Not wards of the State

“The creed of our democracy is that liberty is acquired and kept by men and women who are strong and self-reliant, and possessed of such wisdom as God gives mankind — men and women who are just, and understanding, and generous to others — men and women who are capable of disciplining themselves. For they are the rulers and they must rule themselves.”

— Franklin D. Roosevelt

People are so stupid. Sure its Congress and the President throughout history that pull the actual ‘stupid switch’ and that commit the actual catastrophes, but its the American people that elect them and allow it. I hate being taken down by stupid! That’s what’s wrong with this country, stupid people. People of this country used to be pretty savvy. A switch was flipped in the 1910’s. The income tax, the Federal Reserve Act, and the rest is history. WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, subservience to the military industrial complex… this stuff ain’t rocket science. Does it really make sense to turn over your money supply to a third party? (the Fed) Does it really make sense to fight everyone else’s wars? Have the American taxpayer pay for it? The American soldier bleed for it? Forget the smaller issues, how the hell did the American people fuck up the big ones? What we’re left with are not the strong independent people of the opening quote, but helpless wards of the State wanting welfare and reparations. We shunned the leaders who might have saved this country: Patton and MacArthur, and went with the worthless bastards who destroyed it: Carter, GHWB, O’Bama.

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