Oh yeah, imagine if we were ruled by idiots?

Nurse Nancy Bergman from Holland, Michigan spends her 22nd and 23rd birthdays in Vietnam. Considering the wounds she describes, and putting a doctors age then at about 30 – 35, I bet we had a really crackerjack set of doctors that would have retired in the mid-nineties. Really good. They would have seen about everything. Everything.

The other thing that occurred to me for about the gazillionth time, was what a bullshit war. The death and destruction we participated in for absolutely no reason. The lives. All the lives. For nothing. For not a damn thing. The inhuman pain and suffering so idiots in DC could play a real-life game of Global Conquest. Which one of them paid for their stupidity? Which one was held accountable?

As she says at the end of the video, “There is truly evil in this world and I saw a little part of it.”

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