Just when Gab was getting a head of steam!

“We deployed a major update to Gab Social May 15, 2020. The update resulted in a huge uptick in traffic, which resulted in our current servers being stretched to capacity.

Thankfully, we have new and more capable server hardware that we have been building for exactly this reason. The new servers are almost complete, and the team will begin migrating Social to them shortly.

We will be posting updates to the Gab Status page on our blog while working hard to get this done as quickly as possible.”

— The Gab Team

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Gab AI Inc
PO Box 441
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[Their site crashed from all the new visitors! Freedoms last online hope crashed just when it was taking off. I hope they don’t lose their new guests. 5/29/20 update: Torba seems really pumped about the new traffic. Their site was down for about a week getting new servers. In that time President Trump’s feud with Twitter has really escalated. This is a very serious issue. I don’t begin to understand how he and other conservatives choose to fight this war. If he and the majority of well known conservatives would just leave Twitter, that platform would die on the vine. What planet are they from that they think they can expect rational behavior out of liberals? Don’t get it, haven’t got it, never will understand this. Liberals are irrational psychopaths but they are very good streetfighters. They are not interested in playing fair. They are not interested in having a “debate“. They are interested in winning. That is all.]

Free speech?

In an ultimate bit of irony, Milo’s free speech was banned by Twitter

Hoo dog! It has been an interesting ride surfing internet chat rooms (comment sections of websites). The latest one to kick me off is Western Journal. I can’t even remember all the ones who have banned me. Its not for George Carlin’s 7 Dirty Words list, its for Wrong Think. I don’t play the Democrat vs Republican game. In fact I don’t even get that worked up about Commie Crats, I figure they’re going to do what they’re going to do. If anything the ones that send me over the edge are RINOs, and websites that focus on style over substance.

I remember I didn’t last 1 day at the Des Moines Register’s site. What libs do is constantly “report” you and two things happen. 1.) Terms of service are written so vaguely that you can get anyone for anything at any given time if you want to. 2.) Moderators get tired of seeing your name so they deal with it by getting rid of you.

Its frustrating. I purposely sought out these alternative sites like WJ because I knew of the blatant censorship of conservatives at Twitter, YouTube and Facebook (I cannot believe I haven’t been kicked off Facebook yet). World Net Daily has the strictest speech code I’ve found. I used the term ‘retard’ to identify some group of politicians and they censored that! What’s the world coming to when you can’t call someone retard?

The Gateway Pundit got me this morning because I had pointed out in an article about Jennifer Rubin (Jew I assume) of WaPo fame, that Jews, homosexuals and Mexicans really don’t like Trump, and they censored that! Personally I can’t think of a bigger truism. But that is what public discourse has come to, the inability to say the truth.

It keeps coming back to Gab. You have a low-class group of people there, but by gawd you got free speech.

The American Network

The confluence of ideas. Gab News had an interesting article today that I linked to. It was about the “Gatekeeper Right“. In this latest instance it is those neocon/RINO/establishment Republicans (i.e. Mitt Romney, John McCain) who wish to purge the party of those nasty populists and nationalists brought in by one Donald John Trump! The Blue Bloods are manning the walls, desperate to repel the riffraff!

They had the beginning of this movement as 2015 and The Rise of Trump, I of course being a political genius was able to set them straight. I’d say it started in 2008 with the Tea Party, which was subverted within a few years. This is the latest rebirth. In fact ’92 & ’96 saw it with the Reform Party, Constitution Party and Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan. In fact the thing I’ll never forget is the reaction Rush and Hannity had to Ron Paul in 2008. They were NOT fans. They were very suspicious of him and his “libertarian ways”!

In fact you can go back 60 years to 1959 to the start of modern constitutionalist movement. That was the year the John Birch Society was formed, and quickly marginalized by the “Gate Keepers” of William Buckley and National Review (Nothing epitomizes worthless GD RINOs quite like NR). So in effect JBS has been warning for exactly 60 years what was coming, and was studiously ignored. Its hilarious to hear this or that pundit sounding the alarm! When in fact people were doing it before they were born.

In fact a young fella on YouTube by the name of Reid Heinrichs has recently gotten up to speed. His video entitled We Are on Our Own: Why Voting is Not Going to Work came to the correct conclusion that DC is completely dysfunctional and is incapable of working for the people. This goes along with the secessionist movement in Texas, the one time Michigan Militia and other regional movements, which by design never come together in a national network. Which is where I come in.

The American Network. I see this as a consortium of trade, professionals, preppers, shooters, medical, a self-insurance group, K-12 instructors, growers and political activists all connected through an encrypted network. That’s what we need. SHTF (shit hit the fan) will come. There was an interesting little post on this very topic this morning on Gab. It was by a young man whose moniker is ‘Rob @Nullifyfedlaws’. His point was even his wife, who is completely apolitical, knows that the status quo can’t continue.

In fact I have a friend in the same category who referred to it as a ‘civil war’ coming. When the jig is up it will be like New Orleans after Katrina and the Feds thought anarchy was at the door. Their first inclination was to disarm the populace. Not to get them fed, watered and medical treatment, but to take their guns. The government sees itself as several things. One being Savior. Another is that as an organism which must survive at all costs! Even as a parasite at the expense of the host, the people.

The government when the SHTF will pickoff potential leaders and “trouble makers” immediately. Services to varying degrees will be gone. The ability to survive will depend on your network. And how much planning was done ahead of time. No one can survive an ambush. But you can avoid the ambush if you plan. The sad part is I’ve watched similar movements for decades, they are always doomed to failure because the Chief of each group (medical, preppers, shooters etc.) won’t cede any of their turf.

They can never see the larger picture, the success of the movement. They can never see beyond their own little power base. Which is a shame. Wikipedia is a success because it shows the “wisdom of the crowd”. Bringing together everyone’s expertise to create something greater than the parts. Patriots have the ability to do that, just not the will.

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