Nick Fuentes has an interesting video on what happens when you get cross-ways with the Jewish lobby. In this one he talks about Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene getting blindsided when she used a Holocaust analogy (she compared vaccine passports with the Nazi’s ‘Yellow Star’). He correctly points out she had the wrath of God come down on her because she has the potential to be a threat to the power structure, not because she said anything wrong. Its just them asserting control over her.

MTG is her own woman and from what I can tell beholden to no one. She’s ‘America First’ and a disrupter. Nick’s main point is things have become so convoluted that in the mind of Conservative Inc., in order to be a “patriot” you have to put Israel First! Which is crazy. He talks about the “Holocaust Religion”, and it is definitely that. Its #3 on the list of great atrocities yet the man on the street would swear its #1.

Nick talks about how his people sent out feelers to MTG and she brushed them off. He talks about how frustrated he is by how “America First” people don’t come together and embrace it, and on how he has been largely marginalized by Conservative Inc., in the same way Alex Jones and others have.

Which is all rather funny, as Fuentes has been kicked off every decent platform and the only one that would still have him, Gab, he shits all over. Thick with irony.

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