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When things go south

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

John Adams

This quote has always stuck with me. If you know the origins of our form of government it makes complete sense. “Enumerated” powers mean we the people list what functions we’ll allow the government to perform. Through the Bill of Rights we further limit what the government can do. Not us, the government. Our Constitution was written to give the people great latitude in the way they chose to conduct their lives.

In fact it was the complete opposite of the nanny state we have now. If you wanted to do stupid things that would ruin your life, they said, “Have at it!” The difference then was no one was going to bail you out when you drove into the ditch.

It was the polar opposite of what we have now. Just this year the government is stripping us of our rights under the guise of dealing with a pandemic. Race riots originating in Minneapolis are further destabilizing society. The economic upheaval as a result COVID-19 expenses are going to create great strife in groups used to handouts. An election year filled with this much chaos and will be exacerbated by the media and the Democrats to cause as much bedlam as possible to insure Trump’s defeat.

Already we have people being prosecuted for protecting their property against the looters. Clearly I think its the government’s attempt to send a clear message: You are not to be self-sufficient! Government does not shrink, it only grows. Independent people do not need Big Government.

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