FBI knew over a year ago about Nashville bomber

They always know. I don’t care what the murder and mayhem was, invariably in these stories it always comes out the authorities knew and did nothing. Always! How is this possible? I’ll tell you how its possible, heads never roll. That’s why incompetence happens over and over and over and over and over and over, because it can! Bureaucrats are stupid and inefficient, but that’s only because they can be.

In this case the girlfriend of Anthony Quinn Warner told authorities 19 months ahead of time, “He’s building a bomb in his RV in the backyard.” Not a lot of guesswork there Sherlock, check it out. It took them 3 months just to go there and say, “Its in the backyard we can’t go in without a search warrant. Then get one. Somebody saw something, somebody said something, the trouble is lazy ass cops didn’t do something. Again.

But as I was saying bureaucrats get people killed because they can. Bureaucrats #1 skill is taking care of themselves. They don’t care about their job, they don’t care about the citizens, they don’t care about anything else in this world, except taking care of themselves. If you make it clear to them, i.e. that inaction will get them fired, they will start to act. Its as simple as that. There has to be a carrot and a stick. You have to make it in their best interest to do something. Then they will.

This is not tough. Cause and effect.

[In this case I understand the FBI said, “He’s not in our database!” Huh?? Because he’s never bombed before, he can’t be going to do it this time? What the fuck logic does that make? Even a cursory check of credit card purchases, phone calls and computer searches would reveal, “Hey you know with this evidence, and that of a credible witness, maybe we should get a search warrant?” There’s a great big Warner Brothers arrow pointing down at this guy, “Suspect! Suspect!” Cops are that stupid, they are literally that stupid. Its the same logic that was at the Des Moines Register, “Trump can’t be president, he’s not a politician or a general.” What?? Cops and journalists are that stupid. Could it have been laid in their lap any better? Warner, in the backyard, with the RV, is making a bomb. 19 months ahead of time. What more do you want?]

(Columbine area law enforcement had contact 16 times with Harris and Klebold before the shooting.)

{Bureaucrats don’t know trigonometry, but they do understand basic arithmetic. They do understand ‘A+B=C’. They would understand, “If I do not do even the rudimentary fundamentals of my job, I will be fired.” The one instinct they have is the survival instinct. They do have the mental capacity to understand that. But it has to be enforced. Did I mention heads have to roll?}

“How do you feel about Zoom and related products? On the one hand, you have to assume the Chinese government has backdoors. On the other hand, the Chinese government probably doesn’t hate right wing dissidents nearly as much as the US government.”

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