Rude awakenings

Its a human reaction to be taken aback when something you say is censored. Most often its a computer program like Disqus that’s doing it, but still. I’ve been censored by the best, or worst rather. Just this morning I saw a gal on Gab mentioning how she had been censored by Facebook and YouTube. Its disconcerting. They make you feel like you had done something ‘bad’. In my case I was simply responding to an ABC article by saying “ABC is fake news“. When you can’t say that, something is wrong.

You expect that on a lot of websites, but not Gab. I thought free speech was sacrosanct there. Just last week I’d stuck some money in an envelope and mailed it to them. Over the past couple of years I’d mailed them several checks. You post into a vacuum there, but at least you got to say what you wanted. Until now. The trend in America is not towards free speech. I don’t see how any rational person could disagree with that. They can ban it under the guise of hate speech and whatever other nonsense they want, but in the end its still banned.

“So, Roberts knew about Scalia “wetworks” assassination!
There are detailed recordings of Justice Roberts discussing, suggesting, negotiating, and approving the replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia, PRIOR TO HIS “SUDDEN” DEATH.’ ” – I just remember there was something about the pillow.

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