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Import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world

You can’t go a day without hearing about a released ICE detainee raping this American or murdering that American. The Biden Administration built a road for invading Mexicans down at the border so they’d have an easier time of it. A Mexican baseball player for the Cubs was just arrested for being a mule for meth. Its in their blood.

While the rest of America is under an unconstitutional lock down, Biden sends Mexicans with the COVID into the interior.

When did Congress begin to hate America first? I don’t get it. The picture above is pretty obvious. We’ve given the Defense Industry trillions over the years to defend us against an existential threat, and ignored the beaners on the border. Its not that “the world’s lone superpowercan’t defend its border, it won’t. We have more troops surrounding the Capitol then we do securing the border (none).

We’re no longer a ‘melting pot’. We’re a series of ethnic enclaves. China just made fools of us at the Biden conference (I think the telling point was when they held the US team down and anal swabbed them). When liberal Yahoo! News says the meeting descended into “chaos”, its bad. And nobody acknowledges it was Bill Clinton that leapfrogged China’s nuclear program 25 years with the sell of targeting technology from the Loral Corporation! The President of the United States put America in mortal danger!

Congress ignores the murderers, rapists and narcotics coming across the border. They won’t arrest them. They won’t deport them. They just give them a welfare check and a voter ID card (New York and California register Mexicans to vote when they give them a drivers license). Elected officials actively working against Americans.

China replaces US as world power

Whites killing Blacks — 2%
Police killing whites — 3%
Whites killing whites — 16%
Blacks killing whites — 81%
Police killing Blacks — 1%
Blacks killing Blacks — 97%

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