Too rich

The Titanic analogy they use on today’s episode of the Keiser Report is just too funny. There are so many layers to it. They compare the 2 1/2 hours of relative calm after the Titanic hit the iceberg, to the final 10 minutes before they sank when everyone figured out there weren’t enough lifeboats and that they were all toast. Albeit soggy toast.

Fiat’s final days are here according to Max and Stacy. COVID and the supply chain breakdown might be the final push off the cliff when the Fiat car goes tumbling down the cliff, turning over a few times before it hits a rock and explodes! Everybody inside dies.

They make mention (as do the comments) of the hoarding starting to take place again. A lack of confidence in the currency, the supply chain and our government. Part of his continuing focus on bitcoin and how the establishment is desperately trying to squeeze a few more days out of fiat because the absolute last thing they want in this world is to be constrained by an honest money system.

Author Harry Figgie pointed out 30 years ago that America’s financial collapse would either manifest itself through panic or hyperinflation. It looks like its going to be hyperinflation.

Don’t blame me, I voted for mean tweets, $1.69 gas, low taxes, a wall, and world peace.”

“I stand guilty”

“Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
— David Rockefeller

A commenter at the end of a Breitbart article this morning mentioned David Rockefeller and his globalist ties, which reminded me of the above quote. I hadn’t thought of him much as he had assumed room temperature some time ago. It all just reminds me of the ride Americans have been taken for the last roughly 100 years.

Sold out by their elected representatives, sometimes for ideology, sometimes for cash, sometimes for personal power. It all kind of climaxed this past election with the American people putting a crook like Joe Biden in office along with his criminal artist son. Any country that stupid deserves what it gets. And we’re about to get it good and hard.

I just happened to run across this list of “Jewish quotes”. It followed up in a search engine with all these rabbinical authorities saying its all garbage. Probably 15 years ago when Jew Dennis Miller had a radio show, he had comedian Jew Alan King on. King, unused to live radio at one point when talking about women tells Miller, “Heh, heh, you know what they say about gentile women, you can fuck ’em, you just can’t marry ’em!” So I don’t know what the Torah and the Talmud say about it, but I sure as hell know what Jews think about it.

“Let’s go Brandon!”

“In short, it’s an insult directed at Democratic President Joe Biden – and a way for conservatives to thumb their noses at what they see as liberal bias in the mainstream media.”

“It all started at the end of a televised Nascar stock car race in Talladega, Alabama, on 2 October. NBC reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing the winner, driver Brandon Brown, when members of the crowd in the grandstand behind them began chanting an obscenity directed at the president.” (shirt) That was pretty quick on her feet for the reporterette to come up with “Let’s go Brandon!” on the spur of the moment.

Norms don’t know anything about this. It would be funny if during the football games tomorrow you can hear the chants. Norms be going, “What’s that?”

FJB Hat Pro America Anti Biden USA Flag F Biden Embroidered image 1

FJB stands for: ‘Fuck Joe Biden’

What a way to run a war

Biden orders 1,000 more troops to aid Afghanistan departure | The Times of  Israel

Now Biden sending your tax dollars to Afghanistan.” He didn’t even get a pledge out of them to cooperate with the U.S. to root out ISIS from their country, he’s just giving them your money. We gave the Taliban army $80 billion dollars of military equipment the American taxpayer bought. Now we’re giving them “humanitarian” aid. Not to mention we’re bringing those terrorists here.

How do you go to war with a country and end up giving them aid, military equipment and a home in your country?

I must be stupid because I don’t get it. They attacked us. Meanwhile political protesters in America still held without charge. While he gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

Total war or no war

Friday, as 20 years of stupidity is collapsing around our ears in Afghanistan, there’s Senator Chuck Grassley doing an aw shucks interview on TV at the State Fair about corn dogs. God we live in a surreal world. I knew liberals (people that work at TV stations) were idiots, but do they have to prove it every damn day?

Crazy Joe Biden goes on vacation during all this and not a peep out of the GD liberal media. Not a dam (n) peep. Having a minimal understanding of “just war” theory I knew 20 years ago the last thing we wanted was to get bogged down with guerrilla fighters in Afghanistan. If they were partly responsible for 3,000 dead Americans on 9/11, we had a duty to kill 10,000 of them. Not to build schools.

If you think you have a reason to attack another country it better be a damn good one. War is hell and you better think long and hard about it. Its not “surgical strikes” and “nation building“, its being prepared to kill every man, woman and child in that country if necessary. Its being prepared to wipe that country off the face of the map. Are you ready to do that?

Its total war or no war. Aw shucks Chuck Grassley and the rest of the U.S. Congress doesn’t get that. They’d rather waste American lives and American money. They didn’t learn one dam (n) thing from Vietnam. Those men died for nothing. Our men in Afghanistan died for nothing because Congress will not have learned one dam (n) thing these past 20 years.

Congress gave Bush II the right to “fight the war on terror“, uh huh, you declare war. You say what you mean. You take responsibility. That’s what the problem was, we never defined what “done” was.

[How anyone votes for an incumbent politician is simply beyond me.]

“And the future of the Republican Party”

The GOP is as dead as John McCain, deader maybe

Trump: “Lisa Boothe, who has been doing an outstanding job at Fox News, is starting her own podcast, which begins this morning. I have agreed to an interview where we talk about Election Fraud, Joe Biden’s dangerously radical policies (2A and the Border!) and the future of the Republican Party.”

Me: There is no ‘future’ of the Republican Party. What have they ever done? Besides cut the corporate rate I mean? Did they block the 1968 Gun Control Act? Did they block the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban? Did they block the 1933 National Firearms Act? Did they ever limit the size, scope or expense of government? Nope. They’ve done jack shit.

  • Johnny Dangerously

Import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world

You can’t go a day without hearing about a released ICE detainee raping this American or murdering that American. The Biden Administration built a road for invading Mexicans down at the border so they’d have an easier time of it. A Mexican baseball player for the Cubs was just arrested for being a mule for meth. Its in their blood.

While the rest of America is under an unconstitutional lock down, Biden sends Mexicans with the COVID into the interior.

When did Congress begin to hate America first? I don’t get it. The picture above is pretty obvious. We’ve given the Defense Industry trillions over the years to defend us against an existential threat, and ignored the beaners on the border. Its not that “the world’s lone superpowercan’t defend its border, it won’t. We have more troops surrounding the Capitol then we do securing the border (none).

We’re no longer a ‘melting pot’. We’re a series of ethnic enclaves. China just made fools of us at the Biden conference (I think the telling point was when they held the US team down and anal swabbed them). When liberal Yahoo! News says the meeting descended into “chaos”, its bad. And nobody acknowledges it was Bill Clinton that leapfrogged China’s nuclear program 25 years with the sell of targeting technology from the Loral Corporation! The President of the United States put America in mortal danger!

Congress ignores the murderers, rapists and narcotics coming across the border. They won’t arrest them. They won’t deport them. They just give them a welfare check and a voter ID card (New York and California register Mexicans to vote when they give them a drivers license). Elected officials actively working against Americans.

China replaces US as world power

Whites killing Blacks — 2%
Police killing whites — 3%
Whites killing whites — 16%
Blacks killing whites — 81%
Police killing Blacks — 1%
Blacks killing Blacks — 97%

Last chance

Dupes. I don’t think we were always a nation of dupes, but somewhere along the line that’s what happened. In ways I don’t understand, the COVID-19 vaccine alters a person’s DNA. “That’s crazy talk!” Not according to Facebook’s Mark Peckerhead, he’s not taking it either. China may be ahead of us in the development of transhumanist soldiers. Biologically altered humans. They’re even talking about the integration of digital prosthetic’s and other “improvements” to future soldiers. Hollywood had it figured out in ’92 with Universal Soldier (Dolph Lundgren).

Voting in America has become obsolete. Dominion voting machines and turning over polling locations to Democrats has rendered honest elections impossible. Medicare goes belly up in 3 years. Democrats are set to add $2 trillion to a $28 trillion dollar national debt. The dollar within 4 years will be replaced by an electronic currency, which they will skim 40% off the top during the transition, to bring the aforementioned debt under control.

Biden is preparing legislation so banks can refuse to do business with conservatives. As have universities. Population replacement has greatly accelerated under Biden. But the point of all this is that this is not what you are getting from the mainstream liberal media. What you get is the latest he said/she said in whoever is the latest to be having a spat with Trump. Or some banality involving AOC (Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kanye West!).

It takes the administration a week to begin to think about helping with the disaster in Texas, and nobody says a word. If it had been Trump he already would have been brought up on impeachment charges.

Minimum wage

A Democrat administration and ‘talk’ starts of an increase in the minimum wage. Whether any action takes place remains to be seen. Something I figured out years ago was that whenever any legislation is put up that might benefit the people, well by golly its always just 1 vote short. Now if its a tax increase or a restriction on our freedoms, well by golly that one just happens to squeak by with enough votes. Amazing how that works.

And like clockwork, talk of a minimum wage increase causes conservative media (FOX, Breitbart, the New American, Federalist) to regurgitate the same old arguments why the world as we know it will end if the minimum wage goes up! Its a job killer! Well you’re not supposed to stay in a minimum wage job! Not every job is worth $15 an hour! High schoolers won’t be able to find a job!

Despite these dire predictions, the minimum wage we’ve had since 1938 never has caused the demise of Western Civilization any time that it has gone up. Quite the contrary. People get off the welfare rolls. It takes away the incentives to hire illegals. The employer pays the wages, instead of having them subsidized by the tax payer. Republicans and business have been crying wolf for 83 years and I’m sick of it.

The minimum wage has been the same since 2009. Congress has had 12 pay raises since then. Corporate profits have been through the roof. Instead of 545 richest people owning half the world’s wealth as in 2009, now its down to the richest 87 people own half the world’s wealth. The pendulum has shifted too far.

“That’s the way it is with capitalism!” No its not, that’s the way it is with corporatism.

How come they never worry about the top tier of CEO’s receiving a $300M compensation package? That’s the new benchmark of when they have “arrived”. Outlandish salaries and benefits to senior management and the board that are company killers. Depletion of capital, no dividends to share holders, no reinvestment towards the future of the company. $300 million would pay 7,500 workers $40K a year. That’s $20 bucks an hour. They’re going to sit there and tell me 1 CEO is worth 7,500 workers? Bullshit.

The FOX News website for me is the perfect microcosm of America’s current Civil War. This has nothing to do with FOX itself but rather the people who are there. FOX represents America, liberals don’t like to hear that, but they do. America is not CNN. America is not MSNBC. America is two sides, not one. Liberals like to think America is NPR and the New York Times, but its not. Which is okay, because what I’m talking about is it (FOX) being a representation of America, which is what a microcosm is.

You get down to it in the comments section of their website. There it is all revealed. America is represented at the end of virtually every article. A nonstop bickering of ideologies. It never ends. It just goes on and on and on. Day after day after day. The article that the comments were supposed to be based on, soon ceases to be relevant. It quickly becomes about ‘the fight’. Nothing else. FOX is to be greatly commended on that, they allow the fight. The commie sites don’t. They don’t have a comments section.

As someone else noted, liberals only survive on the internet when there is heavy censorship and “moderation”. Whenever there is freewheeling open thought, they get wiped out.

The people there are fighting ‘the fight’. They seem to enjoy it. The website lends itself to this eternal struggle. When you mute someone, within 5 minutes they are unmuted. I myself am very realistic in the knowledge that I am not going to influence anyone, so there is absolutely no point in arguing with them. I mute and go on. On other sites that’s all it takes and I never hear from them again. But not on FOX. On FOX the mute is for show, not for go (okay that makes no sense).

But that would help, if the mute button there actually worked. For some reason their software is very unstable and the mute doesn’t ‘take’ (probably from loading so many ads). Not that most people are smart enough to use mute. But for the few that are it would help. Mute and move on. Because you are not going to change anyone’s mind! It ain’t gonna happen! People don’t change their views because of someone else’s “argument”. Those rare times when a person’s world view changes, is because it slowly evolved from within, over time.

It is not within a person’s DNA to have reason interfere with their way of thinking. It just doesn’t happen. You can argue till the cow’s come home (which is what they do at FOX), and no one is going to be swayed an inch. This eternal bickering with no progression is a perfect representation of Congress. They cannot for an instant lay down the gloves long enough to move forward on an issue. Think about that. 535 idiots hold the fate of 330,000,000 people in their hands, and they are incapable of acting in a rational manner.

All they can do is argue, just like on FOX. I’m trying to think of that word that means when you just want to accomplish something, to get started on a project? Pragmatic! That’s it! I JUST DON’T see the logic in bickering into eternity. Call me crazy but I don’t. Whether its the FOX News site or Congress, what the hell is the point of never accomplishing anything?? Life is too short.

[My observation of the FOX comments section of any article, no matter the original topic, is it always comes down to the question: Is there a God? Invariably some Lefty makes a crack about the Invisible Magic Man in the sky, and someone on the right will make an assertion about the GOP working God’s will. Who cares? You cannot convince someone of the existence of God. The heat at the end will convince them. You can’t. They can’t say they weren’t warned.]

“basically the left stripped our entire society of its morals and then declared themselves the arbiters of morality”

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