The year 2031

25 years ago Amazon was nothing and AOL was everything! My Space was a thing in the first decade of the new century, its not now. Though that might be changing. 10 years is a lifetime with computers and the internet. Read an investment book that covers the Big Tech crash of 2001 and you’ll see what I mean. There were the dumbest business models that had the most outlandish valuations right before the crash back then. People poured money into them literally because they had dot com at the end of their name.

There are several things going on in the “social media” world that, to me at least, portend change. Big change. The 2 biggies Twitter and Facebook have been on a censorship terror the last several years. While their spot as giants in social media seem secure, I wouldn’t bet my life on it. Stranger things have happened. As has been pointed out, liberalism online only survives with severe moderation of forums and limitations on speech. When left to the market, conservatism always wipes them out, just like talk radio. NPR only survives because of taxpayer funding.

So if government reaches its hand into the fray, then those 2 might retain their top spots, otherwise, I’d bet against them. Believe it or not conservatives are what make them now, and with Trump being kicked off both, there’s no reason for the rank and file to stay. Don’t get me wrong, Conservative Inc. will want to maintain those mega-platforms for book sales and that, but that’s going to be a reach. Americans don’t like censorship, and I think Fakebook and Twitler overplayed their hand when they banned Trump.

But then we won’t know for sure until it plays out. 10 years will tell. One thing I do know is that the “experts” will be wrong. They always are. All they know is ‘conventional’ wisdom, they always fight the last war. They never foresee the new tactics. That’s why Trump beat them in 2016, he wasn’t conventional.

The only 2 things I am sure of is that they are coming for Gab and guns. In order to put “the plan” in place they need to eliminate free speech and resistance to force. As Rush and many others have pointed out over the last decade, they feel they’re close. In their haste and arrogance they’ve made some miscalculations, but they salivate at the thought of their autocratic utopia.

In a “mark my words” moment, watch what happens by March 1st. The infiltrators that rioted at the Capitol building rattled their cage. Keeping in mind their credo “never let a crisis go to waste”, they immediately started planning how to use the incident for their favor. They picked a site they had ignored till now, Gab, as having been responsible for this “insurrection” against the government. They are no shit claiming that the riots were organized on Gab. Its laughable. Its like when they tried to blame the overrunning of the diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya on a YouTube video with 106 views put out by some crank in California! Its their M.O. Mark my words, Gab is about to come under serious attack. A social media professor at Harvard just last week put it this way: “What are the levers we have on Gab? There aren’t any (they’re self-supporting and ad free). We’ll have to address that.”


As a side note, Antifa and BLM types have been rioting the past 5 years. Not a single prosecution. Cops got to the point where they ask, “Why are we arresting them?” They were out that night or the next day. Pretty much zero prosecutions. The US Attorney for the DC area was one of the worst, zero prosecutions. Charges always dropped. Now you can bet in this case when they (if they find) a conservative rioter, the book’s going to be thrown at him. He’ll get the max.

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