From the horse’s mouth

I wanted to make sure and preserve this clip for posterity. It is from October 2016. A few weeks before the election in which Donald John Trump won. At that time “everyone knew” Hillary was going to win in a landslide. I don’t even know the context in which O’Bama here was babbling about Russia. But for reasons unknown he was chiding Mr. Trump for the very idea that Russia could have any influence in our elections.

I suppose part of it was a CYA operation as he was the one nominally in charge at that moment. Less the a month later on November 9, the day after the election in which Hillary had her head handed to her, the tables turned! Then it was Trump was handed the election by the Kremlin! It was Russia! It was Putin! It was anything but Hillary!

[For real fun, go to YouTube sometime and look up “news coverage of election night 2016”. To watch their faces melt about 9 o’clock when it started to become clear Trump was going to win, is just priceless. To watch all those people over 40 throw a tantrum is a treat you won’t see too many times in one lifetime.]

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