, NPR, the TV channels, large swaths of Congress. I’m telling you, just watch (Schiff, Nadler, Shep Smith, Cooper Anderson, Juan Williams, Rachel Maddow …)

[I realize of course you can’t say any of the things I just said, but there comes a point when the political correctness dam breaks. It just does. Freedom of speech in this country is in jeopardy and I’m going to fight back.]

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